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Quantum Sensors Markets, 2018 and Beyond

By Communications Industry Researchers

Quantum sensors are a class of sensors that offer a particularly high level of sensitivity based on certain quantum phenomena, such as quantum de-coherence and quantum entanglement.  Some of these devices – such as PAR sensors – r ...

04-Apr-2018 $4500

Quantum Computing: Applications, Software and End-user Markets

By Communications Industry Researchers

This report examines the major applications for quantum computing.  Questions answered in this report: Which end-user communities will be the first to adopt quantum computing and what is the timeframe in which ...

15-Jan-2018 $4500

C-RAN Deployment: Market Opportunity Analysis – 2018 and Beyond

By Communications Industry Researchers

This report explores the commercial potential of C-RAN (Cloud or Centralized Radio Access Network), the principal emerging architecture for distributed radio access networks (RANs) used in mobile phone networks.  CIR believes that C-RANs will ...

15-Jan-2018 $4500

Active Optical Cables: Markets and Opportunities: 2018-2027

By Communications Industry Researchers

CIR has been publishing a report on the latest opportunities in the Active Optical Cabling (AOC) space for almost a decade.  In our 2018 AOC report CIR projects the future of the AOC market, focusing on how AOCs are adapting to current techni ...

08-Jan-2018 $4500

Quantum Encryption Systems Markets: A Technology and Business Opportunity Forecast – 2017 to 2026

By Communications Industry Researchers

Quantum encryption (aka quantum key distribution, QKD) is the first encryption process that is essentially unbreakable; a very strong use case in these days of ubiquitous hacking.  Also driving the market for quantum encryption is the fact th ...

30-May-2017 $4500

Optical Interconnects And AOCS For Consumer Electronics And Professional Video Applications: A Market Analysis

By Communications Industry Researchers

This report provides a ten-year roadmap and competitive analysis of the emerging market for optical connectivity products for consumer electronics applications and closely related video applications. Until recently optical communications i ...

07-Apr-2017 $4500

Opportunities In Board-Level Optical Interconnects: Optics-Enabled Circuit Boards, Optical Engines, And Optical Backplanes

By Communications Industry Researchers

The deluge of data from streaming UHDTV video, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and especially cloud services has finally created a need for circuit board-level optical interconnects as well as for optical backplanes. In the future, CIR believes that ...

05-Jan-2017 $4500

Active Optical Cable Markets 2015: Volume One: Data Center and High-Performance Computing Markets

By Communications Industry Researchers

This past year has been a good one for Active Optical Cables (AOCs) as data centers and HPC facilities upgrade to 100 G and high-speed IB connectivity.  We are also seeing the number of all-optical data centers creep up, with AOCs providing a ...

20-Oct-2015 $4495

Markets for On-Chip and Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnects - 2015 to 2024

By Communications Industry Researchers

The so-called "interconnect bottleneck is creating opportunities for optical device and cable makers or all kinds. Process scaling, power consumption and operating frequency have all need to move away from metal interconnects and into the optical rea ...

31-Jan-2015 $3995