Samsung trounced Apple’s selling bandwagon by double sales

Date: 30-Oct-2012

It is by now a well-known fact in the mobile industry that Apple and Samsung have been biting at each other’s heels in the competitive market of mobile sales. Just following the landmark decision in which Samsung had to pay a considerable sum of money to Apple for copying the designs of smart phone, there has been a lot of talk into whether Samsung shall be capable of recovering from this humiliating defeat. If there are signs that reveal that the South Korean giant has been gaining steadily in the market, it has been clear in the last quarter that Samsung has been clearly inching forward with its good featured mobile phone, and very well priced mobiles, that can catch the fancy of anyone. Samsung, which has nearly reported the earnings in the third quarter, has stated that it has shipped about 56.3 million smart phones during this particular quarter. Apple in the meantime, has only got sales amounting to 26 one 9 million iPhones, which is nearly half from the amount quoted by Samsung. This is a clear indication about the choice for people looking for quality mobile phones. During the fiscal period which was quoted, there is no outline towards the cost that is to be paid in the shipment. Since the period of business is entirely dependent upon a three-month fiscal scale, the sales have actually no indication about the amount of drawbacks, or rather call-backs to the mobile phone. This is a healthy indication about the amount of mobile phones that may have gone on to gross a net profit towards the mobile companies. Since both of the sales figures do represent the amount of sales that have originally been done, it is only justified to say that Samsung has gone well above the figures that may have been synonymous with Apple, and ensure that they can keep the rivalry to a minimum, all the while churning out quality mobile phones for the general mass. Apple losing out to Samsung in this wide unit sale is not at all something that can be constituted as a surprise, as Samsung have been constantly beating Apple in this mobile market for over a year. According to the IDC, Samsung has been clearly gaining an average of 100% from the shipment costs in the earlier year. The leading proponent for Samsung in this particular quarter shall have to be the Samsung Galaxy S3, which raked in about a total figure of 6 billion from total revenue of 47 billion that Samsung had got for this particular quarter. The prices of the Samsung stock fell about 2%, as the lacklustre semiconductor sales, and a diminishing demand for the personal computer produced by Samsung has had an adverse effect on this particular sale period. Despite the introduction of the Microsoft 8 Windows operating system, there has been no particular headway in the PC Department. Samsung has increased the demand of the mobile market and continue to trounce Apple.