Global Beverage Survey 2013–2014 - Market Trends, Marketing Spend and Sales Strategies in the Global Beverage Industry

Date: 04-Jun-2013
Global Beverage Survey 2013–2014: Market Trends, Marketing Spend and Sales Strategies in the Global Beverage Industry” is a new report by Canadean that analyzes how brewing supplier companies’ media spend, marketing and sales strategies and practices, and business planning are set to change in 2013–2014. Additionally, this report presents comparative analysis between four years of survey results (wherever applicable). It provides the current size of the marketing and advertising budgets of global beverage industry supplier companies and their projected spending pattern, providing an insight into global marketing behaviour. In addition, the report identifies future growth prospects of global beverage industry buyers and suppliers, including expected change in M&A activity. This report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors, but also examines their actions surrounding business priorities. The report also provides access to information categorized by region, company type, and size.


Throughout the industry, 46% of respondents are ‘more optimistic’ about revenue growth for their company in 2013 compared to 2012. A comparative analysis of survey results indicates that the beverage industry is more upbeat and optimistic about revenue growth in 2013; optimism levels have increased by four percentage points in 2013 compared to 2012, and this increase in optimism is attributed to investment and advancement in technology, and growing consumption. The top priorities for the global beverage manufacturers’ industry in 2013 are the addition of ‘new products and services’, ‘improving operational efficiency’, and ‘expand in emerging markets’.


Global beverage manufacturer respondents consider China, Brazil, and India to offer the largest growth potential among emerging markets in 2013–2014. The global demand for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages has continued to grow in spite of economic woes, and in 2013–2014 the Asia-Pacific region will lead this growth by far; in addition, respondents from the global beverage manufacturer industry consider Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the US, and Australia to offer the largest growth potential among developed markets in 2013–2014.


Reasons to buy

Project industry trends and revenue growth expectations in 2013, and understand business confidence to make informed business decisions.

Drive revenues by understanding future product investment areas and key growth regions.

Uncover key challenges and opportunities, and identify the key actions required to maintain and win buyer business.

Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the behaviour and changing strategies of industry buyers.

Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying how supplier budgets are changing and the direction of spending in the future. Better promote your business by aligning your capabilities and business practices with your customer’s changing needs.


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