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Digital China - The other digital superpower

By iDate Research

The stunning emergence, over the past decade, of China’s digital economic miracle is transforming the country – and its domestic and global position. Once a follower, digital China is now a world leader in given industries. Persistent ...

03-Feb-2020 $1650

IoT in the NewSpace era - Will this shake up the satellite industry?

By iDate Research

This report analyses the main satellite market trends and their impact on IoT markets.It explores technological developments, how well satellite suits each of the target vertical markets, as well as market dynamics (strengths and weakn ...

29-Jan-2020 $2750

High-Altitude Platform Station Systems - The long and uncertain road to the market of balloons and drones

By iDate Research

While much attention in recent years has been cast on the development of LEO satellite constellations to provide connectivity in remote or hard-to-serve areas, high-altitude platform station systems is an interesting concept that still needs to de ...

20-Jan-2020 $1100

Digital Twin Cities - Laying a new cornerstone in the smart city’s digital foundations

By iDate Research

The Digital Twin is a concept that first appeared in the early 2000s, and has been applied to a number of industrial sectors (space, aeronautics, automotive, construction…). The concept applied to the city, Digital Twin City, is far ...

20-Jan-2020 $2200

World 5G Markets - Data & forecasts up to 2025 - Dataset & report

By iDate Research

5G is one of the most disruptive moves in the recent years. 5G is really on, 5G really kicked off in 2019 in all world regions. This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market with the arrival of th ...

14-Jan-2020 $6600

Blockchain in media - The impact of blockchains and decentralisation on media markets

By iDate Research

In this study we present the potential impacts of blockchain technologies on the media industries. We present the nature and main value proposition of the blockchain technology, as well as a summary of its main offerings. Our analy ...

09-Jan-2020 $3300

Omnichannel strategies in retail and telecom industries - Impact of digital on stores

By iDate Research

The report describes the concept of omnichannel and its major trends with a focus on retail and telecom industries. It presents key omnichannel initiatives implemented by retail and telecom companies and provides a benchmark of such initia ...

20-Dec-2019 $1100

Will copper switch-off come soon? - Economic analysis and operator experiences of decommissioning copper

By iDate Research

As deployments of ultra-high speed networks continue their progress, operators have to decide on the fate of their legacy copper networks. Literally, they must deal with their exit from the era of copper.Aging copper-based infrastructu ...

19-Dec-2019 $3300

Key IoT Verticals - IoT strategies of mobile network operators

By iDate Research

Summary The report explores the Internet of Things (IoT) strategies of selected mobile network operators (MNOs). It describes the business- and consumer-oriented IoT offering of these MNOs and highlights their key ...

19-Dec-2019 $2200

5G Private Networks - Drivers, ecosystem and market sizing

By iDate Research

This report provides a comprehensive outlook on the development and state of 5G private networks worldwide, including a market sizing covering the forecast period of 2020-2025. The main cases covered are: Industrial IoT, Automation, Locati ...

18-Dec-2019 $3300

Edge computing - Battle between cloud providers, industrials and telcos

By iDate Research

Summary This report provides a global overview of the edge computing market. It explains why the concept is gaining so much traction and the high expectations alive there from deploying it. Alongside a review of th ...

16-Dec-2019 $3300

Pay TV markets and players - The market’s transition to OTT

By iDate Research

Is pay TV stuck in an inexorable decline? Is SVOD the miracle cure? Have veteran players become aware of the changing tide and adapted their strategies accordingly? Who will be the big win ...

09-Dec-2019 $3300

Maritime 4.0 - Upscaled digitalisation is boosting appetite for connectivity

By iDate Research

This study presents an overview of the challenges and technological solutions for the digital transformation of the maritime frei ...

04-Dec-2019 $1100

Smart Cities in Europe - When capital cities get smart

By iDate Research

This report provides an analysis of smart city dynamics among five capital cities in Europe: London, Paris, Madrid, Prague and Budapest. The analysis drew on the following ...

02-Dec-2019 $2200

The Immersive Technologies Market (VR/AR/MR) - Challenges and prospects for entertainment and Industry 4.0

By iDate Research

Since 2016, year the market started, immersive technologies have developed and product ranges have grown to better adapt to professional and entertainment use cases. AR and VR content innovations have proliferated, initially in video games ...

28-Nov-2019 $3850

Neutral hosts: Accelerator for 5G? - New business models in small cell infrastructure sharing

By iDate Research

Starting with an analysis of the strategy and activity of three neutral hosts (Dense Air, the Even Group and ExteNet Systems), this study aims at providing basic tools for understanding the business model of neutral hosts and its most recent evolu ...

18-Nov-2019 $2200

5G Markets in Europe - Data & forecasts up to 2025

By iDate Research

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in Europe with the arrival of the fifth mobile generation. It explores the driving forces behind the market growth and changes. It includes vo ...

15-Nov-2019 $3850

World OTT Markets - Data & forecasts up 2023

By iDate Research

This yearly observatory – report and dataset – provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2013 to 2023. Markets covered: ...

12-Nov-2019 $3300

6G: So, what happens in 2030? - Will 6G actually be needed?

By iDate Research

With the development of 5G commercial services, research work has already begun on ‘beyond 5G’ systems with an emphasis on the use of Terahertz frequency bands. Such 6G systems could emerge in 2030, and provide Tbps data rates and the ...

12-Nov-2019 $1650

National AI Strategies - Investments by leading digital countries and the top vertical targets for AI

By iDate Research

This report encapsulates the core elements of the national strategies for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and the United States. These incl ...

29-Oct-2019 $1650