Japan’s Growing Elderly Population Impacts Bakery & Cereals Sector

Date: 08-Jul-2013
Japan’s aging population is proving to be a key driver in its Bakery & Cereals sector, according to leading consumer specialist Canadean’s new report: Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Bakery & Cereals Sector in Japan.


The death toll resulting from the 2011 earthquake exacerbated the general decline in Japan’s population size, which is primarily driven by a low birth rate and strong immigration laws; Japan’s over 65 population outnumbers children in the 0-14 age range, with 34% and 13% respectively.

Consequently, whilst the majority of Food & Grocery sales in Japan is through Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, the preference of elderly consumers to shop at local Convenience stores provides a significant opportunity for this channel as the population ages. However, the preference for Hypermarket and Supermarket channels is more pronounced with regard to the purchase of Bakery & Cereal products than the broader Food & Grocery category, and so the effect of Japan’s aging population may have a more muted effect on the Bakery & Cereals sector.

Japan’s aging population is also proving to have a driving effect on product offerings in its Bakery & Cereals sector. For instance, the specific nutritional needs of the elderly have informed ‘Kellogg’s Brown Rice Flake’: a cereal that targets older consumers’ desire for health benefits by using ingredients that are traditionally associated with cold prevention.


Comprehensive Table of Contents and more on the report @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/market-focus-trends-and-developments-in-the-bakery-and-cereals-sector-in-japan-market-report.html