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World FTTx markets - Markets at December 2019 – Forecasts up to 2024

By iDate Research

The bundle World FTTx markets includes two deliverables: 1. A half-yearly updated dataset covering: 80+ countries & 200+ player sheets including their roll-out projects (bottom-up approa ...

16-Jul-2020 $6600

Voice Assistants - Creating a revolutionary type of user experience

By iDate Research

This study provides an overview of the state of voice assistants in the telecom and automotive industry. It embraces upcoming technologies, features, services and trends pertaining to voice assistant offerings by tech giants, telecom operators and ...

15-Jul-2020 $1650

Open Access Fiber Networks in Europe - Regulatory frameworks and initiatives

By iDate Research

Telecommunications markets in Europe are currently going through major infrastructure separation trends, both on mobile markets with towercos or on the fixed market with the creation of wholesale pure players for fiber networks. There has ...

10-Jul-2020 $2750

Today’s main cybersecurity trends - Growth driven by AI, 5G and the growing ubiquity of the cloud and IoT

By iDate Research

In the space of a few years, cybersecurity has become a key part of companies’ strategies. As every part of their business is going digital, they have become increasingly vulnerable cyberattacks that can result in financial losses and a dama ...

10-Jun-2020 $1100

Impact of new mobile network architectures - Will operators see significant gains in the medium term? Will 5G lessen their dependence on traditional equipment suppliers?

By iDate Research

This report answers the following questions: Will virtualisation of the 5G radio access network truly enable significant gains for operators in the medium term? What impact will dynamic spectrum management ...

02-Jun-2020 $3300

Power Utilities and FTTH - Focus on the FTTH strategies of key utility players across the world

By iDate Research

Utility players are investing massively in full-fibre infrastructure. Why? What are the incentives to enter these specific markets and to diversify their activities ? This report analyses five specific case studies of energy companies full ...

13-May-2020 $1650

The strategies of towercos and fibercos – Full integration in the telecoms value chain

By iDate Research

This report gives a snapshot of the development of towercos and fibercos, specifically in Europe, China and North America. In particular, it analyses the various business models and go-to market strategies of different towercos and fiberco ...

13-May-2020 $3300

5G Markets in Europe - Data & forecasts up to 2025 - Database & Report

By iDate Research

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in Europe with the arrival of the fifth mobile generation. It explores the driving forces behind the market growth and changes. It includes volume and value m ...

07-May-2020 $4400

FTTH deployment in China - The process accelerates

By iDate Research

China is at the forefront of fiber adoption worldwide. Since 2013, it has been embarked on an aggressive fiber deployment strategy. By the end of 2019, the country had recorded almost 400 million FTTH subscribers, accounting for 92% of Internet us ...

24-Apr-2020 $1650

The eSports market - Media & telecoms companies getting in on the action

By iDate Research

This IDATE DigiWorld report explores the rapid rise of the market for video game tournaments as a spectator sport, known as eSports. It begins by examining the sector’s core dynamics in terms of usage and volume, taking a close-up lo ...

24-Apr-2020 $3300

5G Markets in the Middle East - Data & forecasts up to 2026 - Database & Report

By iDate Research

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in the Middle East with the arrival of the fifth mobile generation. It explores the driving forces behind the market growth and changes. It in ...

23-Apr-2020 $2200

Operators’ STB strategies – Winning Set-Top Box Strategies for Operators

By iDate Research

The rapid changes in users’ video content viewing habits, starting with streaming, is upsetting pay-TV providers’ traditional role and forcing them to rethink their set-top box (STB) strategies. Despite which, ...

17-Feb-2020 $2750

Digital China - The other digital superpower

By iDate Research

The stunning emergence, over the past decade, of China’s digital economic miracle is transforming the country – and its domestic and global position. Once a follower, digital China is now a world leader in given industries. Persistent ...

03-Feb-2020 $1650

IoT in the NewSpace era - Will this shake up the satellite industry?

By iDate Research

This report analyses the main satellite market trends and their impact on IoT markets. It explores technological developments, how well satellite suits each of the target vertical markets, as well as market dynamics (strengths and weakness ...

29-Jan-2020 $2750

High-Altitude Platform Station Systems - The long and uncertain road to the market of balloons and drones

By iDate Research

While much attention in recent years has been cast on the development of LEO satellite constellations to provide connectivity in remote or hard-to-serve areas, high-altitude platform station systems is an interesting concept that still needs to de ...

20-Jan-2020 $1100

Digital Twin Cities - Laying a new cornerstone in the smart city’s digital foundations

By iDate Research

The Digital Twin is a concept that first appeared in the early 2000s, and has been applied to a number of industrial sectors (space, aeronautics, automotive, construction…). The concept applied to the city, Digital Twin City, is far ...

20-Jan-2020 $2200

World 5G Markets - Data & forecasts up to 2025 - Dataset & report

By iDate Research

5G is one of the most disruptive moves in the recent years. 5G is really on, 5G really kicked off in 2019 in all world regions. This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market with the arrival of th ...

14-Jan-2020 $6600

Blockchain in media - The impact of blockchains and decentralisation on media markets

By iDate Research

In this study we present the potential impacts of blockchain technologies on the media industries. We present the nature and main value proposition of the blockchain technology, as well as a summary of its main offerings. Our analy ...

09-Jan-2020 $3300

Omnichannel strategies in retail and telecom industries - Impact of digital on stores

By iDate Research

The report describes the concept of omnichannel and its major trends with a focus on retail and telecom industries. It presents key omnichannel initiatives implemented by retail and telecom companies and provides a benchmark of such initia ...

20-Dec-2019 $1100

Will copper switch-off come soon? - Economic analysis and operator experiences of decommissioning copper

By iDate Research

As deployments of ultra-high speed networks continue their progress, operators have to decide on the fate of their legacy copper networks. Literally, they must deal with their exit from the era of copper.Aging copper-based infrastructu ...

19-Dec-2019 $3300