The salary drop of $7000 to affect the average senior marketer

Date: 30-Oct-2012
The year of 2012-2013 has witnessed an increase in salary, while most people in the marketing industry have found that there is a gross decrease in their income. The salary and market trends report have found out that there has been a boost into the number of roles that has been played by this economy, and as a result the per capita income has decreased in the marketing industry. The average salary for a senior marketer in the United Kingdom was about £50,000, which was down from about £55000. Even with a lot of incentives and very good marketing capabilities, the salary portion has always seen a steady decline in the marketing industry.

With senior marketers having the basic post-graduation degree in Masters of business Administration, they are on an average speed above $11,000 more than the people with undergraduate qualifications. The salary premium has only been increasing in the coming years, but the previous year had seen a very big decline, due to the increasing post, along with the recessive economy. This has led to a lot of people suggesting that the marketing Department may have gone down, but the fact is that there is always a definite increase in the headcount of the industry, which stands to about 65% of the total marketers. This is a definite positive note, and the research work of the EMR’s survey. It also tends to add that nearly about 37% of the marketers in this headcount are expected to move to the respective departments to take on more staff, leading to further headcount and an increase in a marketing Department.

The survey also goes to state that even though the market is at a low point, there shall be no shortage of hiring, and economic growth is on the horizon. Business houses are looking to increase their market share, and ensure that they can actually keep track of the reverse economy and higher a lot of people to take on the burgeoning increase in sales. They need to understand that even though the bonus may go a bit low; this is a market that needs to focus more on the growth rather than the survival of the industry. Most of the people in the marketing industry seemed to echo that viewpoint, and has also ensured that with a constant hiring, they can actually keep themselves in a positive environment.

Most of the companies are actually looking to expand in the coming months, and hence they are looking to take in a lot more people than they usually intended to. This can bring to boat the senior marketers that may have been lying low, as they are export strategists that may help the temporary staff in order to command a very big growth strategy for the business house. This has led to a lot more increase in market share, and about a fifth of people working in this industry. The survey poll was actually conducted taking into account 1625 senior marketers.