In The Next Five Years Robot Doctors To Execute One In Three Surgeries In The US

Date: 23-Sep-2016

Experts say that surgical robots or robot doctors will be conducting one in three operations in the US in the next five years. The surgical robots are estimated to multiply two folds by 2021, with surgeons guiding mechanical them on computer consoles. The supposed "da Vinci" machines are anticipated to be used not only in the US but also across India and China in the coming years. Numerous companies functioning in the robots market have also extended their application of these robots in the developing economies. Ground-breaking American company, IntuitiveSurgical, has already more than 3,600 of its da Vincimachines working in hospitals throughout the world.

Doctors are, however, concerned regarding the need for perfection of the surgical robots.  Even then quite a number of surgical robots are foreseen to grip a foremost place in operating rooms universally.  In the coming five years, it is anticipated that one in every three surgery that takes place in the US, it is likely to be carried out by robotic doctors, with human doctors guiding them.

The makers of these state-of-the-art robots are targeting to build less costly and more agile robots, which are proficient in undertaking multiple procedures. A number of top US hospitals specializing in the treatment of gastroenterology, cancer, urology, and gynecology have capitalized on surgical robots. These kinds of robots are also highlighted broadly within hospital promotion campaigns and are intended to lure patients, with new doctors daily trained for using them.

Numerous doctors suggest that these robots will be outdoing laparoscopic operations. Specialists also claimed that these robots would be enhanced in haptic sensing, a way for sensing the tissues of the body remotely, and also feature higher image quality in the cameras embedded. Surgical robots are used in bariatric surgery, hernia repair,   hysterectomies and in numbers of prostate eliminations in the US. Physicians believe that they decrease exhaustion and give them better accuracy.

Medical device maker, Medtronic, has announced that they are prospective to launch their surgical robot before mid-2018 and it will be first introduced in India. The other companies leading the surgical robots market are TransEnterix Inc., and Titan Medical Inc. These launches of surgical robots are slated to bring a upheaval in the medicinal world with more effective operations taking place at cost-effective prices.

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