The Rise Of Cancer But The Increase In Survival Rate

Date: 11-Dec-2012
With more and more people succumbing to cancer, it would have become the Achilles heel to the Medicare industry. More and more doctors have actually devoted a lot of time towards getting the answer on deciphering cancer. With new advancements in radioactivity, and its subsequent chemotherapy, the increase in the survival rate of people with cancer is definitely a thought that is to be cherished. New statistics in the United Kingdom have shown that more and more people have become infected with one form of cancer, but the rate of survival, as well as the indulgence in quality medication has also been increasing by the day. Most of the newspaper reports as well as medical research has shown that the people dying from a certain form of disease only occurs in the last stage, whereby the people did not take any sort of treatment in the earlier stages of the disease. Despite a rise in the number of people being diagnosed, the survival rate increasing by the day is something that is to be recognized as the initiative of the medical department to do well for the humankind.

Most of the statistics and figure that has been produced in the national statistics house has shown that the number of people that have been diagnosed with cancer was merely about 3 million, but where the previous mortality rate was about 90%, it has fallen down to about 50%. Even though a lot of people still die of cancer, this rate increase in survival is definitely heartwarming. The report has also found out that the people from Wales, and Scotland had the highest chances of contracting cancer, and succumbing to it. The report has found that nearly about 6% increase in cancer from the conventional statistic in the people from Wales. This may be alarming for the island nation, and a lot needs to be done in order to eradicate such kind of statistics. The rate of cancer may be propagating at a rapid stage, but quality chemotherapy as well as excellent diagnosis done at the beginning is definitely a front-runner to the eradication of this disease from your body. In women, the most common form of cancer in England happens to be breast cancer. This is a disease that has taken away a lot of innocent lives, and continues to do so, but the rate of diagnosis as well as the eradication has also been increasing as time goes by.

Diagnosis does play a very important part of trying to eradicate cancer. Cancer in its later stages has a fatal consequence. Hence diagnosis needs to be done at the earliest, so that the appropriate amount of medication can be administered to the person. With people from the United States suffering along the same line of statistic, we find that the report does not go through the individual mortality rate, but rather focus on cancer as a whole, and not on a particular form of cancer.