World Lighting: Lamps & LEDs to 2016

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Date: 1-Feb-2013
No. of pages: 477
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This study analyzes the global industry for lamps and LEDs used in lighting applications. It presents historical demand data (2001, 2006, 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., fluorescent, conventional and halogen incandescent, LED, HID), market (e.g., residential & nonresidential building, outdoor, motor vehicles, other manufactured goods), world region and major country. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry participants.

World demand to rise 12.3% annually through 2016

World demand for lighting is projected to grow 12.3 percent yearly through 2016 to $78.3 billion. Gains will be boosted by an ongoing shift to higher value lighting technologies that are more efficient, particularly as many countries phase out general use incandescent lamps. The rising availability of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other high efficiency light sources at more affordable prices, along with improved light quality, will further propel this shift. Product sales will also be driven in part by an acceleration in factors such as personal income, economic activity, global motor vehicle output, and construction spending.

LED lighting devices to dominate future gains

LED (or solid-state) lighting devices will record by far the fastest global market gains of any major product segment through 2016. Historically, demand for LEDs used in lighting applications has been restrained by both high product prices and technical deficiencies in the quality and diffusion of light. However, the rapid rate of technological advances is dramatically improving their performance capabilities and resulting in substantial reductions in cost, leading to LED use in a growing number of lighting applications. Sales of fluorescent lamps will continue to grow, spurred in the near term by government-led efforts to phase out usage of energy-inefficient general service conventional incandescent lamps in many areas. While compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have generally been the replacement product of choice, sales are expected to be more limited going forward partly due to rising concern for safe disposal of spent CFLs (which is complicated by the incorporation of mercury into the lamps) and competition from LEDs which are benefitting from reduced prices and improved performance.

China & other developing countries to lead gains

Market gains in developing countries will outpace electric lighting sales in the US, Western Europe and Japan, spurred by healthy economic growth, ongoing industrialization efforts, greater manufacturing output, new household formation activity, and rising standards of living. China will account for 49 percent of all additional product demand through 2016, strengthening its position as the largest national market for lamps and LEDs. Above average growth is also expected in Russia, Mexico, and Brazil. Sales of lighting in many of these developing areas will be assisted by subsidies for consumer purchases of high efficiency lighting, sometimes with support from international organizations, as utilities seek to reduce load on local energy grids or benefit from carbon reduction credits.

Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe will post similar sales gains as economic conditions improve. Canada will also generate robust sales as the country will be slower to require high efficiency lighting compared to other developed countries. Although sales advances will not be as strong in most other developed areas, lighting product sales will climb there as well through 2016, bolstered by a strong upturn in motor vehicle production and construction activity from reduced 2011 levels, coupled with interest in changing to more efficient light sources.

Company Profiles

Profiles for 38 global competitors such as Cree, GE, Havells India, LG Electronics, NVC Lighting, Royal Philips Electronics, Siemens, and Ushio

Additional Information

This study analyzes the world market for lighting, which includes lamps (or light bulbs) and competing light-emitting diode (LED) devices used to illuminate spaces. Major product categories include fluorescent (compact and other) lamps, incandescent (both conventional general lighting service types and halogen) lamps, LED lighting devices, and high intensity discharge and other lamps. The major lighting markets are buildings (i.e., residential and nonresidential buildings), outdoor (e.g., streets, parks and other exterior spaces), motor vehicles, and other manufactured goods (e.g., flashlights, holiday lights, and other durable goods).

The scope of this study is limited to those products competing in the traditional lighting market. LEDs used in back light unit (BLU) applications (e.g., mobile phones, remote controls, televisions, and other displays) where traditional electric lighting products do not compete are not included here. Additionally, lighting fixtures are not included in this study.

Historical data (2001, 2006, and 2011) and forecasts to 2016 and 2021 are provided on a country-by-country basis for lighting demand (by product type and market), net exports and shipments, valued in millions of current US dollars, including inflation. The term “demand” actually refers to “apparent consumption” and is defined as shipments (also referred to as “output,” “production,” or “supply”) from a nation’s indigenous electric lighting manufacturing facilities plus imports minus exports. “Demand” is used interchangeably with the terms “market,” “sales,” and “consumption.”

In addition, major manufacturers of lamps and LEDs are identified and profiled, and the key competitive variables are discussed. The entire report is framed within the global lighting industry’s economic, technological, and market environments. World lighting market share data by company presented in the “Industry Structure” section are estimated based on consultation with multiple sources. Tabular details may not always add to totals due to rounding.

Data on global lighting supply and demand are derived from differing sources and developed from statistical relationships. As a result, variations are commonplace in this type of international reporting, and statistics presented in this study are historically consistent but may differ from other sources. Variances may occur because of definitional differences, undistributed exports, inventory accumulation and goods-in-transit. To reduce the impact of such discrepancies, total world electric lighting product imports and exports have been assumed to balance in any given year.

World Lighting: Lamps & LEDs to 2016

Table Of Contents


I. Executive Summary

II. Market Environment
General 4
World Economic Overview 5
Recent Historical Trends 6
World Economic Outlook 7
World Demographic Overview 12
Population 12
Households 14
World Personal Consumption Expenditures 16
World Construction Expenditures 18
Residential Building 23
Nonresidential Building 26
Nonbuilding 28
World Manufacturing Outlook 30
World Motor Vehicle Trends 33
Motor Vehicle Production 33
Motor Vehicles in Use 37
Access to Electricity 39
Technology Trends 43
Pricing Patterns 45
Environmental & Regulatory Issues 49

III. World Supply & Demand
General 53
Regional Overview 54
Demand 55
Production 59
International Trade 61
Demand by Product 63
Lamps 66
Fluorescent 66
Incandescent 72
High Intensity Discharge & Other 78
Light-Emitting Diode (LED) 85
Demand by Market 89
Buildings 91
Residential 94
Nonresidential 95
Outdoor 96
Motor Vehicles 99
Other Manufactured Goods 102

IV. North America
General 106
Lighting Supply & Demand 107
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 111
United States 113
Canada 121
Mexico 127

V. Western Europe
General 136
Lighting Supply & Demand 137
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 141
France 143
Germany 150
Italy 156
Spain 163
United Kingdom 169
Other Western Europe 177

VI. Asia/Pacific
General 186
Lighting Supply & Demand 187
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 191
Australia 193
China 200
India 210
Indonesia 220
Japan 228
South Korea 237
Other Asia/Pacific 245

VII. Other Regions
Central & South America 256
Lighting Supply & Demand 257
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 260
Brazil 262
Other Central & South America 269
Eastern Europe 277
Lighting Supply & Demand 279
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 282
Czech Republic 284
Poland 289
Russia 295
Other Eastern Europe 303
Africa/Mideast 308
Lighting Supply & Demand 310
Lighting Demand by Product & Market 314
Lighting Demand by Country 315

VIII. Industry Structure
General 318
Industry Composition 319
Market Share 323
Competitive Strategies 327
Product Development & Manufacturing 329
Marketing 330
Distribution 332
Consumer 332
Nonresidential 334
OEM 335
Mergers & Acquisitions 335
Cooperative Agreements 338
Company Profiles 347
Bajaj Electricals Limited 348
China Electric Manufacturing Corporation 350
Chiyoda Lighting Group 351
CML Innovative Technologies, see Grupo Antolin-Irausa Cnlight Company Limited 353
Cree Incorporated 355
Epistar Corporation 358
Excelitas Technologies Corporation 360
Foshan Electrical and Lighting Company Limited 363
GE Lighting, see General Electric General Electric Company 365
Grupo Antolin-Irausa SA 372
GUP RP Lisma 374
Halonix Limited 375
Harison Toshiba Lighting, see Toshiba Havells India Limited 377
Ichikoh Industries Limited 381
Iwasaki Electric Company Limited 383
Koito Group 386
Kumho Electric Incorporated 390
Kumho HT, see Kumho Electric and Toshiba LEDON Lamp, see Zumtobel LEDON OLED Lighting, see Zumtobel LEXEDIS Lighting, see Toyoda Gosei and Zumtobel LG Electronics Incorporated 392
Lights of America Incorporated 394
Neo-Neon Holdings Limited 395
Nichia Corporation 397
North American Lighting, see Koito Group NTL Electronics India Limited 399
NVC Lighting Technology Corporation 400
Opple Lighting Company Limited 402
OSRAM, see Siemens Panasonic Corporation 403
Philips Lighting, see Royal Philips Electronics Philips Lumileds Lighting, see Royal Philips Electronics PT Indonesia Koito, see Koito Group PT Sinar Angkasa Rungkut, see Chiyoda Lighting Group Royal Philips Electronics NV 407
Samsung Electronics Company Limited 413
Seoul Semiconductor Company Limited 415
Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Company Limited 418
Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp, see Koito Group Siemens AG 420
Stanley Electric Company Limited 428
Surya Roshni Limited 431
Ta Yih Industrial, see Koito Group TCP International Holdings Limited 433
Thai Koito, see Koito Group Toshiba Corporation 436
Toyoda Gosei Company Limited 440
Traxon Technologies, see Siemens Tridonic, see Zumtobel Ushio Incorporated 443
Valeo Sylvania, see Siemens  Xiamen Topstar Lighting, see General Electric Yaming Innotek Photoelectric Technology, see Epistar and Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Zhejiang Yankon Group Company Limited 447
Zumtobel AG 448
Other Companies Mentioned in Study 451

List of Tables

Section I -- Executive Summary
Summary Table 3

Section II -- Market Environment
1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 11
2 World Population by Region 14
3 World Households by Region 16
4 World Personal Consumption Expenditures by Region 18
5 World Construction Expenditures by Type & Region 23
6 World Residential Building Construction Expenditures by Region 26
7 World Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures by Region 28
8 World Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures by Region 30
9 World Manufacturing Value Added by Region 32
10 World Motor Vehicle Production by Type & Region 37
11 World Motor Vehicles in Use by Type & Region 39
12 World Electric Lighting Price Deflators 48

Section III -- World Supply & Demand
1 World Lighting Demand by Region 57
2 World Lighting Shipments by Region 60
3 World Lighting Net Exports by Region 63
4 World Lighting Demand by Product 65
5 World Fluorescent Lighting Demand by Product & Region 68
6 World Incandescent Lighting Demand by Product & Region 74
7 World High Intensity Discharge & Other Lighting Demand by Product & Region 80
8 World Light-Emitting Diode Lighting Demand by Region 88
9 World Lighting Demand by Market 90
10 World Building Lighting Demand by Application & Region 93
11 World Outdoor Lighting Demand by Region 98
12 World Motor Vehicle Lighting Demand by Application & Region 101
13 World Other Manufactured Goods Lighting Demand by Region 104

Section IV -- North America
1 North America: Lighting Supply & Demand 110
2 North America: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 112
3 United States: Lighting Supply & Demand 118
4 United States: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 121
5 Canada: Lighting Supply & Demand 125
6 Canada: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 127
7 Mexico: Lighting Supply & Demand 132
8 Mexico: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 135

Section V -- Western Europe
1 Western Europe: Lighting Supply & Demand 140
2 Western Europe: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 142
3 France: Lighting Supply & Demand 147
4 France: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 149
5 Germany: Lighting Supply & Demand 154
6 Germany: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 156
7 Italy: Lighting Supply & Demand 160
8 Italy: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 163
9 Spain: Lighting Supply & Demand 167
10 Spain: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 169
11 United Kingdom: Lighting Supply & Demand 174
12 United Kingdom: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 176
13 Other Western Europe: Lighting Supply & Demand 181
14 Other Western Europe: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 183
15 Other Western Europe: Lighting Demand by Country 185

Section VI -- Asia/Pacific
1 Asia/Pacific: Lighting Supply & Demand 190
2 Asia/Pacific: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 193
3 Australia: Lighting Supply & Demand 197
4 Australia: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 200
5 China: Lighting Supply & Demand 206
6 China: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 210
7 India: Lighting Supply & Demand 216
8 India: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 220
9 Indonesia: Lighting Supply & Demand 225
10 Indonesia: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 228
11 Japan: Lighting Supply & Demand 234
12 Japan: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 237
13 South Korea: Lighting Supply & Demand 242
14 South Korea: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 245
15 Other Asia/Pacific: Lighting Supply & Demand 251
16 Other Asia/Pacific: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 253
17 Other Asia/Pacific: Lighting Demand by Country 255

Section VII -- Other Regions
1 Central & South America: Lighting Supply & Demand 259
2 Central & South America: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 262
3 Brazil: Lighting Supply & Demand 267
4 Brazil: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 269
5 Other Central & South America: Lighting Supply & Demand 273
6 Other Central & South America: Lighting Demand by Product, Market, & Country 277
7 Eastern Europe: Lighting Supply & Demand 281
8 Eastern Europe: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 283
9 Czech Republic: Lighting Supply & Demand 287
10 Czech Republic: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 289
11 Poland: Lighting Supply & Demand 293
12 Poland: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 295
13 Russia: Lighting Supply & Demand 300
14 Russia: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 302
15 Other Eastern Europe: Lighting Supply & Demand 306
16 Other Eastern Europe: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 308
17 Africa/Mideast: Lighting Supply & Demand 313
18 Africa/Mideast: Lighting Demand by Product & Market 315
19 Africa/Mideast: Lighting Demand by Country 317

Section VIII -- Industry Structure
1 World Lighting Sales by Company, 2011 321
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 338
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 341

List of Charts

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Percent of Population with Electrical Power in Their Homes, 2011 42
2 World Lighting Price Deflators, 2001-2021 48

Section III -- World Supply & Demand
1 World Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 58
2 Change in Annual Lighting Demand Between 2011 & 2016 by Region 58
3 World Lighting Shipments by Region, 2011 61
4 World Lighting Demand by Product, 2011 65
5 World Fluorescent Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 69
6 World Incandescent Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 75
7 World HID & Other Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 81
8 World LED Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 89
9 World Lighting Demand by Market, 2011 91
10 World Building Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 94
11 World Outdoor Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 99
12 World Motor Vehicle Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 102
13 World Other Manufactured Goods Lighting Demand by Region, 2011 105

Section IV -- North America
1 North America: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 111

Section V -- Western Europe
1 Western Europe: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 141

Section VI -- Asia/Pacific
1 Asia/Pacific: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 191

Section VII -- Other Regions
1 Central & South America: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 260
2 Eastern Europe: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 282
3 Africa/Mideast: Lighting Demand by Country, 2011 317

Section VIII -- Industry Structure
1 World Lighting Market Share, 2011 324

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