Private 5G/4G Network Deployment Tracker & Forecasts: 2023 - 2030

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Date: 03-Nov-2023
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Historically a niche segment of the wider cellular communications industry, private 5G/4G cellular networks – also referred to as NPNs (Non-Public Networks) in 3GPP terminology – have rapidly gained popularity in recent years due to privacy, security, reliability and performance advantages over public mobile networks and competing wireless technologies as well as their potential to replace hardwired connections with non-obstructive wireless links.

Private cellular networks are continuing their upward trajectory with deployments targeting a multitude of use cases across various industries, ranging from localized wireless systems for dedicated connectivity in factories, warehouses, mines, power plants, substations, offshore wind farms, oil and gas facilities, construction sites, maritime ports, airports, hospitals, office buildings and university campuses to regional and nationwide sub-1 GHz private wireless broadband networks for utilities, FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System)-ready networks for train-to-ground communications, and hybrid government-commercial public safety LTE networks, as well as rapidly deployable systems such as the German Armed Forces' ZNV (Deployable Cellular Networks) solution, Hsinchu City Fire Department's satellite-backhauled portable 5G network for emergency communications and BBC's (British Broadcasting Corporation) temporary private 5G network used during King Charles' coronation. Custom-built cellular networks have also been implemented in locations as remote as Antarctica and there are even plans for installations on the moon's surface and outer space.

SNS Telecom & IT estimates that global spending on private 5G and 4G LTE network infrastructure for vertical industries will grow at a CAGR of approximately 18% between 2023 and 2026, eventually accounting for more than $6.4 Billion by the end of 2026. As much as 40% of these investments – nearly $2.8 Billion – will be directed towards the build-out of standalone private 5G networks that will become the predominant wireless communications medium to support the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution for the digitization and automation of manufacturing and process industries. This unprecedented level of growth is likely to transform private cellular networks into an almost parallel equipment ecosystem to public mobile operator infrastructure in terms of market size by the late 2020s.

The ""Private 5G/4G Network Deployment Tracker & Forecasts: 2023 – 2030"" datasheet includes an extensive database of more than 6,400 global private 5G/4G network engagements across 120 countries – as of Q4’2023. In addition, it provides global and regional market size forecasts from 2023 to 2030. The forecasts cover three infrastructure submarkets, two technology generations, four spectrum licensing models, 15 vertical industries and five regional markets.

Database Details & Forecast Segmentation

The following details are included in the global database of private 5G/4G network engagements:

  • Date

  • Region

  • Country

  • Vertical Industry

  • Customer/Project Name

  • Suppliers & Integrators

  • Air Interface Technology

  • Spectrum

  • Deployment Status

  • Summary

Market forecasts are provided for each of the following submarkets and their subcategories:

Infrastructure Submarkets

  • RAN (LTE & 5G NR Radio Access Network)

    • Base Station RUs (Radio Units)

    • DUs/CUs (Distributed & Centralized Baseband Units)

  • Mobile Core (EPC & 5GC)

    • User Plane Functions

    • Control Plane Functions

  • Transport Network (Fronthaul, Midhaul & Backhaul)

    • Fiber & Wireline

    • Microwave

    • Satellite Communications

Technology Generations

  • LTE

  • 5G

Cell Sizes

  • Small Cells

    • Indoor

    • Outdoor

  • Macrocells

Spectrum Licensing Models

  • Mobile Operator-Owned Spectrum

  • Wide Area Licensed Spectrum

  • Shared & Local Area Licensed Spectrum

  • Unlicensed Spectrum

Frequency Ranges

  • Low-Band (Sub-1 GHz)

  • Mid-Band (1-6 GHz)

  • High-Band mmWave (Millimeter Wave)

End User Markets

  • Vertical Industries

    • Agriculture

    • Aviation

    • Broadcasting

    • Construction

    • Education

    • Forestry

    • Healthcare

    • Manufacturing

    • Military

    • Mining

    • Oil & Gas

    • Ports & Maritime Transport

    • Public Safety

    • Railways

    • Utilities

    • Others

  • Offices, Buildings & Corporate Campuses

Regional Markets

  • North America

  • Asia Pacific

  • Europe

  • Middle East & Africa

  • Latin & Central America

Countires Covered

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Cocos Islands, Colombia, Comoros Islands, Congo, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Democratic Rep of Congo (ex-Zaire), Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia (ex-Tahiti), French West Indies, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Guernsey, Guinea Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirghizstan, Kiribati, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, North Korea, Northern Marianas, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Réunion, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, Samoa (American), Sao Tomé & Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks & Caicos Islands, UAE, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, USA, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

List of Companies Mentioned

10T Tech, 1NCE, 1oT, 29Metals, 3D-P, 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), 450 MHz Alliance, 450connect, 4K Solutions, 4RF, 5G Campus Network Alliance, 5G Forum (South Korea), 5G Health Association, 5G Media Initiative, 5G OI Lab (5G Open Innovation Lab), 5GAA (5G Automotive Association), 5G-ACIA (5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation), 5GAIA (5G Applications Industry Array), 5GCT (5G Catalyst Technologies), 5GDNA (5G Deterministic Networking Alliance), 5GFF (5G Future Forum), 5G-MAG (5G Media Action Group), 5GMF (Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Promotion Forum, Japan), 5GSA (5G Slicing Association), 6G Finland, 6GEM Consortium, 6G-IA (6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association), 6G-RIC (Research and Innovation Cluster), 6Harmonics/6WiLInk, 6WIND, 7Layers, 7P (Seven Principles), A Beep/Diga-Talk+, A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore), A1 Hrvatska, A1 Telekom Austria Group, A10 Networks, A5G Networks, AAEON Technology, Aalborg University, Aalto University, AAR (Association of American Railroads), Aarna Networks, ABB, ABB Robotics, ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development), ABEL Mobilfunk, ABiT Corporation, ABP (Associated British Ports), ABS, Abside Networks, Abu Dhabi Police, Accedian, AccelerComm, Accelink Technologies, Accelleran, Accenture, ACCESS CO., Access Spectrum, Accesso, AccessParks, ACCF (Australasian Critical Communications Forum), Accton Technology Corporation, Accuver, ACE Technologies, AceAxis, AceTel (Ace Solutions), Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), ACOME, ACPS (Albemarle County Public Schools), ACS (Applied Computer Solutions), Actelis Networks, Actemium (VINCI Energies), Action Technologies (Shenzhen Action Technologies), Actiontec Electronics, Active911, Actus Networks, AD Plastik, Adani Data Networks, Adani Group, Adax, Adcor Magnet Systems, Addis Ababa Light Rail, Adecoagro, Adelaide Airport, Adeunis, ADF (Australian Defence Force), ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.), Adif (Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator), Adif AV (Alta Velocidad), ADLINK Technology, ADMIE/IPTO (Independent Power Transmission Operator, Greece), ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), ADRF (Advanced RF Technologies), ADT, Adtran, ADVA, Advanced Energy Industries, AdvanceTec Industries, Advantech, Advantech Wireless Technologies, AE Aerospace, AECC (Aero Engine Corporation of China), AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Company, AEG, Aegex Technologies, Aerial Applications, Aeris, Aero Wireless Group, AeroFarms, AeroMobile Communications, Aerostar International, Aethertek, Aetna Group, AFC (Asian Football Confederation), Affarii Technologies, Affirmed Networks, AFL Global, AFRY, AGC, AGCO Corporation, AGCOM (Communications Regulatory Authority, Italy), Agile (Agile Interoperable Solutions), AGIS (Advanced Ground Information Systems), AGM Mobile, Agnico Eagle Mines, AG-Placid, AgriFood Connect, Agroamb, Aguas de Valencia, AGURRE (Association of Major Users of Operational Radio Networks, France), AH NET (MVM NET), AI-LINK, AINA Wireless, Air China, Air France, Airband Community Internet, Airbus, Airfide Networks, Airgain, AirHop Communications, Airlinq, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Airspan Networks, Airtower Networks, Airwaive, Airwave Developers, Airwave Solutions, Airwavz Solutions, AIS (Advanced Info Service), AiVader, Ajman Police, Akamai Technologies, Aker Solutions, AKIS International, AKOS (Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia), Akoustis Technologies, Alaska Airlines, Alaxala Networks Corporation, ALBEDO Telecom, Albemarle Corporation, albis-elcon, ALBO (Hijos de Carlos Albo), Alcadis, Alcatel-Lucent International, Alcobendas City Council, Aldenhoven Testing Center, ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions), Alea, Alef (Alef Edge), Alepo, Alestra, Alibaba Group, Aliniant, Allbesmart, Allen Vanguard Wireless, Allerio, Alliander, Allied Telesis, Allot, Alnan Aluminium, Alpha Networks, Alpha Wireless, Alphabet, Alsa, Alsatis Réseaux, Alstom, Altaeros, Altair Semiconductor (Sony Semiconductor Israel), ALTÁN Redes, Altice Group, Altice Labs, Altice Portugal, Altiostar, ALVIS (Argentina), AM Telecom, AMA XpertEye, AMAGGI, Amantya Technologies, Amarisoft, Amata Corporation, Amazon, Ambra Solutions-ECOTEL, Ambulance Victoria, Ambulancezorg Groningen, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Amdocs, Ameren, América Móvil, American Tower Corporation, AMI (American Megatrends International), AMIT Wireless, AMN (Africa Mobile Networks), AMPC (Australian Meat Processor Corporation), Ampere Computing, Amphenol Corporation, Ampleon, Amtele Communication, ANA (All Nippon Airways), ANACOM (National Communications Authority, Portugal), Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency, Brazil), ANAX Metals, ANCOM (National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications, Romania), Andesat, ANDEX (Sendai), ANDRA, ANDRO Computational Solutions, Anek Lines, Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Angola Telecom, Angolan Ministry of Interior, Anhui Conch Cement, Anktion (Fujian) Technology, Anokiwave, Anritsu, ANS (Advanced Network Services), Anshan Iron & Steel Group, Antenna Company, Anterix, Antna Antenna Technology, Antofagasta Minerals, Antwerp Police, Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority, Aorotech, AOT (Airports of Thailand), APA Group, APBA (Port Authority of Algeciras Bay), APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) International, Apex Technology Group, APH (Huelva Port Authority), API (American Petroleum Institute), APM Terminals (Maersk), APN (All Purpose Networks), APPA (American Public Power Association), Apple, Applus+ IDIADA, APRESIA Systems, APSTAR (APT Satellite Company), APT (Asia Pacific Telecom), APTEL (Association of Proprietary Infrastructure and Private Telecommunications Systems Companies, Brazil), aql, Aqualia, Aquila (Suzhou Aquila Solutions), Aqura Technologies, ARA (American Rally Association), Arabsat, Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company), Aramco Digital, ARBURG, Arcadyan Technology Corporation, Arçelik, ArcelorMittal, ARCEP (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts, France), Archos, ARCIA (Australian Radio and Communications Industry Association), Ardea Resources, Arete M, AREU (Lombardy Regional Emergency Service Agency), AREX (Airport Railroad Express), Argela, Argentine Federal Police, ArgoNET, Aria Networks, ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, Japan), Arista Networks, Arizona National Guard, Arkessa, Arm, Armasuisse (Federal Office for Defense Procurement, Switzerland), Armour Communications, ARQ Group, Arqit Quantum, ArrayComm (Chengdu ArrayComm Wireless Technologies), Arrcus, Arrow Energy, ARTC (Australian Rail Track Corporation), Artemis Networks, Artemis Resources, Artiza Networks, Aruba, Arubaito World, Arukona, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, Asagao TV, Asahikawa Cable Television, Asavie, ASE Group, ASELSAN, AsiaInfo Technologies, AsiaSat (Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company), Askey Computer Corporation, ASM Global, ASN (Alcatel Submarine Networks), ASOCS, Aspire Technology, Aspire Technology Partners, ASR Microelectronics, Asseco CEIT, Assumption University of Thailand, Assured Wireless Corporation, AST SpaceMobile, ASTELLA (Astella Technologies), ASTOR (Poland), ASTRI (Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute), ASTRID, ASU (Arizona State University), ASUS (ASUSTeK Computer), Asylon, AT (Auckland Transport), AT&T, ATDI, ATEL (Asiatelco Technologies), Atel Antennas, Atesio, Athens International Airport, Athonet, ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions), ATL (A Test Lab), Atlas Copco, Atlas Iron, Atlas Telecom, AtLink Services, ATN International, Atos, ATP (Andean Telecom Partners), Atrinet, ATS Elektronik, Attabotics, AttoCore, ATW Investment & Services, Auberge Resorts, Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Auden Techno, Audi, audius, Auray Technology, Aurens (Orrence), Aurora Flight Sciences, Aurora Insight, Ausgrid, Australia Pacific LNG, Australian Department of Home Affairs, Australian Productivity Commission, AUTC (Africa Utilities Technology Council), Automotive Campus (Helmond), AV Living Lab, Avanade, Avangrid, Avanti Communications, Avari Wireless, Avesha Systems, AVEVA, AVI, Aviat Networks, Avics, Avidyne Corporation, Avinor, Avionica, Avista Edge, AVIWEST, AVM, AW2S (Advanced Wireless Solutions and Services), AWS (Amazon Web Services), AWTG, AWWA (American Water Works Association), Axell Wireless, AXESS Networks, Axians, Axiata Group, Axione, Axis Communications, Axon, Axpo WZ-Systems, Axtel, Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, Axxcss Wireless Solutions, Azcom Technology, Azetti Networks, B&R Bouwgroep, B+B SmartWorx, b<>com (IRT b-com), B5GPC (Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium), BABS/FOCP (Federal Office for Civil Protection, Switzerland), Badger Technologies (Jabil), BAE Systems, Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, Bahia State Secretariat of Public Security, Bahrain Airport Company, BAI Communications/Boldyn Networks, Baicells, BAKOM/OFCOM (Federal Office of Communications, Switzerland), Baleària, Ball Aerospace, Ballast Networks, Balluff, Baltic Networks, BAM Nuttall (Royal BAM Group), Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, Banco Santander, BandRich, BandwidthX, Bangladesh SSF (Special Security Force), Bangs Ambulance, Baogang Group, Baoshan Iron & Steel, Baosteel Group, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Port Authority, Barich, Barrett Communications, BART (San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District), BARTEC, Baruch Padeh Medical Center, BASF, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Batchfire Resources, Batelco, BATM Advanced Communications, BATS Wireless (Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems), Bavaria Studios & Production Services, Bay Minette Police Department, Bayer, BAYFU (Bayerische Funknetz), Baylin Technologies, BayRICS (Bay Area Regional Interoperable Communications Systems Authority), BBB (BB Backbone Corporation), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), BBF (Brasil BioFuels), BBK Electronics, BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), BC Hydro, BCA (Building and Construction Authority, Singapore), BCDVideo, BDBOS (Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio, Germany), Beach Energy, Beacon Minerals, Beagle Systems, Beam Semiconductor, Beam Wireless, Beamlink, BearCom, BEC Technologies, Becker Mining Systems, Beckhoff Automation, becon, Beeline Kazakhstan, Beeline Russia (VimpelCom), Beep, Beeper Communications, Beijer Electronics Group, Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing MTR Corporation, BELAZ, Belden, Belfast Harbour, BelFone, Bell Canada, Bellantenna, Belpre City Schools, Benetel, Berief Food, BesoVideo, Betacom, BH Technologies, Bharti Airtel, BHE (Bonn Hungary Electronics), BHP, Biazi Telecom, BICS, Bilbao Metro, Billion Electric, BinnenBereik, BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications), Bird Technologies, Birmingham City Council, BISDN (Berlin Institute for Software Defined Networks), Bittium, BK Technologies, Black & Veatch, Black Box, BlackBerry, Blackned, BlackRock, BLiNQ Networks, Blu Wireless, Blue Arcus Technologies, Blue Danube Systems, Blue White Robotics, Blue Wireless, Bluebird, Blueforce Development Corporation, BLUnet Schweiz, BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance), BMRCL (Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation), BMS (Bristol-Myers Squibb), BMW Brilliance Automotive, BMW Group, BMWK (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action), BNetzA (Federal Network Agency, Germany), BNPB (National Agency for Disaster Management, Indonesia), BNU (Beijing Normal University), Bobcat Miner, BOCHK (Bank of China Hong Kong), Boeing, Boelink (Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology), Boingo Wireless, Boise Police Department, Boliden, Bombardier, Bombers de Barcelona (Barcelona Fire Service), Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, BoomGrow, Booz Allen Hamilton, Borealis, BorgWarner, Bosch Rexroth, Boskalis Subsea Services, Boston Dynamics, Boston Police Department, Boston Scientific Corporation, Botkin Hospital, Botswana Police Service, Bouygues Telecom, Boxchip, BP, BPA (Busan Port Authority), BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk), BrainNet Consultants, Branch Communications, Bravis Hospital, BravoCom, Bravus Mining & Resources, Brazil Federal District Military Police, Brazilian Army, Bredengen, Bridgestone Corporation, Brimbank City Council, Brisanet, Bristol Port Company, British Army, British Sugar, Brittany Ferries, Broadcom, BroadForward, Broadmobi (Shanghai Broadmobi Communication Technology), Broadpeak, Broadtech, Brussels Airport Company, BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), BT Group, BT Media & Broadcast, Btel (Bakrie Telecom), BTG (Dutch Association of Large-Scale ICT & Telecommunications Users), BTI Wireless, BTP (Brasil Terminal Portuário), B-TrunC (Broadband Trunking Communication) Industry Alliance, BTU (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg), Buenos Aires City Police, Builder [X], Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, Bullitt Mobile, Bumicom Telecommunicatie, Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), Bundeswehr University Munich, Bureau Veritas, Burlington Fire Department, Burns & McDonnell, Busan Transportation Corporation, Butachimie, BVSD (Boulder Valley School District), BVSystems (Berkeley Varitronics Systems), BWT (BlueWaveTel), BYD, B-Yond, C Spire, C Squared Systems, CABGOC (Cabinda Gulf Oil Company), Cable Media Waiwai, Cable Television Toyama, CableFree (Wireless Excellence), CableLabs, Cáceres City Council, CACI International, Cadence Design Systems, CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology), CaixaBank (Formerly Bankia), Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University), CalAmp, CalChip Connect, Calgary Police Service, Caliber Public Safety, California National Guard, California State University, Stanislaus, Calix, Callio Pyhäjärvi, Calnex Solutions, Calpak, Caltta Technologies, Cambium Networks, Cambridge Consultants, CAMET (China Association of Metros), Campbell Union School District, CampusGenius, Camtel (Cameroon Telecommunications), Canadian Army, Canoga Perkins, Canon, Canonical, Capgemini, Capgemini Engineering, Capgemini Invent, CapitaLand, Capricorn Metals, CapX Nederland, Carbyne, Cargotec, Carlson Wireless Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnival Corporation, Casa Systems, CASCO Signal, CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation), Casio Computer Company, Castleberry ISD (Independent School District), Castor Marine, CATA (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance), Catalyst Communications Technologies, Caterpillar, Cavli Wireless, CBA (Chinese Basketball Association), CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia), CBNG (Cambridge Broadband Networks Group), CCI (Communication Components Inc.), CCMA (Catalan Broadcasting Corporation), CCN (Cirrus Core Networks), CCSA (China Communications Standards Association), CCww (Communications Consultants Worldwide), CDA (Chicago Department of Aviation), CDE Lightband, CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation), CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), CEA-Leti, CEA-List, Cegeka, CeLa Link Corporation, Celfinet, CellAntenna Corporation, Cellcom (Israel), Cellcomm Solutions, Cellient, Celling 5G, CellMax Technologies, Cellnex Telecom, CELLocity (RF Connect), CellOnyx, Cellwize, cellXica, cellXion, Celona, CelPlan Technologies, Cemig (Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais), Centerline Communications, CENTRA Technology, Central Petroleum, CentralSquare Technologies, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Centrica Storage, CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute), Cepsa, CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations), Ceragon Networks, Cerillion, CERTI Foundation, CertusNet, CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation), CEVA, CGI, Ch4lke Mobile, Challenge Networks, Chalmers University of Technology, Changchun Rail Transit, Changsha Metro, ChannelPorts, Charge Enterprises, Charité University Hospital Berlin, Charter Communications, Chat Mobility, Cheerzing (Xiamen Cheerzing IoT Technology), Chelton, Chemring Technology Solutions, Chengdu Metro, Chengdu NTS, Chevron Corporation, Chicago Police Department, Chicony Electronics, China All Access, China Baowu Steel Group, China Broadnet (CBN – China Broadcasting Network), China Merchants Group, China Merchants Heavy Industries, China Mobile, China Mobile Hong Kong, China National Coal Group, China Nuclear Power Engineering, China Railway (China State Railway Group), China Satcom (China Satellite Communications), China Shenhua Energy, China Southern Airlines, China Telecom, China Unicom, China West Airport Group, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, CHN Energy (China Energy Investment Group), Choice NTUA Wireless, Chongqing Guoyuan Port, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Chongqing Rail Transit, CHU Rennes (Rennes University Hospital), CHU Toulouse (Toulouse University Hospital), Chubu Electric Power Company, Chukai Cable Television System Operator, Chulabhorn Hospital, Chulalongkorn University, Chunghwa Telecom, Cibicom, CICPA (Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority, UAE), CICT – China Information and Communication Technology Group (China Xinke Group), CIE Automotive, Cielo Networks, Ciena Corporation, CIG (Cambridge Industries Group), Cincinnati Police Department, CIO (Connected IO), CircleGx, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí, Cirpack, Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation, Cisco Systems, CITIC Pacific Mining, CITIG (Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group), CITRA (Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, Kuwait), Citrosuco, City of Las Vegas, City of Tucson, Citycom Telekommunikation (Holding Graz), Citymesh, CitySwitch, CJ Group, CJ OliveNetworks, CK Hutchison, CKH IOD, Clair Global, Claro Brasil, Claro Colombia, Clarus Networks Group, Clavister, Clear Channel UK, ClearBlade, ClearSky Technologies, Cleura, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Police, Clever Logic, Clinical Mobility (Intellicom), CloudMile, CloudMinds, Clovity, CLP Power Hong Kong, CMG (China Media Group), CMHIT (China Merchants Holdings Information Technology), CMIG (China Minsheng Investment Group), CMIoT (China Mobile IoT), CMOC Group, CMP (Compañía Minera del Pacífico), CMPort (China Merchants Port Holdings), CMU (Chiang Mai University), CN (Canadian National Railway Company), CNA (Cable Networks Akita), CNCi (Community Network Center Inc.), CNI Sales, CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation), CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation), Cobham, COCUS, Codan Communications, Codelco (National Copper Corporation of Chile), Codium Networks, Cogisys, Cognizant, Cohere Technologies, Coherent Logix, Cohort, Coiler Corporation, Collinear Networks, Collins Aerospace, Cologne Bonn Airport, Color Line, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colt Canada, Colt Technology Services, Colusa County Office of Education, Com4, COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), Comander, Comarch, Comau, Comba Telecom, Combain Mobile, Combitech, Comcast Business, Comcast Corporation, Comcores, Comfone, Comilog, COMLAB, CommAgility, CommandWear Systems, Commercis, Commnet Wireless, Comms International/TecWise, Comms365, CommScope, Compal Electronics, Comprod, Comptek Technologies, ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation, Ireland), Comrod Communication Group, Coms4Grid, Comsol (South Africa), COMSovereign, Comtech Telecommunications Corporation, Comtest Wireless, Comtrend Corporation, Comviva, Con Edison (Consolidated Edison), CONET Technologies, CONEXIO Corporation, CONGIV, Conigital, Connect Tech, Connect44 Group, Connected Farms (Australia), Connectivity Wireless Solutions, ConocoPhillips, Consolidated Minerals, Contela, Continental, Continual, Contour Networks, Coolpad, Coopavel, CopaSAT, Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia), Core Lithium, coreNOC, Cornerstone (CTIL), Cornet Technology, Corning, Correos, Cortina Access, Corum Group (DTEK Energy), COSCO Group, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, COSCO Shipping Ports, Cosemi Technologies, COSMOTE, Cosumnes Fire Department, COTA (Circuit of The Americas), Council Rock, County of Renfrew Paramedic Service, Coventry University, Covestro, Coweaver, Cox Communications, CP Communications, CPFL Energia, CPI (Center for Process Innovation), CPQD (Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications, Brazil), CR (China Resources) Cement, CR Gas (China Resources Gas Group), CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority, Qatar), Cradlepoint, CRC (Communications Research Centre Canada), Creanord, CrisisGo, CritiComms, CROSSCALL, Crown Castle International Corporation, CRSC (China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation), CRTVG (Corporación Radio e Televisión de Galicia), CS Corporation, CSA (Canadian Space Agency), CSC (China Steel Corporation), CSCEC (China State Construction Engineering Corporation), CSG (China Southern Power Grid), CSG Systems International, CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation), CSSG (China Space Sanjiang Group), CST (Communications, Space & Technology Commission, Saudi Arabia), CTAG (Automotive Technology Center of Galicia), CTC (Chubu Telecommunications Company), CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions), CTG (Celestia Technologies Group), CTIA, CTK (Carl-Thiem Hospital Cottbus), CTPA (Central Texas Purchasing Alliance), CTR (Central Corporation), CTS (Communication Technology Services), CTS Corporation, CTTC (Catalan Telecommunications Technology Center), CTU (Czech Technical University in Prague), CTU (Czech Telecommunication Office), CTY (Japan), Cubic Corporation, Cubic Defence Australia, Cubic Telecom, Cumucore, Curtin University, CUSD (Collinsville Community Unit School District) 10, Custom MMIC, CW (Cambridge Wireless), Cyber Forza, CybertelBridge, Cyderes, Cyient, Cyrus Technology, Czech Ministry of Interior, CZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague), D2 Technologies, Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center, DAEL Group, Daeyoun System Company, Dahua Technology, Dali Wireless, Dallas ISD (Independent School District), Dallas Love Field Airport, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Dalton Utilities, DAMM Cellular Systems, Danaos Shipping, Danfoss, Danish National Police, DARS (Slovenian Motorway Company), DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit), DATACOM, Datagear, Datang Renewable Power, Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, Dataport, DataSoft, Datatec, Datong Coal Mining Group, Datora Group, Datwyler IT Infra, DB (Deutsche Bahn), DB Cargo, DB Schenker, DBcom, De Beers Group, Debswana Diamond Company, Deendayal Port Authority, DeepOcean, DeepSig, DeepSight AI Labs, Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom), Dejero Labs, DeKalb Police Department, DEKRA, Del Conca USA, Dell Technologies, Delmarva Power and Light Company (Exelon), Deloitte, Delta Electronics, DEMAG (Demag Cranes & Components), DEME Group, DENGYO (Nihon Dengyo Kosaku), Dense Air, Detecon, Deutsche Messe, DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority), DFL (German Football League), DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) International Airport, DGS (Digital Global Systems), DHL, DIAKINISIS, Dialog Axiata, Dialogic, Diamond Communications, Diamond Offshore Drilling, DIGI Communications, Digi International, Digicert, Digita, Digital Ally, Digital Catapult, Digital Enhancement, DigitalBridge Group, DigitalC, DigitalRoute, Digitata, DigitGate (Nanjing DigitGate Communication Technology), Dimetor, DISH Network Corporation, DKK (Denki Kogyo), D-Link Corporation, DLR (German Aerospace Center), DMG Mori, DMI, DMTCL (Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited), DNA (Finland), DND (Department of National Defence, Canada), DNP (Dai Nippon Printing), DOA (Department of Airports, Thailand), DOK'ICI, DOK-ING, Dominion Energy, Dongyi Group Coal Gasification Company, Doogee, Doosan Corporation, Dorna Sports, Dortmund Fire Brigade, DoT (Department of Telecommunications, India), Dow, Doyle Shipping Group, DPOL (Dos Palos Oro Loma) Joint Unified School District, DragonWave-X, Drakontas, DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada), DriveNets, Drone Aviation, DroneSense, Druid Software, DRZ (German Rescue Robotics Center), DSA (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance), DSB (Directorate for Civil Protection, Norway), DSBJ (Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing), DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, United Kingdom), DT (Deutsche Telekom), DTAC (Total Access Communication), du (EITC – Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company), Dubai Police, Dublin City Council, Dublin Fire Brigade, Duisburger Hafen, Duke Energy, Duke University, Dundee City Council, Duoc UC, Duons, duotec, Durabook (Twinhead International Corporation), Duubee, DXC Technology, DZS, E.ON, EA Networks (Electricity Ashburton), Eahison Communication, EANTC, Eastcom (Eastern Communications), Easycom (Shenzhen Easycom Electronics), EASYMETERING, EasyMile, E-Band Communications, e-BO Enterprises, EBRCSA (East Bay Regional Communications System Authority), EBU (European Broadcasting Union), ECE (European Communications Engineering), Echelon Edge, EchoStar Corporation, Ecom Instruments, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Ecrio, ECT (Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam), Edesur Dominicana, EDF, EDF Renewables, Edge Networks, Edgecore Networks, EdgeQ, Edgybees, E-Distribución, E-Distribuzione, edotco Group, EDP (Energias de Portugal), EDX Wireless, Edzcom, EE, EEI (Edison Electric Institute), Eesti Energia, Efacec, Effnet, EGC International, Egyptian Ministry of Defense, eHills Corporation, EHIME CATV, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Eigencomm, eino, EION Wireless, Eir (Eircom), Ekinops, Ekobot, El Corte Inglés, Elbit Systems, Eldorado Gold, ElectraNet, Electricity Canada (Canadian Electricity Association), Elefante Group, Elefsis Shipyards, Eleko (Spain), Elektro Gorenjska, Elgaugol, E-Lins Technology, Elisa, Elisa Estonia, Elisa Polystar, Elistair, Elsight, Elta Systems, Eltex, ELUON Corporation, ELVA-1, Emblasoft, Embraer, Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), Embratel, EMCO (East Mining Company), Emera, Emerging Prairie, Emerson, Emmerson Resources, EMnify, Emory Healthcare, EMS (Electronic Media Services), ENA (Energy Networks Association), ENACOM (National Communications Agency, Argentina), Enagás, Encore Networks, Endeavour Energy, Endesa, Endress+Hauser, Enea, Enecom (Energia Communications), Enel, ENENSYS Technologies, Energa-Operator, Energex, Energizer Mobile (Avenir Telecom), Energy School Service Center, EnerSys, EnerTribe, Enexis, ENLETS (European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services), Entel (Chile), ENTELEC (Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association), Entra Energy, Entropia, Entropy Solution, ENWAY, EOG Resources, Eoptolink Technology, EOS (Electro Optic Systems), Epiroc, EPR (Energy Project Resources), EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), Equiendo, Equinor, ERA (European Union Agency for Railways), Eramet, Eravant (SAGE Millimeter), Ergon Energy, Ericsson, Erillisverkot (State Security Networks Group, Finland), Errigal, ESA (European Space Agency), ESB Networks, Eseye, Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, Eskom, ESO EAD (Electricity System Operator, Bulgaria), E-Space, ESR Pollmeier, Estalky (K-Mobile Technology), ETELM, eTera (Sinotech R&D Group), Ethernity Networks, Etherstack, Etisalat Group (e&), ETRI (Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, South Korea), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), Etteplan, EUCAST, EURECOM, Eureka, Eurofins E&E (Electrical and Electronics), EUROGATE, Eurona, European University of Madrid, Eurotech, EUTC (European Utilities Telecom Council), Eutelsat Communications, EUWENA (European Users of Enterprise Wireless Networks Association), Eventide Communications, Everbridge, Evergy, Evolution Mining, Evonik Industries, evo-rail, EVRAZ, EWA (Electricity and Water Authority, Bahrain), EWA (Enterprise Wireless Alliance), EWG (East-West Gate) Intermodal Terminal, Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, Ewing Police Department, Exacom, Exaware, Excelerate Technology, EXEO Group, EXFO, Exium, EXOR International, Expandium, Expeto, ExteNet Systems, Extreme Networks, Exxaro, ExxonMobil, EY (Ernst & Young), Eyecom Telecommunications Group, EZcon Network, F2G (Far-Together) Solutions, F5, Facens University Center, Faena Hotel & Forum, Fairspectrum, Fairwaves, FANUC, Faraday Technology Corporation, Faroe Islands Police, Fastback Networks, FAW Group, FCCA (Forestry Conservation Communications Association), FCNT (Fujitsu Connected Technologies), FCPS (Fredericksburg City Public Schools), FCTV (Fukui Cable Television), Federal Engineering, Federated Wireless, FedEx, FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University), Fenix Group, FERMAX, Ferrexpo, Ferrovial, Festipay, Festo, FET (Far EasTone Telecommunications), FFC (French Cycling Federation), FFG (Fair Friend Group), FFI (Defense Research Establishment, Norway), FGC (Catalan Government Railways), FH Dortmund (Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts), FiberHome Technologies, FIBERSTAMP, Fibocom, Fibrolan, FiduciaEdge Technologies, FIH Mobile , FII (Foxconn Industrial Internet), Filtronic, Finavia, FINEP (Brazilian Innovation Agency), Fingu (Wuhan Fingu Electronic Technology), FinnHEMS (Finnish Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), Finnish Border Guard, Finnish Defense Forces, Finnlines, Fiplex Communications, Fira (Finland), Fira de Barcelona, Firecell, First Quantum Minerals, FirstEnergy, FirstGroup, FirstNet (First Responder Network) Authority, FirstPoint Mobile Guard, FIS (International Ski Federation), Fishtech Group, Fiskarheden, FIT (Foxconn Interconnect Technology), Fivecomm, Fives Group, FLARE SYSTEMS (Japan), Flash Networks, Flash Private Mobile Networks, Fleet Complete, Flex, Flex Logix Technologies, Flexitron Group, Flightcell International, FLIR Systems, floLIVE, FlowCentric Technologies, Flymotion, FMBE (FMB Engineering), FMJ Group, FMV (Defense Materiel Administration, Sweden), Fontana Unified School District, Ford Motor Company, Formosa Plastics Transport, Formula One, Føroya Tele (Faroese Telecom), Forsk, Forsvarsmateriell (Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency), Fort Worth ISD (Independent School District), Fortescue Metals Group, Fortinet, Fortress Solutions, Fortum, Four-Faith Communication Technology, FOX Sports, Foxconn (Hon Hai Technology Group), FPInnovations, Frankfurt University Hospital, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Franklin Wireless, Fraport, Fraunhofer FOKUS (Institute for Open Communication Systems), Fraunhofer HHI (Heinrich Hertz Institute), Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization), Fraunhofer IEM (Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design), Fraunhofer IIS (Institute for Integrated Circuits), Fraunhofer IOSB-INA (Application Center for Industrial Automation), Fraunhofer IPA (Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation), Fraunhofer IPK (Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology), Fraunhofer IPT (Institute for Production Technology), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Free Mobile, Free Pro, Freedom Mobile, FreedomFi, Freeeway, freenet Group, Freeport-McMoRan, French Air Force, French Army, French Ministry of Armed Forces, French Ministry of Interior, Frequencz, Frequentis, Freshwave Group, Frog Cellsat, FrontierSI, FRTek, FSG (Field Solutions Group), FTI Engineering Network, FTIA (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency), FTS (Formula Telecom Solutions), Fujikura, Fujitsu, Fundación SSG, Funk-Electronic Piciorgros, Funkwerk, Furukawa Electric, Furuno Electric, FUSD (Fresno Unified School District), Future Technologies Venture, Fuzhou Metro, Fuzhou Port, FYCMA (Málaga Trade Fair and Congress Center), G REIGNS, G+D (Giesecke+Devrient), G3 Global, Galati Port, Galilee Medical Center, Galtronics, Gamma Nu, Gammon Construction, Gandi, Gapwaves, Garderos, GASAG, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom Space Systems, GAZ-SYSTEM, GCF (Global Certification Forum), GCT Semiconductor, GD (General Devices), GDIT (General Dynamics Information Technology), GDRFA-Dubai (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai), GE (General Electric), GE Digital, GE HealthCare, GE Renewable Energy, Geely Auto, GEKA Telecom, Gemtek Technology, General Dynamics, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Generalitat Valenciana, Genesis Group, GENEViSiO, Genew Technologies, Genmix Technology, GenXComm, GEO DATA, George Mason University, Geotab, GeoTraq, Geoverse (Commnet Wireless), Gerdau, Gestamp, Getac Technology Corporation, Gewei (Wuhan Gewei Electronic Technology), GF (GlobalFoundries), GF Machining Solutions, GFO Investments, GGD (Municipal Health Service) Brabant-Zuidoost, Gidarjil Development Corporation, GIGABYTE Technology, Gigalane, GIGALIGHT, Gigamon, GigaMonster, GigaTera Communications, GigSky, Gilat Satellite Networks, GL Communications, Glanbia, Glencore, Global Omnium, Global Telecom, Globalgig, Globalstar, Globe Telecom, Globe Tracker, Glocall Telecoms, Glydways, GM (General Motors), GMO Internet Group, GMP (Green Mountain Power), GMR Group, GNConnect, GO Internet (Italy), Gogo Business Aviation, Gold Fields, Gold Road Resources, GoldNet, Goodman Telecom Services, Goodmill Systems, Google, Goosetown Communications, Gore (W. L. Gore & Associates), Gosuncn Group, GosuncnWelink Technology, Götting KG, GPMM (Grand Port Maritime de Marseille-Fos), Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, Grange Resources, Granit Enterprise (Belarus), Granite Telecommunications, Grant County Sheriff’s Office (Wisconsin), Grant Thornton, Grape One, Greek Police, Green Communications, Green Packet, Greenet, Green-GO Digital (ELC Lighting), GreenPalm (Hangzhou GreenPalm Technology), GrenTech, Grid Communications, GridGears, Grolleau, Groningen Seaports, Groundhog Technologies, Groupe ADP, Groupe Rémabec, GroupTalk, Grundfos, Grupo Álava, Grupo Globo, Grupo ICE, Grupo México, GS Lab (Great Software Laboratory), GSA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association), GSI (GS Instech)/GST (GS Teletech), GSMA (GSM Association), GTA (Global Technology Associates), GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority), GTRK Vladivostok (Vladivostok State TV and Radio Company), Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Gosuncn Robot, Guangzhou Metro, Guangzhou Port Group, Guardia Civil (Spanish Civil Guard), Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona (Barcelona Urban Guard), Guavus, Guerrilla RF, Guident, Guiyang Metro, Guiyang Public Security Bureau, Guizhou Tyre, GUTMA (Global UTM Association), GVB (Amsterdam Transport Company), GWTCA (Government Wireless Technology & Communications Association), HAAS Alert, Haasrode Research Park, Haier, Hainan Meilan International Airport Company, Haivision, HAKOM (Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries), Halton Regional Police Service, Halys, Hamburg Port Authority, HaminaKotka Satama, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Hampton Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Department, Hancock State Prison, Hancom MDS, Handheld Group, Handsfree Group, Hangzhou Boss Electric Appliance, Hangzhou Metro, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Hanjin Busan Newport, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Hansen Technologies, Hanshin Cable Engineering, Hanshin Electric Railway, Hanswell, Hanwha Defense, Hanwha Techwin, HAPSMobile, Harbor Max, HarborLink Network, HarborTech Mobility, HARMAN DTS (Digital Transformation Solutions), HAROPA PORT, HARTING, Harvilon (Shenzhen Harvilon Technology), Haventure, Hawe Telekom, Hawk Networks (Althea), Haystax Technology, HBFEC (Hebei Far East Communication System Engineering), HCL Technologies, HCU (HafenCity University Hamburg), Heathgate Resources, Heathrow Commercial Telecoms, Hebei Port Group, Hefei Metro, HEIA-FR (School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg), Helios (Fujian Helios Technologies), Helios Park Hospital Leipzig, Helium Foundation, Hellas Gold, Hellas Sat, Henan Energy & Chemical Industry Group, Henan Province Airport Group, Henan Shenhuo Group, Hengshen Group, Hengtong (Jiangsu Hengtong Optic-Electric), Hengxin (Jiangsu Hengxin Technology), Henkel, HERE Technologies, Heriot-Watt University, Heropolis, Herøya Industrial Park, Herystorm (Guangzhou Herystorm Technology), HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland), Het Vertrouwde Dorp, Hexagon, Hexagon Communication (Suzhou Hexagon Communication Technologies), Hexagon Wireless, HFCL, HFR Networks, HFT Stuttgart (Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences), HG Genuine, HGTECH (Huagong Technology), HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries), HHLA Sky, Hibiki Seiki, Highstreet Technologies, Highway9 Networks, HII (Huntington Ingalls Industries), Hikvision (Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology), Hilinks Technology, Hillebrand Coating (Rudolf Hillebrand), Hip Hing Engineering, HipLink Software, Hiroshima Gas, Hiroshima University, Hirschmann, Hisense, HiSilicon Technologies, HISPASAT, Hitachi, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hitachi Energy, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Hitachi Rail, Hitachi Vantara, HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center), HKMPB (Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board), HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council), HKT, HKTech (Howking Tech), HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), HLS (HARD-LINE Solutions), HMD Global, HMDC (Hibernia Management and Development Company), HMF (Hytera Mobilfunk), HMI Technologies, HMS Networks, Hoban Construction , Hohhot Public Security Bureau, Hoimyung ICT, Hokkaido Electric Power Company, Holmen Iggesund, Hologram, HoME (Hochschule Merseburg University of Applied Sciences), Honbridge Holdings, Honda Motor Company, Honeywell International, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Police Force, Hongdian Corporation, HONOR, HORIBA MIRA, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Hospital das Clínicas (São Paulo), Hospital Quirónsalud Málaga, Hospital Universitario de La Princesa, Houari Boumediene Airport, Houston Methodist, Hoverfly Technologies, Howard University, Howest University of Applied Sciences, HP, HPA (Hamburg Port Authority), HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), HQT (Shenzhen HQT Science and Technology), HSC (Hughes Systique Corporation), HSG (Haslam Sports Group), Hsinchu City Fire Department, HTC Corporation, Huahuan (Beijing Huahuan Electronics), Hualapai Nation Police Department, Huaptec, Huawei, Hub One (Groupe ADP), HUBER+SUHNER, HUCOM Wireless, Hudbay Minerals, Hughes Network Systems, Human Horizons, Humanitas Research Hospital, Hunan Highway Police, Hungarian Ministry of Interior, Hunter Technology, Huoshenshan Hospital, Huozhou Coal & Electricity Group, Hurst Greenery, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital), HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Hutchison Drei Austria, Hutchison Ports, HXI (Renaissance Electronics & Communications), Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Hydro-Québec, Hyperbat, Hypha (Wireless Innovation), Hytec Inter, Hytera Communications, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Hyundai Doosan Infracore, Hyundai E&C (Engineering & Construction), Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Robotics, Hyundai Rotem, MOBILE, i2i Systems, IAG (International Airlines Group), IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), iBASIS, IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), Iberdrola, IBM, IBO Technology Company, IB-RED, iBwave Solutions, Icade, iCana, ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa), ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ICCRA (International Critical Control Rooms Alliance), Ice Mobility, Ice Norway, iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies), ICG (Icelandic Coast Guard), ICL Group, ICN (Imizu Cable Network), ICOE (Imperial County Office of Education), Icom, Iconec, iConNext, ICS Holding, ICU Technologies, ID:TOLÚ (Research and Development Laboratory of Tolú), iDAQS, IDEMIA, Idemitsu, IDF (Israel Defense Forces), IDY Corporation, IE University, IEC (Illinois Electric Cooperative), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), ifak (Institute for Automation and Communication), IFEMA, IFLY Electronics, ifm, IFT (Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico), IGO (Australia), IGOF (International Governmental Operators’ Forum), IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), IHI Corporation, IHU Strasbourg (Strasbourg Institute of Image-Guided Surgery), IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan), IISc (Indian Institute of Science), IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Hyderabad, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kanpur, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras, II-VI, IKIN, Iliad Group, IM Technology, Imagin’Office, IMAmt (Mato Grosso Cotton Institute), IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore), Imec, Imperial Oil, IMPTT, IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research), IMSC (Interim Māori Spectrum Commission), IMT (Institut Mines-Telecom), IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group, Inaba Denki Sangyo, INACAP, Inatel (National Institute of Telecommunications, Brazil), InCoax Networks, Indian Army, Indian Railways, Indianapolis Fire Department, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indotel (Dominican Institute of Telecommunications), Indra, Industrial Minera México, iNET (Infrastructure Networks), INEX Microtechnology, Infineon Technologies, Infinera, InfiNet Wireless, Infinite Electronics, Infomark Corporation, Infosys, Infovista, InHand Networks, INL (Idaho National Laboratory), Inland Cellular, Inmanta, Inmarsat, Innertron, InnoGence Technology, InnoLight Technology, Innonet, Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency), Innovalia, Innovate5G, Innovation Cluster 5G Berlin, Innovile, InnoWireless, INPEX, inq, In-Q-Tel, Inria (French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology), Inrico Technologies, Inseego Corporation, Inspur, Insta Group, Instant Connect, InstantCom (Romania), INSTEP (Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS), INSYS icom (INSYS Microelectronics), Intec E&C, Intel Corporation, Intelbras, Intelliport Solutions, Intelsat, Intenna Systems, InterDigital, INTERLEV, Internet Institute (Slovenia), Interop Technologies, InterTalk Critical Information Systems, Intracom Telecom, Intrado Corporation, Intrepid Networks, Inventec Corporation, Invest Ottawa, INWIT (Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane), IOH (Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison), IoT4Net, IoTAS (IoT & Approval Solutions), Iowa State University, IP Infusion, IPAGEON, IP-Connected, IPITEK (Integrated Photonics Technology), IPL (Incitec Pivot Limited), IPLOOK Technologies, iPosi, IPT (Institute for Technological Research, São Paulo), IPT (Internet para Todos) Peru, Iradio Electronics, Iraqi Ministry of Defense, IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, Iren, Iridium Communications, ISA (International Society of Automation), Isala Hospital, ISCO International, iSea, ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada), Iserlohner Werkstätten, Ishizaka Sangyo, ISIS Logiciels & Systèmes (ILS Technologies), ISP Supplies, Israel Fire and Rescue Authority, Israel Police, Israel Railways, Israeli Ministry of Communications, Israeli Ministry of Defense, IS-Wireless, IT Aveiro (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Aveiro), Italian Army, Italian Ministry of Defense, Italian Ministry of Interior, Italtel, ITCEN, I-TEC Solutions, ITN (Independent Television News), ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan), Itron, ITU (International Telecommunication Union), ITUMA, IVO (Valencian Institute of Oncology), IWT (Innovative Wireless Technologies), Jabil, JACS Solutions, JAL (Japan Airlines), Jalles Machado, Jan De Nul Group, JATONTEC (Jaton Technology), JBG SMITH Properties, JCI (Japan Communications Inc.), JD Logistics, Jellinbah Group, JEMS (Japan EM Solutions), JET Connectivity, Jezetek (Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group), JFE Steel, Jiangsu Gian Technology, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Jiaxun Feihong (Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical), Jinan Metro, Jinan USR IoT Technology, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, Jinchuan Group, Jio Platforms, JIT (JI Technology), JMA Wireless, JMPD (Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department), JNT (Jakobstadsnejdens Telefon), João Gonçalves Zarco Secondary School, John Deere, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson Controls, JOMOO, Jordanian Armed Forces, JOTS (Joint Operators Technical Specification) Forum, JOUAV, Joyson PlasTec, JPC Connectivity, JPS Interoperability Solutions, JQL Technologies, JR East (East Japan Railway Company), JRC (Japan Radio Company), JRC (Joint Radio Company), JRP (Japan Race Promotion), JSC Ingenium, JT IoT, JTC Corporation, JTOWER, Juniper Networks, Junkosha, Juvare, JVCKENWOOD Corporation, K LINE (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha), KAC (Korea Airports Corporation), Kacific Broadband Satellites, Kaelus, Kaga Cable Television, KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries), Kaifa (Shenzen Kaifa Technology), Kailuan Group, Kaiser Permanente, Kajeet, Kalamazoo Resources, Kalmar, Kaloom, Kalray, KAMAZ, Kansai Electric Power Company, Kantonspolizei St.Gallen (Cantonal Police of St. Gallen), Kantonspolizei Zürich (Cantonal Police of Zurich), Kaohsiung City Government, Karara Mining, KATCH Network, Katela Networks, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kazan Metro, Kazzinc, KBR, KBT (Kenbotong Technology), KCC (Korea Communications Commission), KCCS (Kyocera Communication Systems), Kcell, KCOE (Kings County Office of Education), KDDI Corporation, KDSG (Kaduna State Government), Keikyu Corporation (Keikyu Electric Railway), Kelly Services, Kementerian Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia), Kemin Satama, Kenyan Police Service, KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation), Key Bridge Wireless, Keysight Technologies, Keystone Metrofiber, KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power), Kiana Analytics, KICOX (Korea Industrial Complex Corporation), Kigen, Kindai University, Kindroid (Shanghai Jinzhuo Technology), King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, King's College London, Kirisun Communications, Kisan Telecom, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), KIT (Kumoh National Institute of Technology), KKU (Khon Kaen University), KLA Laboratories, Klas Telecom, Klein Electronics, Kleos, Klimaopreme, KMA (Korea Military Academy), KMW, Knightscope, KNPA (Korean National Police Agency), KOAMTAC, Kobe University, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Koch Engineered Solutions, Koch Industries, Koelnmesse, Kollmorgen, Komatsu, KOMIPO (Korea Midland Power), KONE Corporation, Konecranes, Konica Minolta, Koning & Hartman (Axians/VINCI Energies), KONTEL, Kontron, Kontron Transportation, KORAIL (Korea Railroad Corporation), KORE Wireless, KOREN (Korea Advanced Research Network), KPCN (Dutch Caribbean Police Force), KPMG, KPN, KRC Genk, KRNA (Korea Rail Network Authority), KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute), KSEC (Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Corporation), KT Corporation, KT SAT, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KU (Kasetsart University), KU Leuven, Kudelski Group, Kudelski Security, KUKA, Kumagai Gumi, Kumu Networks, Kuraray, KVSC (Kankakee Valley School Corporation), K-water (Korea Water Resources Corporation), K-Won, Kyland Technology, Kymeta Corporation, KymiRing, Kyndryl, Kyocera Corporation, Kyrio, Kyushu Electric Power Company, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, KZ TECH (KZ Broadband Technologies), L&T (Larsen & Toubro), L&T Heavy Engineering, L3Harris Technologies, LACROIX Environment, LACROIX Group, Laird Connectivity, Landis+Gyr, Landmark Dividend, Langkawi Municipal Council, Lanner Electronics, Lantronix, Lanzhou Rail Transit, Laois County Council, LA-RICS (Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System), Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Lattice Semiconductor, Latvian Ministry of Defense, Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine, LCR Embedded Systems, LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority), Leataata Floyd Elementary School, Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Lebanon's ISF (Internal Security Forces), LEC, Leenos Corporation, Leidos, Lekha Wireless Solutions, Lemko Corporation, Lenovo, Leonardo, Leuven Police, Lextrum, LF (Linux Foundation), LfULG (Saxony State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology), LG Chem, LG CNS, LG Corporation, LG Electronics, LG Innotek, LG Uplus, LGS Innovations, Liaoning Provincial People's Hospital, Liberty Global, Lierda Science & Technology Group, Lifecycle Software, Ligado Networks, Lightron, Lijiang Police, Lime Microsystems, Linde Energi, Lindsay Broadband, Linkem, Linksys, Linx Technologies, Linyi Qiyang International Airport, LINZ AG TELEKOM, LIONS Technology, Lisheng Fujian Communications, Lishui Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, LITE-ON Technology Corporation, LitePoint, Little Priest Tribal College, LittleBird (LevelUp), LiuGong Machinery, Live Nation Entertainment, LiveU, LMCC (Land Mobile Communications Council), LNER (London North Eastern Railway), LNWH (London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust), Lociva, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Lockheed Martin Space, Lodz University of Technology, Logan Aluminum, Logicalis, LogicTree IT Solutions, LOGISTEED, Longsung Technology, Lookout, LRM-COM, LS ELECTRIC, LS Mtron, LS telcom, LSU Schäberle, LTE-X, LTTS (L&T Technology Services), Lübeck Port Authority, Lucca 5G Testbed, Luceor, Lufthansa Technik, Luka Koper, Luleå University of Technology, Lumen Technologies, Lumentum, Lumineye, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, Lundin Mining Corporation, LUSD (Lindsay Unified School District), LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology), Luther Burbank School District, LuxCarta, Luxoft, Lyfo, Lynchburg City Schools, Lynk Global, Lyse, M & J Wilkow, M/C Partners, M1, m3connect, M4PS (Mobility 4 Public Safety), MAC (Metropolitan Airports Commission), MACA Mining, MACC Base (Milford Area Communications Center), MACOM, Madagascar National Police, MadCo 911 (Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 System), Madison International Realty, Madrid Metro, Maebashi City Fire Department, Maehara Elementary School, MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan), Magic Software Group, Magna Steyr, Magnaquest Technologies, Magyar Telekom, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Mahidol University, Maipu Communication Technology, Maja Systems, Makati City DRRMO (Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office), Málaga City Council, Málaga Local Police, Málaga Port Authority, Málaga TechPark | PTA (Andalusia Technology Park), Mälarenergi, Malaysia Airports, Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, MantisNet, Manufacturers Alliance, MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil), MarchNet, Marfret, Marlink, Marquistech, Martin UAV, Marubeni Corporation, Marubeni Network Solutions, Marubun Corporation, Marvell Technology, MÁSMÓVIL, Mathworks, Matrix Electrónica, MATRIXX Software, MatSing, Maven Wireless, Mavenir, MaxComm, Maxis, MaxLinear, MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand), MBPJ (Petaling Jaya City Council), MC Technologies, McAllen ISD (Independent School District), MCAS (Michigan City Area Schools), McLaren Applied, McMaster University, MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission), MCP (Mission Critical Partners), MCS Benelux, MCSD (Murray City School District), McWane, MD (MICRODRIVE), Mdex, MEASAT Satellite Systems, MECSware, Media Broadcast, Médiane Système, Mediaset Spain, MediaTek, Meeami Technologies, MegaChips Corporation, MegaFon, Megh Computing, Meglab, MeiG Smart Technology, Meizu, Meliá Hotels International, Memorial Health System, Mentura Group, Menzies Mining & Exploration Operations, MER Group, Mercedes-Benz Group, Merck Group, Mesa Public Schools, MESS (Turkish Employers' Association of Metal Industries), Messe Berlin, Meta, Metalloinvest, Metanoia Communications, Metaswitch Networks, Metawave Corporation, Metismake, Metro Trains Melbourne, MetTel, Mexican National Guard (Formerly Federal Police), MFA (MulteFire Alliance), MGA Technologies, MGM Resorts International, MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore), MHD (Muhan Digital), Miami-Dade Police Department, MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan), MIC Nordic, MICAS-RF (MICAS Shenzhen Telecommunication), Michigan National Guard, MiCOM Labs, Micran, Microamp Solutions, Microchip Technology, Microlab, Micron Technology, MicroNova, MicroSeismic, Microsoft Corporation, Microwave Networks, MiCTA, Mid Sweden University, Midea Group, Miele, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China), MikroTik, Mikwave (Guangdong Mikwave Communication Tech), Milesight, Milestone Systems, Miliwave, Mill Creek Residential Trust, Miller Electric Company, MilWorks Solutions, MiMOMax, Minas Gerais State Military Police, MindMade (WB Group), MineRP, Mines Nancy, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, MIPS, MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots), MIRAIT ONE Corporation, Misawa Homes, MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation, MitraStar Technology, MITRE Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui & Co., Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsui Resources, MKI (Mitsui Knowledge Industry), ml&s, MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan), MLT (Maskin & Laserteknik), MMG, MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works), MMU (Multimedia University), MND (Ministry of National Defense, South Korea), MOBI (Mobi Antenna Technologies), Mobilaris, Mobile Mark, Mobile Tornado, Mobile Viewpoint, MobileDemand, MobileIron, MobileTek (Shanghai Mobiletek Communication), Mobileum, Mobilicom, Mobilitie, Mobily (Etihad Etisalat), Mobiveil, MOD (Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom), Modular Mining Systems, Moerdijk Port Authority, MOF (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, South Korea), MOIS (Ministry of the Interior and Safety, South Korea), Molex, Mondelēz International, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Monogoto, Moray Offshore Renewable Power, Mori Building Company, Morningcore Technology, Morningstar Corporation, Morris School District, Mortenson, Moscow City Police, Moseley Associates, MosoLabs, Motive Infrastructure Solutions, MotorLand Aragón, Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions, Mott MacDonald, Mountain View Whisman School District, Movandi, Movistar Chile, Moxa, MP Antenna, MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore), MPF (Mauritius Police Force), MPS (Ministry of Public Security, China), MRC (Mobile Radio Center), MRK Media, MRS Logística, MRT Technology (Suzhou), MSB (Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden), MSB (M S Benbow & Associates), MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT, South Korea), MST Global (Mine Site Technologies), MT (Marine Technologies), MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York), MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre, United Kingdom), MTI (Microelectronics Technology Inc.), MTI Wireless Edge, MTN Group, MTR (Mass Transit Railway), MTS (Mobile TeleSystems), MTU Aero Engines, MUGLER, MultiTech (Multi-Tech Systems), Munich Airport, Municipal Council of Cascais, MuralNet, Murata Manufacturing, Mushroom Networks, Mutualink, MVI Group, MVM Group, MxD (Manufacturing x Digital), MYCOM OSI, Mynaric, MYT Electronics, N.A.T., Nabiq, Nable Communications, Nacka Energi, Nagasaki University Hospital, Nagoya Grampus, NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology), Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Nanjing Metro, Nanjing Municipal Government, Nanning Public Security Bureau, Nanning Wuxu International Airport, NanoSemi, Napatech, Naragakuen University, Narita International Airport, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), Nash Technologies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, National Defense Medical College (Japan), National Grid Group, National Police of Colombia, National Police of the Netherlands, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Naval Group, Navantia, NAVER Cloud, NAVER Corporation, Navya, NBA (National Basketball Association), NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand), NC State (North Carolina State University), NCC (National Communications Commission, Taiwan), NCC (National Composites Centre, United Kingdom), NCRTC (National Capital Regional Transport Corporation), NCSR (National Center for Scientific Research) Demokritos, NDHU (National Dong Hwa University), NEA (National Environment Agency, Singapore), Nearby Computing, NEC Corporation, Nedaa, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan), Nemergent Solutions, Nemko, Neoenergia, Neolink Communications Technology, NEOM, NeoPlane, Neoway Technology, Neptune Communications, Neragon Networks, Neste, Nesten, Nestlé, Net AI, Net One Partners, Net1 PH (Broadband Everywhere Corporation), Netaş, NETBEE (NET-Automation), NetCity (GEOS Telecom/GEOS Holding), Netcracker Technology, NetFoundry, Netgear, NetGenuity, Netivei Israel (National Transport Infrastructure Company), NetModule, Netmore Group, NetNordic Group, NETSCOUT Systems, Netsia, Netsync Network Solutions, Netvision Telecom, Network Ra

Private 5G/4G Network Deployment Tracker & Forecasts: 2023 - 2030

Table of Contents

Database of Private 5G/4G Network Engagements (Last Updated Q4'2023)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Infrastructure Revenue: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Revenue: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Mobile Core Revenue: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Transport Network Revenue: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Technology Generation: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private LTE Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Shipments by Cell Size: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Revenue by Cell Size: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Shipments by Spectrum Licensing Model: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Revenue by Spectrum Licensing Model: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Shipments by Frequency Range: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Global Private 5G/4G RU Revenue by Frequency Range: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Infrastructure Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in Vertical Industries by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in Vertical Industries: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Agriculture Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Agriculture Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Aviation Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Aviation Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Broadcasting Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Broadcasting Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Construction Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Construction Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Education Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Education Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Forestry Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Forestry Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Healthcare Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Healthcare Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Manufacturing Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Manufacturing Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Military Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Military Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Mining Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Mining Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Oil & Gas Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Oil & Gas Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Ports & Maritime Transport Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Ports & Maritime Transport Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Public Safety Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Public Safety Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Railways Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Railways Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in the Utilities Vertical by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in the Utilities Vertical: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in Other Verticals by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in Other Verticals: 2023 – 2030
Global Private 5G/4G Network Revenue in Offices, Buildings & Corporate Campuses by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Global Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments in Offices, Buildings & Corporate Campuses: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Private 5G/4G Network Infrastructure Revenue by Region: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
North America Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
North America Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
North America Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Asia Pacific Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Asia Pacific Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Asia Pacific Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Europe Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Europe Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Europe Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Middle East & Africa Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Middle East & Africa Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Middle East & Africa Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Latin & Central America Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by Infrastructure Submarket: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)
Latin & Central America Private 5G/4G RAN Unit Shipments: 2023 – 2030 (Thousands of Units)
Latin & Central America Private 5G/4G Network Revenue by End User Market: 2023 – 2030 ($ Million)

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    Historically a niche segment of the wider cellular communications industry, private 5G/4G cellular networks – also referred to as NPNs (Non-Public Networks) in 3GPP terminology – have rapidly gained popularity in recent years due to privacy, security, reliability and performance advantages over public mobile networks and competing wireless technologies as well as their potential to replace hardwired connections with non-obstructive wireless links. Private cellular networks......
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