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AI in Media & Entertainment - Impact of AI across the value chain

By iDate Research

The aim of this study is to examine the impact of the arrival of AI in the media and entertainment sector. It seeks to answer the following questions: What disruptions can be expected a ...

20-Dec-2023 $4950

Government aid and broadband/FTTH plans: Where are we? Exploration of key trends and strategies in government plans for FTTH technology

By iDate Research

At a time when digital connectivity significantly drives economic growth, societal inclusion, and technological progress, the implementation of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Building (FTT ...

19-Dec-2023 $4950

Analysis of the evolution of the IoT platform market - An ongoing wave of divestment and the growth of niche forces

By iDate Research

This report examines the transformation of the IoT platform business, exploring recent divestment trends and the growing niche forces shaping the market. Following a comprehensive analysis of th ...

19-Dec-2023 $4950

Transforming logistics: The impact of IoT on industry development - Connecting assets, optimising operations, and redefining logistics in the digital age

By iDate Research

This report examines the market opportunities for solutions based on new technologies and in particular the Internet of Things (IoT), including many emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, art ...

11-Dec-2023 $4950

Key digital trends 2023 - Selected outcomes from Vivatech

By iDate Research

This study provides a broad yet in-depth view of the key digital trends being adopted. The study provides an analysis of three main trends: ...

05-Dec-2023 $4950

New tools for the future of work - How new technologies are transforming the workplace

By iDate Research

The aim of this study is to explore the new tools that are gaining ground in the world of work and their impact on both employees and companies. It seeks to answer the following questions: How will new techn ...

31-Oct-2023 $4950

Edge Computing innovations - A widely coveted technology, a catalyst for innovation

By iDate Research

This report offers a comprehensive overview of Edge Computing, a pivotal domain in the realm of new technologies, innovation, and telecommunications. It delves into the factors driving significant interest in this concept within the ...

19-Oct-2023 $4950

Evolution of the world 5G market: investment, spectrum and next steps

By iDate Research

Three years after its launch, 5G is approaching adolescence. The telecoms industry is under pressure to deliver seamless, fast and reliable 5G connections and has made, and continues to make, large investments to meet these demands. The 5G ...

11-Oct-2023 $3300

Telecom Operators’ carbon neutrality strategies worldwide - Operators' climate strategies in the light of the Paris Agreement

By iDate Research

This report takes stock of the climate strategy of operators around the world and puts it into perspective with current climate objectives. It highlights the opportunities and challenges that these operators face in relation to the Paris Agreement ...

05-Oct-2023 $4950

New frequencies for mobile in the run up of 6G and before WRC-23 - How will WRC-23 shape the future spectrum landscape for 5G and 6G?

By iDate Research

The World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23), to be held in Dubai in November 2023, represents a pivotal international event focused on the allocation of frequencies and effective spectrum management. This report helps to outline ...

02-Oct-2023 $4950

Smart devices - Features and trends

By iDate Research

This report focuses on the smart device market and its innovative trends by addressing the following questions: What are the devices of the future? In which sec ...

28-Sep-2023 $4950

Telco’s Wireless Macroeconomic Trends 2023 - Outcomes from MWC

By iDate Research

This study provides a broad yet in depth view of the key digital wireless technologies being adopted. This report talks about Accelerating 5G capabilities explains how 5G network expansion, fixed wirele ...

18-Sep-2023 $4950

Private 5G networks tracker - Analysis of current deployments

By iDate Research

This report analyses the adoption of private 5G networks. It presents the monitoring of the private 5G network worldwide since 2018. It also analyses th ...

06-Sep-2023 $4950

World 5G Markets - Key facts and numbers - Market coverage and technology - Data and forecasts up to 2028

By iDate Research

Three years after its launch, 5G is maturing. The telecoms industry is under pressure to deliver seamless, fast and reliable 5G connections. It has invested heavily and continues to do so. By the end of 2 ...

05-Sep-2023 $3300

World Industrial IoT Markets - Overview and forecasts to 2030

By iDate Research

This report provides an overview of the key trends and changes taking place in the global IoT market. It examines the driving fo ...

24-Aug-2023 $4950

Investing in Gigabit Networks in Africa - Investments are still needed to boost gigabit networks in Africa

By iDate Research

Africa is the next frontier for growth in technology and the digital economy. But to fully realise its potential, investment in gigabit networks is paramount to bridge the existing digital infrastructure gap. ...

21-Aug-2023 $4950

5G indoor: Demand analysis - 5G indoor overview and challenges, evolution of the ecosystem, diversity of applications and real use cases

By iDate Research

5G offers enhanced capabilities such as ultra-high speed, very low latency, and the potential for network slicing, making it a valuable asset for both consumer and industrial applications. ...

24-Jul-2023 $4950

Open RAN and network virtualization - Open RAN and network virtualization strategies of MNOs

By iDate Research

Open RAN and network virtualization are transformative technologies that are revolutionizing the mobile network industry. Particularly in the second half of 2020, the emergence of the Open RAN movement has gained ...

18-Jul-2023 $4950

How and when will 6G emerge from 5G? Milestones and next steps - How can Europe stay ahead in the 6G race?

By iDate Research

Unlike other sectors of the digital economy, Europe is one of the world’s market leaders in telecommunications equipment. Thanks to world-class companies, innovative research project platforms and diverse v ...

18-Jul-2023 $6600

Optical Distribution Network (ODN) innovation and market sizing - Exploring the key trends and growth opportunities in the ODN Market

By iDate Research

The report discusses the Optical Distribution Network (ODN), which plays a critical role in fiber-based networks by connecting central offices and end users. It highlights the strategic importance ...

10-Jul-2023 $4950