IT market in Poland 2012

Publisher Name :
Date: 01-Aug-2012
No. of pages: 329

Discover how IT pros in Poland view market opportunity.

New report analyses conditions, provides forecasts to 2016.

Are you interested in the opinions and advice of more than 200 experienced IT professionals engaged in operations at companies active in the Polish IT sector PMR’s latest release includes their responses to a dedicated survey of the market’s current status and potential growth over the next four years. It presents their perspectives on the market’s main segments of hardware, software and IT services, as well as the main sub segments. Respondents come from industry backgrounds in hardware manufacturing and distribution, software development, and IT support services such as networking and training.

The market survey results are merely one component of IT market in Poland, Development forecasts for 2012-2016. This comprehensive specialty publication provides thorough investigation, analysis and forecasts, descriptions of value and structure for the market and its segments, and analysis of significant market trends and their projected influence on conditions in the years ahead.

This report presents detailed corporate profiles of top companies from the hardware, software and IT services segments of the market, along with data on value, structure and forecasts for hardware sector sales of desktop and laptop computers and monitors, printers and other accessory components, as well as merchandise distribution networks. It explores and highlights the same attributes for the software markets, specifically CRM, ERP, BI and gaming products. The ever-expanding IT services segment is also examined in detail, with a discussion of development prospects in the areas of implementation and integration, maintenance and consulting, and training and outsourcing.

In addition to complete coverage of current market status, this timely report features coverage of the prevailing regulatory environment of the IT industry in Poland, along with news and analysis of upcoming changes and their potential implications for market health and the conduct of business. It also reveals statistics on average salaries being paid to IT professionals employed by companies engaged in the marketplace.

Businesses with interests in the Polish IT industry, such as marketing, management, manufacturing and distribution professionals, software distributors and sales people and providers of a wide range of IT services will reach for this complete business information resource as they conduct market assessments, make decisions concerning the strategic direction of their companies, and consider the affects of legal changes on their established business procedures. Readers who work in investment, consulting and research and governmental and academic organizations will also find the accurate, specific and well-organised data helpful in their research and reporting activities.

IT market in Poland, Development forecasts for 2012-2016 is meticulously researched and prepared by PMR’s team of experienced market analysts. Data for the report is gathered from a variety of both public and excusive sources and assembled in a convenient and accessible format to create an essential business resource for a satisfied base of long-term clients.

IT market in Poland 2012

Table Of Contents

I. Methodology p. 9

II. Executive summary p. 15

III. Overview of the IT market in Poland p. 27

IV. Findings of the survey of the largest IT companies in Poland p. 123

V. Hardware market p. 159

VI. IT services market p. 225

VII. Software market p. 259

VIII. List of graphs p. 313

IX. List of tables p. 321

X. About PMR p. 325

XI. Contact PMR p. 326

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