The Industry of Binding Machines

Date: 08-Apr-2015
Binding of books and papers is one of the most important aspect of buying and selling books and thus the demand of binding machines. There are different kinds of binding machines available in the market. The binding type determines the binding machine to be used. Book stitching, thread book sewing, comb binding, hydraulic book pressing and other types of machines are available in the market. Its been one of the oldest form of practice and there are countless players in the market. The industry of binding machines has undergone a lot of changes since its inception. Of late the industry has experienced a decline in demand with the increased usage of internet and the latest trend of saving everything in ones personal computer. It is expected that in the long run the need for a binding machine is expected to recede.

For more details one can refer to the Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Binding machine Industry, 2009-2019 ( .). The report deals with a survey into the market of Binding Machines and gives a snapshot of the industry across the world with a deep dive into the Chinese market. It details out ten key manufacturers of the binding machines including their company profile, product specification, production over the period of 2009-2014 and other contact information. Some of the players of the market are Industria Meccanica Lombarda Srl, GBC, Mraket Trak, Delhi Copier, Friends Engineering Overseas Exports, Micro Technologies, etc.Webcom is one the faster growing companies. It acquired Sigma Binder and other small binding companies to expand its working base. Similarly there are many mergers and acquisitions going on in this industry with the idea of increasing productivity of the company such that it can reap the benefits of economies of scale. There are institutions such as Printing Industries of America that recognizes the best binding company in the industry and facilitates many other processes.

The manufacturers are trying to come up with a quick and easy technology that can be used by the masses. The companies are also looking at machineries that can bind large number of papers at once. Companies are looking at automated machineries and integrated solution for digital inkjet book production eliminating the strenuous task of cutting, folding and binding.

The report gives an estimate of the industry and its performance in the years to come ie, over the period of 2014-2019. It mentions the details of application, manufacturing technology and other details relating to industry chain analysis. The report mentions the details of 10 proposals which describe the various market entry strategies, counter strategies to deal with economic challenges, the various marketing network and the future of new projects.