Hitting / Smacking In Childhood Can Increase Risk of Cancer

Date: 11-Dec-2012
Recent studies have actually found that any sort of smacking the child makes him or her susceptible to cancer. The risk of asthma or heart disease are definitely some of the main factors that is to be found in this research, and the report also states that even though this may seem exaggerated, but based upon the piece of survey done, this is the likely inclination that we are heading to. There is no surety that your child is bound to get this particular form of cancer, but the report states that frequent beatings and any sort of physical punishment along with verbal insults are definitely going to have a lot of effect on the child. Susceptibility to cancer shall also be increased manifold, and any child that may have asthma or heart disease are bound to get more susceptibility to cancer. The researchers have been looking at a link between the two, and comparing the adult between a certain age group, and understanding the behavior of their parents during childhood have come up with a likely conclusion. It has been found that nearly 60% of the people that have got beatings in childhood have actually got some form of cancer.

Most of the research work may have been speculating on the fact that the regular beatings, and creating an insult to the child regularly, is ensuring that cancer as well as a lot of other complex diseases may be formulating in the child. Any sort of biological stress or biological disorder that may be occurring in that child can only be triggered by such kind of mental trauma. Heart diseases are also not something that is to be counted out, as physical punishment could result in some sort of wound. Such kind of a wound may have an adverse affect in the heart. Creating a sense of threat in the child is only possible if the trigger sensor response in the body does have an active connection with the different kinds of cells. With significant limitations and excellent self reporting information provided in the survey, the researchers have come to the conclusion that dealing with a difficult behavior in children is entirely dependent upon the characteristic of the parent. Any form of disobedience should be handled in a mature manner, instead of smacking. This could lead to further complications down the road.

The one other thing that is to be troubled in the relationship is that most of the chronic diseases like cancer does not have any sort of conclusive link to smacking, but the probability of such kind of children growing up to have cancer is extremely high on the statistic. Such kind of studies have shown that even though there may not be any conclusive proof, and also the people taking the survey may have a lot of cultural differences to the country like America and England, but it does have a lot of significance even in this world or global arena.