The FTTdp: the opportunities for deployment

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Date: 02-Jul-2015
No. of pages: 33
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The volume of FTTdp deployments is likely to be smaller than originally thought because many operators will seek to deliver improved speeds from street cabinets for the foreseeable future.

New copper-based broadband technologies, such as, have prompted a debate about a new architecture for FTTx networks based on small remote nodes delivering gigabit speeds on established copper drops. Based on real case studies, this report assesses whether continuing improvements in copper technology make this necessary, and assesses where there might still be a case for this new architecture, and what the relative costs of full FTTP are.

This strategy report assesses:

  • The potential for operators to offer speeds beyond those possible with VDSL vectoring from existing cabinet locations

  • The impact that SuperVector/Vplus and technology developments will have on the market for FTTdp

  • The costs that operators will face when rolling out FTTdp and how these costs compare with FTTH and FTTC deployment architecture

  • The circumstances under which, and in which countries, FTTdp has the greatest prospects for deployment

  • The overall market opportunity for FTTdp deployments.

The FTTdp: the opportunities for deployment

Table of contents

About this report
Executive summary
The extensive capex required for FTTH deployments is problematic for operators because revenue is stagnating
FTTdp could enable telcos to keep pace with cable competitors while minimising capex

Offering Higher Speeds From Cabinets
SuperVector/Vplus technology offers opportunities to considerably increase bandwidths from cabinet locations performance is improving, but is constrained by the need to co-exist with VDSL
The performance of will improve in future, which could either delay or promote FTTdp roll-outs

Costs Of FTTdp Versus Alternative Architecture
FTTdp costs can be lower than FTTH and distribution point size is a key variable in the difference between the cost per home passed
Active equipment costs make the cost per home passed higher for FTTdp than for FTTC
FTTdp deployments cost much more than upgrading existing FTTC deployments
Using existing cabinet deployments offers the possibility of limiting the cost per connected home and lower opex than FTTdp
Reverse powering reduces costs for FTTdp, but existing cabinet deployments will still have the lowest powering costs
Case 1: The absence of legacy distribution points complicates the business case for FTTdp but does not necessarily render it impossible
Case 2: Operators can use existing manholes for FTTdp deployment even if they have to cut through the cables

Most Promising Opportunities For FTTdp
Operators with longer sub loops could profitably deploy FTTdp architecture
FTTdp deployments are particularly viable in countries where MDU penetration is low, but there are caveats
Australia, Canada, Switzerland and the USA are highly promising markets for FTTdp architecture


About The Author And Analysys Mason

List of Figures

Figure 1: FTTdp deployment architecture
Figure 2: Telecoms fixed service revenue by region, 2014–2019
Figure 3: Aggregate bitrates for selected technologies and loop lengths
Figure 4: Aggregate bitrates by technology
Figure 5: aggregate bitrates for 16 lines with crosstalk, March 2015
Figure 6: Cost of active equipment at node by number of ports
Figure 7: Per-port cost of active equipment at node by architecture
Figure 8: Analysys Mason estimate of cost per home passed for the benchmark country by deployment option
Figure 9: Issues and challenges with using reverse powering
Figure 10: active equipment and manhole construction cost by node size
Figure 11: Multiple dwelling units penetration, selected countries
Figure 12: Opportunity for FTTdp deployments, by selected country

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