CCM International Market Research Reports

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Supply and Demand of Glyphosate in China Edition (2)

By CCM International

As the main driver for the global glyphosate consumption in the world, the planting area of GM crops has expanded rapidly to 181.5 million hectares in 2014 at a CAGR of about 6.8% in 2006–2014, but it firstly decreased to 179.7 million hecta ...

12-Dec-2018 $3240

Survey of Acetochlor in China Edition (5)

By CCM International

As a traditional agricultural country, China attaches great importance to pesticides production and has become a key pesticide exporter in the world. Nowadays, China can produce more than 400 varieties of pesticides and export more than 400 variet ...

07-Dec-2018 $2916

Production and Market of Azoxystrobin in China Edition (7)

By CCM International

China's azoxystrobin industry has made great progress during the past few years, and is playing a more and more important role in the world’s azoxystrobin market. This report is a value analysis of azoxystrobin and its raw material trimethyl ...

06-Dec-2018 $4104

2,4-D Survey in China Edition (5)

By CCM International

This report is a comprehensive analysis of the 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) industry in China. In China, the history of production and application of 2,4-D has exceeded 30 years, and the 2,4-D's consumption has a stable market de ...

23-Nov-2018 $3780

Market and Competitive Analysis of Dicamba Industry in China Edition (6)

By CCM International

In recent years, development of dicamba-tolerant crops and weeds’ increasing tolerance to competing products like glyphosate have directed more and more attention to dicamba: BASF has been increasing its investment in developing dicamba busi ...

23-Nov-2018 $2700

Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2018–2022 Edition (10)

By CCM International

In order to figure out what factors driving up China’s glyphosate price, CCM has done deep research on glyphosate industrial chain. Through analyzing on glyphosate’s production, raw materials, export, consumption, production technology ...

23-Nov-2018 $7560

Production and Market of Chlorpyrifos in China Edition (6)

By CCM International

Chlorpyrifos is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide, whose sales volume ranks first among all organophosphorus insecticides in the world at present. It has the effects of contact killing, stomach poisoning and certain fumigant killing ag ...

18-Oct-2018 $7020

Survey of Fluorohydrocarbon in China Edition (4)

By CCM International

By analysing the major changes, factors behind the changes and their future trends, CCM’s report of Survey of Fluorohydrocarbon in China not only reveals the production and market situation of China's fluorine refrigerant including capacity, ...

29-Sep-2018 $2915

Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients Edition (5)

By CCM International

As a good guide for pesticide companies who are interested in commercial development of coming off-patent products, this report is CCM's fifth edition report on coming off-patent agrochemicals in the world. This report contains profiles ...

31-Aug-2018 $2160

Survey of Metolachlor in China Edition (5)

By CCM International

This report presents an overview of China's supply and demand of metolachlor which is a selective herbicide, as well as forecast on the future trends. Metolachlor is featured by broad weeding spectrum, high effectiveness and wide appli ...

13-Aug-2018 $2160

Market Research on Paraquat in China Edition (10)

By CCM International

Paraquat, one of the most widely used herbicides in the world, was firstly launched in Britain in 1962 and introduced to China in 1978. But it is highly toxic, and studies have found that ingesting just 3 grams of it can cause failure of the liver, k ...

06-Aug-2018 $6480

Impact of Suspension of Agrochemical Enterprises on Market Edition (1)

By CCM International

The Chinese government has tightened environmental protection in agrochemical production in recent years. In 2017-H1 2018, large number of agrochemical enterprises in China suspended production for reasons as environmental protection policies, safety ...

02-Aug-2018 $1026

Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China Edition (4)

By CCM International

This report is a value analysis of the inorganic fluoride industry in China, which covers the production, price, imports & exports, consumption of main inorganic fluoride products. Besides, forecast on the development trend of these products are anal ...

19-Jul-2018 $2030

Fluorite Reserve and Policy in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

This report reveals fluorite reserves and policies in China in recent years, listing the changes in fluorite reserves and policies. Based on this, the report analyzes the impact of fluorite-related policy changes on the whole industry and predicts th ...

13-Jul-2018 $3024

Market Research on 1,4-Dichlorobenzene in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

In recent years, the 1,4-dichlorobenzene industry's concentration ratio has been creeping up. Most of the capacity is concentrated in the top five producers who produce most of China's 1,4-dichlorobenzene at present. As of H1 2018, there are about 10 ...

09-Jul-2018 $1296

New Technology of Fertilizer in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Help companies find the solution to lower the production cost and heighten the production efficiency of some kinds of fertilizer, through the technology investigation of producers, universities, and research institutes in China. Key targets include u ...

14-May-2018 $11880

China Pentaerythritol Market Research Edition (14)

By CCM International

Facing with increasingly stringent environmental standards, high production costs and other factors, China's pentaerythritol industry is still in tough situation. In 2017, there were nine active producers of pentaerythritol in China, among which, Jia ...

14-May-2018 $4860

Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China Edition (14)

By CCM International

China's paraformaldehyde (PF) industry has witnessed a fast development in the past few years. China is still a net PF importer, though its PF export volume had increased rapidly since 2009. There are still two main technologies to produce PF, namely ...

09-May-2018 $7020

Impact of Environmental Policies on Pesticides in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

In recent years, with the overall implementation of the state's sustainable development strategy, China steps up environmental improvement by introduction of series of increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, measures and plans, whic ...

08-May-2018 $1296

Production and Market of Sodium Gluconate in China Edition (6)

By CCM International

Sodium gluconate industry in China was first started in the 1980s. However, the industry did not enter its fast expanding stage until 2000s. Fast expansion of sodium gluconate capacity and the lack of demand from downstream had led to overcapacity. S ...

03-May-2018 $5940