25% Of The Firms Have No Strategy For The Digital Media

Date: 06-Nov-2012
An astounding report on the amount of global firms that do not have any particular idea about the digital media, and make no use of it is making the rounds of market research. A new report that has just now released have told about the fact that nearly 25% of the firms actually have no particular idea about any sort of digital media, and about 40% of the firms would actually like to integrate that particular digital media, and they haven't done anything positive in that direction. This is astounding due to the fact that most of the global firms, rather most of the smaller firms are actually jumped up to the conclusion of Internet media, and they have seen a drastic increase in the amount of sales that they would definitely have gotten without the help of this particular mode. One does get to realise the amount of sales that such kind of global companies have been missing out on, as they do not have any sort of idea about any sort of digital media, neither do they want to take the initiative to get themselves a particular reputation and a very good source of knowledge by employing quality thing is to be inserted into this particular stream. Improving the amount of repetition and awareness for a brand is definitely one of the most common reasons as to why people have been engaging the social media, and without taking any sort of help from the Digital media; this is something that has become increasingly difficult in today's age. This is due to the reason that most of the global firms are not at all embracing the newer technologies, in order to get to know more about the viewpoint of their customers but only spend a lot of money on traditional media forms.

About 23% of the CEOs have actually personally included themselves into the social media, whereas nearly about 44% of the people believe that they do not have any sort of involvement in a media campaign of the company. This is something that is not at all accepted in the general media, due to the fact that most people have actually made use of the digital media and a good man, and without any sort of gaffes. One visit to realise that one of the most common reasons as to why people have actually been going for the social media is that they can get a lot of highly targeted audiences that can provide them with the opportunity of getting to know quality feedback, along with providing a lot of sales in this particular category. Missing out on the digital media is not a thing that most of the global firms can afford, but an astounding 25% have only found the fact that they are always living under a rock when it comes for embracing new technologies for the benefit of their company and all its derivatives.