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Mining Market Research Reports


Global Uranium Mining to 2020

By GlobalData Energy
"...... /> Scope - The report provides information on the global uranium mining industry together with the key demand drivers affecting the industry. Further, it provides information about reserves, historic and forecast production and produc......"

Demand Outlook on Mining Equipment Market in India 2020: (What 1 billion tonnes of coal production by 2019 means for mining equipment market in India?)

By InfraInsights Research
"...... it one of the largest coal importing countries in the world. So what exactly is going wrong, given that the country is sitting on reserves of over 100 billion tonnes, adequate to meet the demand for atleast next 70-80 years? The answer is Operationa......"

Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Mining for Europe and the former Soviet Union, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... , third parties have a greater penetration of non-strategic parts. Availability of spare parts is a key weakness for OEMs, which provides third parties with an opportunity to gain further share unless the OEMs improve their supply infrastructure, log......"

Precious Metals Mining in Mexico to 2020

By GlobalData Energy
"...... 013. According to the USGS, Mexico with 18% of the global silver mine production was the world's largest silver mine producer in 2014, producing an estimated 186.5 million ounces, up by 8.8% over 2013. Penasquito mine in Zacatecas and Los Filos Mine ......"

Global Diamond Mining to 2020

By GlobalData Energy
"...... tswana, the DRC, Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Angola and South Africa which collectively account for 97% of global production. The Argyle, Orapa, Jwaneng, Diavik, Catoca and Nyurbinskaya are some of the major diamond producing mines while Alrosa, De ......"

Winning and Retaining Business in the European and Former Soviet Union Mining Equipment Sector, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... well, but have lower levels of satisfaction in key areas - Caterpillar received the highest average satisfaction ratings in nine of the 16 factors, and was considered the leading supplier for most categories of mining equipment - Account......"

Purchasing Trends and Intentions in Mining in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... Current methods for acquiring equipment, with a review of outright purchasing, rental, leasing and other types of financing arrangements. - Future trends in expenditure and expectations for increased or decreased spend in four areas: plant and ......"

Global Mining Taxes and Royalties 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... ntral America and North America. The report analyzes and provides information about upfront payments and taxes payable to the government for mining operations in each region. Scope - The report compares mining taxes and r......"

Technology Investment Priorities in Mining in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... tion, mine survey equipment, equipment health monitoring and mine design and modelling software. - For 11 of the 12 areas, a minimum of 50% of respondents already had these technologies in place at their sites, including all mine-management-typ......"

Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Asian Mining 2015

By GlobalData Energy
"...... portion for processing equipment requirements. OEMs have a 71% share for non-strategic parts, with 46% purely OEMs and 25% being a mix of OEMs and third parties. - More than 50% of underground mining operations use independent, third parties ei......"

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