Analysys Mason Market Research Reports

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Streaming video customer satisfaction metrics 3Q 2023

By Analysys Mason

"Almost half of subscribers to the largest streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video) are at risk of churning with the next price rise." This data set summarises the most-relevant streaming vid ...

04-Jan-2024 $3999

Monetisation platforms: worldwide forecast 2023-2028

By Analysys Mason

"5G and specifically 3GPP standards will help to drive CSPs' spending on monetisation platforms." This report provides forecasts for communications service provider (CSP) spending on monetisation platforms solutions a ...

03-Jan-2024 $7999

Pay-TV quarterly metrics 2Q 2023

By Analysys Mason

The pay-TV market is changing rapidly as consumer expectations and greater price competition exert pressure. Our quarterly metrics include market shares, access technology splits and quarterly growth figures for 51 countries. Data ...

22-Dec-2023 $1999

Spectrum auction tracker 3Q 2023

By Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason’s Spectrum auction tracker provides granular, accurate details and analysis of concluded auctions of mobile and fixed wireless spectrum, reaching back to 2005. Data is provided in a fully searchable spreadshe ...

22-Dec-2023 $25000

Wireless decommissioning tracker 2023

By Analysys Mason

"Analysys Mason’s Wireless decommissioning tracker provides an overview of the planned and completed shutdowns of 2G and 3G networks worldwide." Analysys Mason's Wireless decommissioning tracker lists the d ...

22-Dec-2023 $1999

Monetisation strategies in the face of Eutelsat OneWeb, Kuiper and Starlink

By Analysys Mason

"The growth of NGSO constellations provides opportunities for GEO service providers to refine their offerings and remain relevant and prosperous in the long-term." Geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellite operators and se ...

22-Dec-2023 $4999

Private LTE/5G networks: worldwide trends and forecasts 2023-2028

By Analysys Mason

"Although spend on private LTE/5G networks is low relative to spend on public networks, spend on private LTE/5G networks will reach USD9 billion by 2028." This report provides a forecast of the number of private LTE/5G net ...

21-Dec-2023 $7999

Optimising the launch of fixed services: best practices for mobile operators

By Analysys Mason

"Mobile operators should design fixed tariffs, combining discounts with other benefits based on mobile connectivity to attract fixed customers from competitors." Most mobile-only operators are looking to launch fixed broad ...

20-Dec-2023 $1499

CSPs' approaches to AI and advanced RAN automation: survey results and analysis

By Analysys Mason

"CSPs view cost reduction, spectrum optimisation, quality-of-service improvement and new service enablement as the most important drivers for investing in AI in the RAN." This report is based on a survey of 36 mobile or co ...

19-Dec-2023 $7999

Multi-cloud networking: worldwide forecast 2023-2028

By Analysys Mason

"Enterprise and CSP spending on multi-cloud networking (MCN) solutions will reach USD14.6 billion by 2028, mainly driven by enterprises’ need for agile and flexible cloud networking." This report provides forecasts f ...

11-Dec-2023 $7999

Strategic pathways for multi-cloud NaaS: exploring build versus buy approaches

By Analysys Mason

"CSPs must define a suitable multi-cloud NaaS platform strategy to remain competitive in the evolving NaaS market." Traditional communications service providers (CSPs) are struggling to gain a foothold in the multi-cloud n ...

11-Dec-2023 $1499

GitOps: automating the deployment of cloud-native infrastructure

By Analysys Mason

"CSPs that want to generate revenue from new service opportunities with cloud-native networks will require flexible and agile network cloud infrastructure." GitOps is an evolution of infrastructure as code (IaC) which will ...

05-Dec-2023 $1499

Mobile services quarterly metrics 2Q 2023

By Analysys Mason

Keeping track of the rapidly evolving mobile market is critical for all players in the telecoms industry, allowing stakeholders to observe pricing trends across different countries, as well as assessing the ability of operators to monetise data se ...

04-Dec-2023 $1999

The generative AI opportunity for telecoms application vendors

By Analysys Mason

"Telecoms application vendors that do not use generative AI, either as a component within their solutions or as a standalone solution, risk negative brand perception and the reduced competitiveness of their offerings." The ...

01-Dec-2023 $1499

Implications of cloud-native environments and observability for assurance

By Analysys Mason

"Despite its crucial role in assurance systems, the complexity of leveraging observability data is heightened due to volume and interdependencies." The operational complexity of disaggregated network infrastructure, as wel ...

30-Nov-2023 $1499

Environmental KPI tracker: 50 telecoms operators worldwide

By Analysys Mason

"Operators have made good progress in driving down Scope 1 emissions, but it is clear that most still have a long way to go to reach net zero goals across the whole value chain." Analysys Mason's Environmental KPI ...

30-Nov-2023 $1999

Adoption of Meta-owned services: consumer survey

By Analysys Mason

"Facebook Messenger struggles in countries where WhatsApp is the most popular Meta-owned service." This report focuses on aspects of Analysys Mason’s Consumer survey that relate to smartphone users' behavio ...

29-Nov-2023 $1999

Lithuania telecoms market report 2023

By Analysys Mason

This country report and accompanying data provide a comprehensive overview of Lithuania's telecoms market, including KPIs and data on subscribers, penetration, revenue and ARPU. The report analyses the strategies of major players in the country's ...

28-Nov-2023 $1999

North America telecoms market: trends and forecasts 2023-2028

By Analysys Mason

"The telecoms market in North America will have very modest revenue growth over the forecast period due to increasing competition in both the mobile and fixed segments." Improving fixed broadband penetration and shifting m ...

27-Nov-2023 $7999

Business revenue tracker 3Q 2023

By Analysys Mason

"Analysys Mason's Business revenue tracker provides financial details, including total revenue, business revenue and ICT revenue, for 89 operators in 44 countries." Analysys Mason's Business revenue trac ...

27-Nov-2023 $1999