Micro Servers Market To Be Driven By Increased Demand In Cloud Data Centers

Date: 01-Dec-2016

The global market for micro servers is observing massive call for competent computing goods, which has obliged market players to upturn their concentration on product invention and development of the current assortment. Mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations are few of the popular tactics practiced by the principal contestants of this market in search of business development. Owing to the amplified demand for micro servers from small, mid, and large companies, the international market is observing a noteworthy period of growth. The rise in the demand for solid, economical, yet power-efficient micro servers in cloud data centers has appeared as the crucial motivating element behind the growth of the market globally.

A major key driver for this market is the increasing use of big data analytics by corporations to make business choices. Companies use numerous applications to produce huge volumes of structured and unstructured data with scores of frequency and diversity. Big data has helped companies to boost competence, improve operations and customer services, produce higher sales, and manage risk well by inferring collected data. Conglomerates are capitalizing in high-density set-up for their data centers, and micro servers are anticipated to play an imperative role in such set-ups. Swapping conventional servers with micro servers to generate gigantic volumes of data will play a substantial role in endorsing market growth in the coming years.

Micro servers are tremendously trustworthy in system-on-chip or SoC-based operations. They also help in plummeting the total cost of ownership, as they can effortlessly be self-managed, which is an additional major driver of the universal micro servers market. The escalating cloud traffic is anticipated to fuel the acceptance of micro servers expressively in the next few years.

Factors like the creation of green data centersare likely to boost market growth in the coming years.  Data centers devour lots of electricity, which effects in high carbon emanations. Green facilities device models such as renewable energies, free cooling, and recycling to advance performance while decreasing their power depletion and carbon footprint. The increasing demand for competent data centers has occasioned in the outlining of standards, metrics, and certification of data center settings.  Micro server usage in green facilities will mark as a milestone in facilitating ecologically friendly operations, leading to optimistic growth in this market in the next few years.

The universal micro servers market is spread throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Presently, the worldwide industry is headed by North America and the picture is anticipated to stay the same over the upcoming years. Asia Pacific, amongst these, is expected to record the most noticeable growth over the next few years. The momentous development in set-ups for data centers and cloud-based services in Asia Pacific is expected to fire the demand for micro servers in Asian markets, like China, India, and, Japan, leading to a notable rise in Asia Pacific market for micro servers.

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