MRI Scan Market Info

Date: 07-Dec-2012
A magnetic resonance imaging scan is definitely not a painful process, for most of the people. When a person comes with an injury for having an MRI scan, due to the movement associated with getting the scanning done, there is definitely going to be some sort of pain. Even if there are people that have a lot of injury marks located all over the body, there is nothing that can associate such kind of a pain with MRI scan, but rather out of the movement of the person. The patient would have to lay still in a flat bed, understanding that any sort of movement is definitely going to cause a lot of pain. With all such techniques and all aspirations that can cause a demand in the process, it is all but important to understand that MRI does not cause any sort of pain. For people that actually experienced pain during the MRI scan, it is mainly associated with the clicking noise as well as the loud banging which is going to be caused by the instrument. People with sensitive ears are definitely going to feel any sense of discomfort to process.

To get relief from the different kinds of loud noises that take place during the MRI scan, earplugs can be provided at the appropriate time. This can help alleviate the pain, and ensure that people do not feel any sort of pain, making MRI scan painless. For a small percentage of injured patients, they would need to have contrast dye injected into the body. Such kind of a dye is normally painless, and it helps in obtaining a better image for the MRI machine. It is that ministered through an intravenous line, and for most people that have problems with such kind of numbness, they prefer to take the help of an anesthetic cream, that provides local anesthesia to that particular portion of the body. For most of the people, they find that the contrast dye may feel metallic in nature, but it is never painful to such an extent. The MRI machine can encompass your entire body. For people that have claustrophobia, they find that the experience is very harrowing, and not at all something that they would like to go through over a long duration of time. With such features, it is important that people actually stay calm and calculated.

It is always a good idea to inform the technicians about whether you are claustrophobic or not. They can take adequate arrangements, and make sure that you are given the required amount of medication in order to cure you of any sort of anxiety attacks or nervousness. Medications such as Valium or Xanax can be provided to you, that can take care of your anxiety disorder. Any sort of claustrophobia would need to be taken care of in two years by the technicians, and also understand that such kind of administration will need to be done with the consultation of the Doctor.