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Estimating Required Thermal Power Plant Capacity by 2030: How Much Thermal Capacity does India require to cater to its base load?

By InfraInsights Research

The demand for power has been showing signs of stagnation and over the past 2-3 years, many industry experts are revising the power capacity requirement projections downwards, this sighting the exhaustion seen on the power demand side. There were ...

15-Oct-2018 $1770

Evaluating Emerging Multi-billion Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Creation Opportunity in India by 2030: Opportunity Sizing, Go to Market Strategy, Business Model, for Charging Stations & Battery Swapping Stations

By InfraInsights Research

India aims to go transform its mobility landscape and has set a target of 100% EVization of its mobility landscape by 2030. While there are skeptic that sees this as a bold ambition and an impossible target to achieve, there no denial that electri ...

15-Aug-2018 $4800

Hydraulic Cylinder Demand Outlook in India by 2024-25: Growth in Construction, Material Handling and Agriculture Equipment to Trigger Exponential Growth

By InfraInsights Research

Hydraulic Industry in India is dependent on growth of Mobile Hydraulic equipment, comprising mainly of off highway equipment such as Backhoe loaders, Excavators, Mobile cranes, compaction equipment, wheel loaders, Forklifts, and Agricultural equip ...

15-Jun-2018 $2360

Commercial Coal Mining in India: Evaluating Potential Business Opportunity, Challenges, Risks, Critical Success Factors, Market Entry & Growth Strategy for Private Companies

By InfraInsights Research

Coal sector in India is largely public dominated with Coal India Limited (CIL) contributing almost 80% of total coal production. It has the majority share in coal mining and almost controls the total coal distribution channels of India barring cap ...

05-May-2018 $6000

Demand Outlook on Farm and Agriculture Equipment Market in India by 2024-25: Ache Din for Agriculture Sector and for Equipment OEMs is Definitely Around!

By InfraInsights Research

From 56.5% in 1950-51 to ~17% in 2016-17, Share of Agriculture in India's GDP has been on a continuous decline. The decline in growth of agricultural GDP was primarily due to the fall in the production of agricultural crops such as oilseeds, cotto ...

15-Apr-2018 $4800

Demystifying Business Opportunities in Indian Railways plan to fully electrify its rail network by 2021

By InfraInsights Research

"Electrification was introduced on IR in 1925 with 1500 Volts DC and subsequently, extended by installing 3000 Volts DC system. 388 RKMS. had been electrified by the year 1936. In 1957, Indian Railways decided to adopt 25 KV AC traction system and ...

28-Feb-2018 $3000

Evaluating Multi-billion Opportunity in Solid Waste Management in India across Urban Local Bodies and Commercial & Residential Setups

By InfraInsights Research

India is well on its course to achieve its objective of electricity for all, and one can expect the goal to be achieved by 2019 or by 2020. After electricity, water is most important utility service which will need tremendous attention of the gove ...

31-Jan-2018 $3000

Waste To Energy Opportunities In India

By InfraInsights Research

India is a developing nation housing second largest population in the world. Industrialization is the key to sustain the growth story of India. Industrialisation has led to urbanization and has therefore induced life style changes, giving rise to gen ...

30-Apr-2017 $1725

Evaluating Impact of India Ratifying Paris Climate Change Agreement on Different Industries

By InfraInsights Research

India, one of the world's largest emitter accounting 4.1% of the total global emissions ratified the Paris Climate Agreement on 2nd October 2016. The agreement agrees on a long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well b ...

28-Feb-2017 $1725

Air Pollution Control Equipment Market in India 2020

By InfraInsights Research

The Supreme Court of India put stringent regulations on air polluting activities in 1996. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has been regularly monitoring ambient air quality since 1984 to assess the effectiveness of pollution control meas ...

01-Apr-2016 $4580

Discovering the True Demand for Power in India by 2025: Should you invest in Power Generation Projects when Discoms Bankruptcy threatens to create Demand Blackout?

By InfraInsights Research

Power sector in India has always been in a state of flux and if one analyzes sequence of events that shaped India's power sector since 1990s, one will see one common theme, i.e. struggle to reform the sector. Change is the only constant is true for I ...

31-Mar-2016 $2375

Opportunities in Isolated, Marginal and Relinquished Oil & Gas Blocks in India- Strategies under New Policy frame work

By InfraInsights Research

India's demand for natural gas is estimated to touch 500 MMSCMD by FY17, whereas, the existing domestic gas supply of close to 100 MMSCMD is not likely to go any major change. The recent cuts in domestic gas prices are further expected to shatter ...

15-Jan-2016 $5725

Emerging Business Opportunities in Power Transmission & Distribution sector in India by 2020

By InfraInsights Research

Inadequate power evacuation infrastructure has been the biggest drag on the overall power sector in India. For years, adding generation capacity remained top priority which led to significant gaps between power that could be produced and power tha ...

15-Dec-2015 $8015

Demand Outlook on Mining (non-coal), Construction & Material Handling Equipment in India by 2020

By InfraInsights Research

The new government at the centre is committed to spur economic growth and the intent is clear in form of different programmes and initiatives announced across the energy & infrastructure sector. Public spending in Infrastructure sector will be ...

15-Oct-2015 $7980

M&A Prospects in Indian Power Generation Sector (Volume 2): Identifying Thermal, Wind, Solar and Biomass Power Plants likely to be up for Sale

By InfraInsights Research

Emerging Policy & Structural Dynamics in Power Sector is Tilting Towards Risk Coal and Gas supply shortage has resulted in many power plants stranded or operating at a sub-optimal PLF levels, IPPs / MPPs are har ...

30-Sep-2015 $4560

Demand Outlook on Mining Equipment Market in India 2020: (What 1 billion tonnes of coal production by 2019 means for mining equipment market in India?)

By InfraInsights Research

Despite been known as a country with one of the largest coal reserves in the world, India is struggling to match the coal demand supply equation, resulting in power crisis in the country. From 100 million tonnes in 2012, India's coal imports are s ...

18-May-2015 $2247

Implications of Natural Gas Pooling on Natural Gas Infrastructure & Market in India

By InfraInsights Research

Research Case: Domestic natural gas sector continue to disturb market sentiments Domestic gas pricing still partially announced Supply disruptions to gas based power sector to enter its 2n ...

01-Apr-2015 $1124

Impact of Oil Price Crash on Different Industries and Overall Indian Economy

By InfraInsights Research

The steep fall in crude prices has caught the global economy by surprise, not to miss the existing & emerging potential oil exporting nations. On one hand the downward trend is highly detrimental to the nations with major revenue chunk linked ...

01-Mar-2015 $1685