Global Elevator Market Gets a Boost Owing To Green Elevators' Demand

Date: 22-Sep-2016

Green building constituents are usually those that lessen the ecological footprint by concentrating on the usage of renewable resources. With numerous building products being marketed as eco-friendly, elevators and escalators have also been marked as green. A noteworthy challenge for the construction industry is recognizing and integrating eco-friendly or sustainable features. This is applicable to both new buildings and renovated buildings as well, in both the commercial and residential market.

Elevators have come to be an essential part of all types of buildings. The enlargement of construction and building industry has amplified the demand for elevators in the past few years. The majority of public spaces are consuming elevators and escalators to make expansive properties agreeable. The growing setting up of elevators also comes with the purpose of assisting elderly people to cover longer spaces without any effort. 

It is estimated that buildings devour about 40% of the world's energy, and elevators make up for between 2% and 10% of a building's energy consumption. The prominent elevator makers are gearing up to curb this number.

To consider an elevator eco-friendly, there are certain parameters.  Energy depletion is the key factor. However, other factors count too. The processes, materials, and technologies that go in the production of an elevator system are also calculated. Not only is this, but the selection of flooring, interior paints, lighting, control panels, and HVAC systems equally accounted for. All of these essentials can add points to a construction's complete score for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the US Green Building Council.

The unbelievable speed of urbanization and the increasing pool of the senior citizens are the key growth drivers for the global elevators market. Innovation of current infrastructure, buildings, and edifices is also backing up the growth of the global market. Innovation of elevators that are energy competent in a proposition to diminish carbon footprint has also operated in the support of the global market.

The incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) in the elevators and escalators has also activated a noteworthy demand for these products. IoT has permitted assembly of significant data relating to the use of these products accompanied by its exploration to advance the amenity for its consumers. Use of IoT sensors in elevators and escalators has also empowered consumers to increase the transportation on these well. Thus, launch of innovative technologies is anticipated to enhance the sales of elevators and escalators in the forthcoming years.

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