To bring in Photography to the Real World Visual Supply Co Acquires Artifact Uprising

Date: 08-Jan-2015
Visual Supply Co, VSCO has brought a Denver-based startup, Artifact Uprising, which is focused on bringing photographers’ work from the digital hubs on regular basis by modern creatives to the real world as prints and tangible books.
Artifact Uprising is basically an internet-based company which for digital photos creates tangible products.
VSCO is basically a technology and an art company. The company was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze.

Joel Flory, CEO of VSCO said that the deal is about helping Artifact Uprising achieve its potential. As a photographer, there’s nothing quite like holding a print of the photo, he added while describing how Artifact Uprising’s offerings will fit into VSCO’s current product line-up which focuses on giving photographers tools for editing and sharing photos on their desktops and phones.

Flory quoted that Artifact Uprising is already doing a fantastic job at providing a product for photographers, however it will be able to leverage VSCO’s resources to grow further. This is the reason all of Artifact Uprising’s 14 full-time team members will retain their positions post-merger, which includes Jenna Walker, the founder, who will stay on as Chief Executive Officer and continue to operate mostly independently.

Last year, in May 2013, VSCO raised $40 million in its Series A round. Flory further added that on the engineering side of things, they have their aspirations and goals in this space. They are building out the architecture and platform behind that, which will be a shared resource, rolled out piece-by-piece over the course of 2015.

Visual Supply Co will be helping Artifact Uprising to expand beyond North America, which at present its main market. Visual Supply Co has it the other way around with 80 percent of its user base located outside the United States.