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Mining Market Research Reports


Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Latin American Mining, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... reater penetration of non-strategic parts. Availability of spare parts is a key weakness for OEMs, which provides third parties with an opportunity to gain further share unless the OEMs improve their supply and logistics structures. - After-sal......"

Benchmarking Global Mining Equipment Suppliers, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... d 2014. - Caterpillar is widely recognized as the leading equipment supplier. - Account managers, quality maintenance and services, and on-time delivery have significant impacts on supplier selection. - More successful supplie......"

Purchasing Trends and Intentions for Mining Equipment, Parts and Consumables in Latin America, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... n expenditure and expectations for increased or decreased spend in four areas: plant and heavy equipment, equipment parts and components, explosives materials, and maintenance services - Current methods for acquiring equipment, with a review of......"

Mexico's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... regime report covers Mexico which is a major producer of silver, gold, barite, zinc, lead and molybdenum. The country's main mining provinces are Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí and Guanajuato. Scope ......"

Namibia's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... port covers Namibia which has large deposits of chrome, gold, nickel, diamonds and platinum, among other minerals. The mining industry in Namibia is governed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET)......."

Suriname's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... metric's report covers mining industry of Suriname, which is governed by the Ministerie van Natuurlijke Hulpbronnen (Ministry of Natural Resources) and the Nationaal Instituut Voor Milieu & Ontwikkeling in Suriname (National Institute for Environment......"

Tanzania's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... onds, tanzanite, ruby, garnet and emerald. Timetric's fiscal regime report covers Tanzanian mining industry which is governed by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and Geological Survey of Tanzania. The Mining Act 2010 is the main law regulating the......"

Venezuela's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... Venezuela which is rich with mineral resources such as natural gas, iron ore, gold, coal and other minerals. The country's mining industry is governed by the Ministry of Popular Power for Oil and Mining (Ministerio del Poder Popular de Petróleo y Min......"

Zimbabwe's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... imbabwe, which is rich in mineral resources such as gold, nickel, copper, zinc, lead and minerals used in industrial processes (limestone, phosphate and dolomite). The country has platinum group mineral (PGM) resources. Scope Th......"

Iron Ore Mining in Australia to 2020

By GlobalData Energy
"...... inor deposits in Tasmania, Northern Territory and New South Wales (USGS, 2015). Globally, Australia ranked second in terms of iron ore production, producing 735.5Mt in 2014, higher by 20% over 2013 and accounting for 32.7% of global iron ore producti......"

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