Global Packaging Industry Anticipates Revenue Growth in 2013

Date: 30-Apr-2013
"Global Packaging Survey 2013-2014 - Market Trends, Buyer Spend and Procurement Strategies in the Packaging Industry" is a new report available with


Of respondents across the industry, 59% are ‘more optimistic’ about revenue growth for their company in 2013 compared to 44% of respondents in 2012. The increase in world aging population, increase in sales of packed food and beverages and growing popularity of luxury products, and an increase in customer spending is expected, which in turn contributed to the revenue optimism of packaging companies.


According to 42% of packaging buyer respondents, Brazil is considered the most important region for growth amongst emerging markets, along with India and China, according to 37% and 32% of respondents respectively. Furthermore, packaging supplier respondents also consider China to be a promising market for growth, followed by Brazil and Eastern Europe. As in most emerging markets, Brazil has a high growth potential due to its growing demand in the domestic and Latin American markets for consumer products, resulting from a rising middle-income population and growing affluence.


Global Packaging Survey 2013-2014


Survey results indicate that the top five developed countries expected to generate the most significant demand for the global packaging industry in 2013 are the US, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Germany, South Korea, and the UK. The US is a chief packaging market and the prime location of many packaging companies; stringent regulatory policies enforced by the US Government and increasing consumer awareness regarding recyclable and green packaging for the food and beverage sector have forced manufacturers of food processing packaging materials and machinery to invest in research and development, and new facilities.

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