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The TV and video market in Europe - Terrestrial * Satellite * Cable * IPTV * OTT * Video on demand - Data & forecasts up to 2024

By iDate Research

In this study, IDATE DigiWorld delivers an analysis of the sector’s key indicators, and so providing readers with a deeper understanding of current and upcoming shifts and trends in Europe’s TV and OTT markets: A dataset ...

05-Feb-2021 $3300

Digital sovereignty - Can Europe’s digital industry keep pace with the rest of the world?

By iDate Research

This report explores the emerging issue of digital sovereignty which, more and more, is being viewed as critical, especially in Europe. It begins by analysing perceptions of sovereignty in various Member States, and in other regions around ...

02-Feb-2021 $3300

From the Internet bubble to COVID-19: the impact of crises on digital services

By iDate Research

This IDATE DigiWorld report explores how telecommunications and Internet services have been affected by the biggest economic and financial crises of recent times – from the Internet bubble for the telecoms sector and the subprime loan crisis ...

22-Dec-2020 $4400

5G and network sharing - New era, new strategies

By iDate Research

This report reviews the potential impact of 5G on the growing trend of network sharing. Opening with a thorough recap of traditional network-sharing mechanisms, it then examines how the various features and technologies associated with 5G ...

22-Dec-2020 $3300

World 5G Markets – Data & forecasts up to 2026

By iDate Research

5G is one of the most disruptive moves in the recent years. 5G is really on. It has been launched by almost 50 countries in the world. This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market with the arriva ...

17-Dec-2020 $6600

The Key Digital Technologies of 2030 - A decade of evolution for computing to be disrupted by quantum

By iDate Research

This study places the key digital technologies which will be adopted by 2030 into a broad yet deep perspective. Its ranking of the most promising technologies in the period ahead is based on a diversity of sources. They range from existing ...

16-Dec-2020 $2750

World TV & Video Services Markets – Terrestrial * Satellite * Cable * IPTV * OTT * VOD - Data & forecasts up to 2024

By iDate Research

The Covid-19 crisis further propelled the TV market’s downward trend. Over the long term, this can be attributed to the pay-TV market’s decline, but the drop in TV ad revenue has only aggravated the situation. North America and Western ...

16-Dec-2020 $5500

World FTTx markets - Markets at June 2020 – Forecasts to 2024

By iDate Research

Our observatory on World FTTx markets includes two deliverables: A half-yearly updated dataset covering: 80+ countries & 200+ player sheets including their roll-out projects (bottom-up approach) ...

15-Dec-2020 $6600

The Smart City Market - Cities’ spending on their smart city projects in Europe and Middle-East/Africa

By iDate Research

This report analyses cities’ spending on the smart city market. It details the scale of their projects, the percentage of (inter)communal budgets it represents, both overall and by “smart” area, along with growth trajectories. ...

26-Nov-2020 $4400

e-Health - Trends, regulatory issues, players profiles and market sizing

By iDate Research

This report sets out to answer the following questions: What are the dynamics affecting the global digital health market? What strategies are players adopting to compete on this market? What main ...

23-Nov-2020 $3300

Social advertising and influencer marketing - Are they a threat to advertising market leaders?

By iDate Research

Summary This report examines the fast-growing social media and influencer marketing market. It begins by outlining the main trajectories at work in digital advertising, and how influencer marketing is posi ...

12-Nov-2020 $3300

World Telecom Markets & Players – Database & Report Markets at December 2019 & Forecasts to 2024

By iDate Research

Summary This study delivers a snapshot of the major global telecom market trends. It includes historical data (2014-2019) and forecasts up to 2024 for the main market indicators. Regions and countri ...

03-Nov-2020 $3300

The World Cellular M2M market – Technologies & market forecasts up to 2025

By iDate Research

Resume This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the cellular M2M market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including ...

02-Nov-2020 $4400

OTT Platform Regulation - Harmonised European regulatory framework to cope with the dominance of US and Chinese platforms

By iDate Research

Summary While the Covid-19 crisis has shed light on the major role played by the leading online platforms in many aspects of the lives of consumers and citizens (work and education, news, entertainment, culture, shopping), ...

29-Oct-2020 $2750

The potential of 5G fixed wireless access Can 5G FWA rival FTTH?

By iDate Research

Summary This report provides answers to the following questions: What is FWA (fixed wireless access) and what level of service does it currently offer? What will the advent of 5G change for fixed w ...

15-Oct-2020 $3300

5G Monetisation - A 5G premium at launch, steadily declining in the long run

By iDate Research

As telcos have been investing huge amounts of money in both 5G licenses and network upgrades, what kind of ROI could they expect from 5G in the consumer market? This report addresses the following questions: ...

14-Oct-2020 $2750

5G Markets in Asia-Pacific - Data & forecasts up to 2026

By iDate Research

This study analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in Asia-Pacific with the arrival of the fifth generation of mobile technology. It explores the driving forces behind the market growth and changes. ...

30-Sep-2020 $3850

FTTH Opportunities after COVID-19

By iDate Research

The modern world has experienced a change in the way it does things due to COVID-19. Almost all current dynamics have changed towards patterns of life where a large proportion of society has to stay at home. In this sense, the telecom indu ...

14-Sep-2020 $2750

How is Covid-19 affecting 5G?

By iDate Research

The public health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire planet, since it first appeared in late 2019. The crisis forced a number of countries to scale back their economic activity for several weeks, if not ...

14-Sep-2020 $3300

FTTx markets in Middle East & Africa – Markets as at December 2019 - Forecasts up to 2024

By iDate Research

This study proposes an overview of the evolution of FTTx technologies at December 2019 in major countries in the Middle East & Africa regions. In order to provide a con ...

08-Sep-2020 $3300