Opportunities for 3D Printing in the Electronics Industry - 2016

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Date: 12-Oct-2016
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Although R&D facilities in the electronics industry have been using 3D printing for more than a decade, since 2015 3DP has begun to be mainstreamed for electronics applications. SmarTech is seeing a growing interest in using 3DP for customized circuitry and sensors, and in the longer term for wide- area electronics.

In addition, there is the opportunity for 3DP to become a major way of manufacturing electronic devices that are intrinsically produced in relatively low volumes --  high speed optoelectronics is a good example here. More prosaically, 3D printers are already in place customizing consumer electronics items and this turns 3DP into a valuable marketing tool in a crowded industry.

In this report we will examine the revenue potential of 3D printed electronics, examining current R&D and its commercialization potential as well as the new materials and 3D printing technologies that are being developed for this new area. We also examine how 3D printed electronics will be used in both prototyping and direct manufacturing of antennas, interconnects, PCBs, sensors and other devices and where initial revenues will emerge.

We also examine the product/market and manufacturing strategies of the firms that are now pursuing the 3D-printed electronics opportunity.  In addition, we profile key research institutes and universities who are carrying out notable R&D in the 3D-printed electronics space.

Opportunities for 3D Printing in the Electronics Industry - 2016

Table of Contents

Chapter One:  Analysis of Opportunities for 3D Printing in the Electronics Industry
1.1 Printed Electronics:  Few Successes So Far
1.1.1 The R&D Perspective on  3D-printed Electronics
1.1.2 Can 3D-Printed Electronics be turned into a Viable Business?
1.2 Opportunities for Firms in the Materials Space
1.2.1 3D-Printed Precious Metals for the Electronics Industry
1.2.2 3D-Printed Polymers for the Electronics Industry
1.2.3 Other 3D-Printed Metals and their use in the Electronics Industry
1.2.4 3D-Printing of Nanomaterials and Composites for Electronic Applications
1.2.5 The Future Role of Electronic Inks in 3D Printing
1.3 Opportunities for 3D Printer Firms in the Electronics Industry
1.3.1 Types of Printing Technologies Likely to Benefit from use of 3DP in Electronics
1.3.2 Success Factors for 3D Printer Firms in the Electronics Industry
1.4 Emerging Supply Chain Structure for the 3D Printed Electronics Sector
1.5 Sources of Funding for 3D Printed Electronics Startups
1.6 Summary of Ten-Year Market Forecasts for 3D-Printed Electronics
1.7 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Two:  Applications for 3D Printing in the Electronics Industry
2.1 3D Printing for Prototyping in the Electronic Industry
2.2 Direct Manufacturing of Electronic and Electrical Devices
2.2.1 Antennas for Radar and Mobile Devices
2.2.2 PCBs, Multilayer Circuitry and other Complex Circuits
2.2.3 Connectors and Interconnectors
2.2.4 Heaters and other Embedded Wiring
2.2.5 Sensors
2.2.6 Batteries
2.2.7 Optoelectronics
2.2.8 Wide-area Electronics and Mass Customization
2.2.8 4D Printing and Electronic Composite Materials
2.3  Applications for Specific Industries
2.3.1 Aerospace Electronics
2.3.2 Military Electronics
2.3.3 Consumer Electronics
2.3.4 Printed Electronics and Mass Customization
2.4 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three:  Companies and R&D Facilities Working in 3D Printing for the Electronics Market
3.1 Key Firms that will Shape 3D Printed Electronics
3.1.1 Arjowiggins
3.1.1 Meyer Burger Technology
3.1.2 Nano Dimension
3.1.3 Nascent Objects
3.1.1 Neotech AMT
3.1.2 Optomec
3.1.3 Samsung
3.1.2 Voxel8
3.2 Research Institutes and Universities
3.2.1 TNO
3.2.3 Harvard
3.2.4 UC Berkeley
3.2.5 National Chiao Tung University
3.2.6 University of Massachusetts
3.2.7 University of Sheffield/Boeing
3.2.2 University of Southampton
3.2.3 University of Warwick

Chapter Four:  Ten-Year Market Forecasts of 3D-Printed Electronics
4.1 Methodology for 3D-Printed Electronics Forecast
4.2 Ten-Year Forecasts of 3D-Printed Electronics for Prototyping
4.3 Ten-Year Forecasts of 3D-Printed Electronics by Type of Product Manufactured
4.4 Ten-Year Forecasts of 3D-Printed Electronics by Type of End User Industry
4.5 Ten-Year Forecast of 3D-Printed Electronics by Type of Materials
4.6 Ten-Year Forecast of 3D-Printed Electronics by Type of Printing Process

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