The Lure of Cheap Prices Drives Travel Plans

Date: 30-Oct-2012
For most people that find they planning to travel towards exotic locations, they have preferred to undertake the services of do it yourself bookings. This way, they can actually get quality cheap prices, ensuring that they can gain a good amount of savings in this process. For most of the people in the tourism industry, an increase in the percentage of packaging holidays have ensured that people are actually taking to the use of quality packages from tourism. It has seen an astounding 6% jump to about 48%, which was previously only 42%.

The new pattern is have been showcased in the survey conducted for domestic tourism, which shows that people are actually going for booking prior to the travelling, and ensure that they prefer a safe journey rather than go for very late deals. This particular instance has actually raised the overall aggregate to about 27% from the previous year. What is actually driving the enormous tourism industry? It is the fact that there are lowest prices bookings that have been conducted by a lot of holidaymakers, that has seen a tremendous increase to about 60% from the nearly 50% that was prevalent in the previous year. Booking with the help of a well-known brand still one of the main priorities that most of the people undertake. Financial protection with the help of such competitive tourism industry players are definitely one of the greatest importance that people face and they do undertake.

ABTA has told that the changes can actually reflect anxiety that most people have towards the security of their jobs due to a lack of total complete failure in the travel company. This is actually motivating people to seek holidays that are financially protected, and hence go for well-known brands that can take care of the financial planning along with a very good holiday. This survey also indicates that the amount of people taking holidays in the current year has increased over an exponential amount, and is one of the main precursors to taking a very good and well planned holiday with important tourist holidaymakers.

This is a consumer survey that has been conducted by the independent company Arkenford and has been questioning over 2000 people about the travel habits. The resultant has actually become astounding, as most of the people have reflected upon the use of established holidaymakers in order to plan their journey, and also to ensure that they can actually have financially protected holidays, which does not incur any sort of expenditure that they are not willing to do upon them. There are no hidden charges, and definitely there is no particular belonging that most of the people feel whenever they are going out for any sort of holiday. These kinds of context definitely reflect upon the travel patterns of people, along with ensuring that they can actually get quality tourism and excellent facilities that are to be provided to the people who make use of such wonderful holidaymakers.