LTE & 5G for Critical Communications: 2020 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

Publisher Name :
Date: 14-Oct-2020
No. of pages: 2969

For nearly a century, the critical communications industry has relied on narrowband LMR (Land Mobile Radio) networks for mission-critical voice and low-speed data services. Over time, these systems have evolved from relatively basic analog radios to digital communications technologies, such as P25 (Project 25) and TETRA, to provide superior voice quality, end-to-end encryption and other advanced features. However, due to their inherent bandwidth and design limitations, even the most sophisticated digital LMR networks are unable to support mobile broadband and data-driven industrial IoT applications that have become vital for public safety, military, utilities, transportation, oil and gas, mining and other segments of the critical communications industry.

The 3GPP-defined LTE and 5G NR standards have emerged as the leading candidates to fill this void. Over the last decade, a plethora of dedicated, hybrid commercial-private and MVNO-based 3GPP networks have been deployed to deliver critical communications broadband capabilities – in addition to the use of commercial mobile operator networks – for application scenarios as diverse as PTT group communications, real-time mobile video surveillance, AR/VR (Augmented & Virtual Reality), wirelessly connected robotics, and automation in industrial environments. These networks range from nationwide public safety broadband platforms such as the United States' FirstNet (First Responder Network), South Korea's Safe-Net (National Disaster Safety Communications Network) and Britain's ESN (Emergency Services Network) to regional cellular networks covering the service footprint of utility companies and localized wireless systems in settings such as railroads, airports, maritime ports, oil and gas production facilities, remote mining sites, factories and warehouses.

At present, most critical communications user organizations employ LTE and 5G NR as complementary technologies to augment existing voice-centric LMR networks with broadband capabilities. However, with the standardization and commercial availability of MCX (Mission-Critical PTT, Video & Data), IOPS (Isolated Operation for Public Safety), HPUE (High-Power User Equipment) and other 3GPP-defined critical communications features, LTE and 5G NR networks are increasingly gaining recognition as an all-inclusive critical communications platform for the delivery of mobile broadband and industrial IoT capabilities, as well as MCPTT (Mission-Critical PTT) voice functionality comparable to that offered by traditional LMR systems.

Despite the economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges, SNS Telecom & IT estimates that global investments in LTE and 5G network infrastructure for critical communications will surpass $3 Billion by the end of 2020. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 13% between 2020 and 2023, eventually accounting for nearly $5 Billion by 2023.

Spanning over 2,000 pages, the ""LTE & 5G for Critical Communications: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts"" report package encompasses two comprehensive reports covering the use of LTE and 5G NR networks for critical communications.

  • The Private LTE & 5G Network Ecosystem: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts

  • The Public Safety LTE & 5G Market: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

This report package provides an in-depth assessment of LTE and 5G for critical communications including the value chain, market drivers, barriers to uptake, enabling technologies, key trends, future roadmap, vertical sectors, application scenarios, standardization, spectrum availability/allocation, regulatory landscape, case studies, ecosystem player profiles and strategies, as well as LTE and 5G network infrastructure investment forecasts from 2020 till 2030.

The report package comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in both reports.

Topics Covered

The report package covers the following topics:

Report 1: The Private LTE & 5G Network Ecosystem: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts

  • Private LTE and 5G network ecosystem

  • Market drivers and barriers

  • System architecture and key elements of private LTE and 5G networks

  • Analysis of vertical markets and applications – ranging from mobile broadband and mission-critical voice to domain-specific applications such as CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) and connected robotics for factory automation

  • Operational models for private LTE and 5G networks including independent, managed, shared core, hybrid commercial-private and private MVNO networks

  • Mission-critical PTT/video/data services, deployable LTE/5G systems, cellular IoT, TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications) techniques, quantum cryptography, unlicensed/shared spectrum, neutral-host/multi-operator small cells, network slicing, MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) and other enabling technologies

  • Key trends including the adoption of local and shared spectrum licensing, commercial readiness of private 5G systems for Industry 4.0, nationwide and city-wide public safety broadband network build-outs, regional mission/business-critical LTE networks for utilities and energy companies, localized private LTE/5G networks for railway infrastructure, ports, airports, mines, factories, warehouses, buildings, campuses and public venues, and pioneering neutral-host business models for enterprise and public wireless connectivity.

  • Review of private LTE and 5G network engagements worldwide, including case studies of more than 40 live networks

  • Spectrum availability, allocation and usage for private LTE and 5G networks across the global, regional and national regulatory domains

  • Standardization, regulatory and collaborative initiatives

  • Future roadmap and value chain

  • Profiles and strategies of over 600 ecosystem players including LTE/5G network infrastructure suppliers and vertical-domain specialists

  • Strategic recommendations for end users, LTE/5G network infrastructure suppliers, system integrators and commercial/private mobile operators

  • Market analysis and forecasts from 2020 till 2030

Report 2: The Public Safety LTE & 5G Market: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

  • Public safety LTE and 5G ecosystem

  • Market drivers and barriers

  • System architecture and key elements of public safety LTE and 5G systems

  • Analysis of public safety broadband application scenarios and use cases – ranging from mission-critical group communications and real-time video transmission to 5G era applications centered upon UHD (Ultra High Definition Video), AR/VR/MR (Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality), drones and robotics

  • Operational models for public safety LTE and 5G networks including commercial, independent, managed, shared core, hybrid commercial-private and secure MVNO networks

  • PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) and other common approaches to financing and delivering dedicated public safety LTE and 5G networks

  • MCX (Mission-Critical PTT, Video & Data), IOPS (Isolated Operation for Public Safety), deployable LTE/5G systems, ProSe (Proximity Services) for D2D (Device-to-Device) communications, HPUE (High Power User Equipment), QPP (QoS, Priority & Preemption), network slicing, end-to-end security, high-precision positioning, 3GPP access over satellite/NTN (Non-Terrestrial Networking) platforms and other enabling technologies

  • Key trends including hybrid RAN (Radio Access Network) implementations for nationwide public safety broadband networks, local and city-level LTE deployments to support police forces in developing countries, adoption of sub-500 MHz spectrum for mission-critical LTE networks, commercial readiness of 3GPP-compliant MCX functionality, LMR-based interim solutions for off-network communications, secure MVNO solutions with cross-border roaming, mobile operator-branded critical communications broadband platforms, 5G NR connectivity for applications requiring higher data rates and lower latencies, and localized 5G NR networks for incident scene management

  • Review of public safety LTE/5G engagements worldwide including a detailed assessment of 10 nationwide public safety broadband projects and additional case studies of over 40 dedicated, hybrid, MVNO and commercial operator-supplied systems

  • Spectrum availability, allocation and usage for public safety LTE and 5G networks across the global, regional and national regulatory domains

  • Standardization, regulatory and collaborative initiatives

  • Future roadmap and value chain

  • Profiles and strategies of 1,100 ecosystem players including LTE/5G equipment suppliers and public safety-domain specialists

  • Strategic recommendations for public safety and government agencies, LTE/5G infrastructure, device and chipset suppliers, LMR vendors, system integrators, and commercial/private mobile operators

  • Market analysis and forecasts from 2020 till 2030

Key Questions Answered

The report package provides answers to the following key questions:

  • How big is the opportunity for LTE and 5G in the critical communications industry?

  • What trends, drivers and barriers are influencing its growth?

  • How is the ecosystem evolving by segment and region?

  • What will the market size be in 2023, and at what rate will it grow?

  • Which vertical markets and regions will see the highest percentage of growth?

  • What is the status of dedicated, hybrid commercial-private and secure MVNO-based critical communications broadband networks worldwide?

  • What are the existing and candidate licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum bands for the operation of private LTE and 5G networks?

  • What opportunities exist for commercial mobile operators in the critical communications domain?

  • What are the key applications of LTE and 5G for public safety, military, utilities, transportation, oil and gas, mining and other verticals?

  • Will FirstNet, Safe-Net, ESN and other nationwide public safety broadband networks eventually replace existing digital LMR networks?

  • When will LTE and 5G supersede GSM-R as the predominant radio bearer for railway communications?

  • How does standardization impact the adoption of LTE and 5G for critical communications and industrial IoT?

  • When will MCX, IOPS, HPUE and other 3GPP-defined critical communications features be widely employed in LTE and 5G networks?

  • How will the integration of TSN enable 5G networks to deliver reliable, low-latency connectivity across a broad range of time-critical industrial IoT applications?

  • Who are the key ecosystem players, and what are their strategies?

  • What strategies should LTE/5G equipment suppliers, system integrators, vertical-domain specialists and mobile operators adopt to remain competitive?

List of Companies Mentioned :

3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), 450 MHz Alliance, 450connect, 4K Solutions, 5G PPP (5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership), 5GAA (5G Automotive Association), 5G-ACIA (5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation), 5G-IA (5G Infrastructure Association), 6Harmonics/6WiLInk, 7Layers, A Beep/Diga-Talk+, A1 Telekom Austria Group, A10 Networks, Aaeon Technology, AAR (American Association of Railroad), ABB, ABS, Abside Networks, Abu Dhabi Police, AccelerComm, Accelleran, Accenture, ACCF (Australasian Critical Communications Forum), Accton Technology Corporation, Accuver, Ace Technologies Corporation, AceAxis, AceTel (Ace Solutions), Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), ACPDR (Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief), Action Technologies (Shenzhen Action Technologies), Active911, Adax, ADCOM911 (Adams County Communications Center), Adcor Magnet Systems, Addis Ababa Light 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of Interior, French National Gendarmerie, French National Police, Frequentis, FRTek, Fujian BelFone Communications Technology, Fujikura, Fujitsu, Funk-Electronic Piciorgros, Funkwerk, Furukawa Electric, Future Technologies Venture, G+D Mobile Security, Galtronics Corporation, Gamma Nu, Gapwaves, Gazprom Space Systems, GCF (Global Certification Forum), GCT Semiconductor, GD (General Devices), GE (General Electric), Gemalto, Gemtek Technology, Genaker, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Genesis Group, GenXComm, Geotab, GeoTraq, Geoverse, German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), Getac Technology Corporation, Gigabyte Technology, Gilat Satellite Networks, GLA (General Lighthouse Authority, United Kingdom), Glencore Coal, GlobalFoundries, Globalstar, GO Internet, Gogo, Gold Fields, Goodman Networks, Goodmill Systems, Google, Goosetown Communications, Gore (W. L. Gore & Associates), Gosuncn Technology Group/Welink, Government of Catalonia, Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Greek Police, Green Communications, Green Packet, GRENTECH, GridGears, Groupe ADP (Aéroport de Paris), GroupTalk, GS Lab (Great Software Laboratory), GSI (GS Instech)/GST (GS Teletech), Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guilin Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guiyang Public Security Bureau, GWT (Global Wireless Technologies), GWTCA (Government Wireless Technology & Communications Association), H3C, HAAS Alert, Haier, Haikou Electric Power Bureau, Hainan Power Grid Company, Halton Regional Police Service, Halton-Peel Public Safety Broadband Network Innovation Alliance, Halys, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Hancom MDS, Handheld Group, Handsfree Group, Hanjin Newport, Hanswell, Hanwha Techwin, HAPSMobile, Harbor Max, Harvilon (Shenzhen Harvilon Technology), Harwich International Port, Haystax Technology, HBFEC (Hebei Far East Communication System Engineering), HCL Technologies, HCLTE (Harris County Long Term Evolution), Heathrow Airport Holdings, Heathrow Commercial Telecoms, Helios (Fujian Helios Technologies), Helsinki Police Department, Hexagon, HFR, Highstreet Technologies, Hikvision (Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology), HipLink Software, Hisense, HiSilicon Technologies, HISPASAT Group, Hitachi, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Hitachi Rail STS, Hitachi Vantara, HKT, HMD Global, HMS Networks, Hohhot Public Security Bureau, Hoimyung ICT, Home Office, United Kingdom, Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn Technology Group), Honeywell International, Hong Kong Police Force, Hoverfly Technologies, HP, HPA (Hamburg Port Authority), HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), HQT (Shenzhen HQT Science and Technology), HTC Corporation, Huawei, Hub One, Huber+Suhner, Hughes Network Systems, Hungarian Ministry of Interior, Hunter Technology, Huntsville Police Department, Hydro-Québec, Hytera Communications, Hytera Mobilfunk, MOBILE, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Iberdrola, IBM Corporation, IB-RED, iBwave Solutions, ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa), ICCRA (International Critical Control Rooms Alliance), Ice Group, Ice Norge, iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies), Icom, ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory) Administration, IDEMIA, IDF (Israel Defense Forces), IDT (Integrated Device Technology), IDY Corporation, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IFLY Electronics, IFT (Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico), IgniteNet, IGOF (International Governmental Operators’ Forum), IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan), Imaginet International, IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore), Imec, IMPTT, IMSWorkX, Indian Army, Indianapolis Fire Department, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indra, INET (Infrastructure Networks), Infineon Technologies, Infinera, InfiNet Wireless, Infinite Electronics, Infomark Corporation, Infosys, Infovista, InHand Networks, INL (Idaho National Laboratory), Inmarsat, Innogy, Innonet, InnoWireless, Inrico (Shenzhen Inrico Electronics), Inseego Corporation, Inspur, Instant Connect, InstantCom Romania, INSYS Microelectronics/INSYS icom, Intel Corporation, Intelsat, InterDigital, Internal Security Forces, Lebanon, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Internet Institute (Slovenia), Interop Technologies, InterTalk Critical Information Systems, Intracom Telecom, Intrado Corporation, Intrepid Networks, INWIT (Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane), IoT4Net, IoTAS (IoT & Approval Solutions), ip.access, IPAGEON, IPITEK (Integrated Photonics Technology), IPLOOK Networks, Iradio Electronics, Iridium Communications, IRIS (Red Nacional de Radiocomunicación de Misión Crítica Tetrapol), Isala Klinieken Hospital, ISC (International Speedway Corporation), ISCO International, ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada), Iskratel, Israel Police, Israel Railways, IS-Wireless, Italian Army, Italian Ministry of Defense, Italian Ministry of Interior, Italtel, ITCEN, ITEC (Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center), ITELAZPI, ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan), ITU (International Telecommunication Union), IWT (Innovative Wireless Technologies), Jaton Technology, Jazz (Pakistan Mobile Communications), JCI (Japan Communications Inc.), JEMS (Japan EM Solutions), JerseyNet, Jezetek (Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group), Jiaxun Feihong (Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical), Jinan USR IoT Technology (Mokuai/Wenheng), JIT (JI Technology), JMA Wireless, Jordanian Armed Forces, JOUAV, JPS Interoperability Solutions, JRC (Japan Radio Company), JRC (Joint Radio Company), JSC Ingenium, Juni Global, Juniper Networks, Junkosha, Juvare, JVCKENWOOD Corporation, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group, Kalmar, Kaloom, Kantonspolizei Zürich (Cantonal Police of Zurich), Kapsch CarrierCom, Kathrein Mobile Communication, KBR, KCC (Korea Communications Commission), KDDI Corporation, KDSG (Kaduna State Government), Kementerian Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia), Kenyan Police Service, Key Bridge Wireless, Keysight Technologies, Kiana Analytics, Kirisun Communications, Kisan Telecom, Klas Telecom, Klein Electronics, Kleos, KMA (Korea Military Academy), KMBG (Dutch Critical Mobile Broadband Users) Expert Group, KMW, Knightscope, Kodiak Networks, Komatsu, Konecranes, Koning & Hartman, Kontron, KPCN (Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland), KPN, KPN Critical Communications, KRNA (Korea Rail Network Authority), KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute), KT Corporation, Kudelski Group, KUKA, Kumu Networks, K-Won, Kymeta Corporation, Kyocera Corporation, Kyrio, L&T (Larsen & Toubro), L3Harris Technologies, Land Rover Explore, Landmark Dividend, Lanner Electronics, Lantronix, LA-RICS (Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System), Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, LCR Embedded Systems, Lebanese Ministry of Interior, Leenos Corporation, Leidos, Lekha Wireless Solutions, Lemko Corporation, Lenovo, Leonardo, LG Chem, LG CNS, LG Corporation, LG Electronics, LG Innotek, LG Uplus, LGS Innovations, Lierda Science & Technology Group, Ligado Networks, Lijiang Police, Lime Microsystems, Linksys, Lisheng Fujian Communications, LitePoint, LiveU, LMCC (Land Mobile Communications Council), Lociva, Lockheed Martin Corporation, LogicTree IT Solutions, LoJack, Longsung Technology, Lookout, LS Mtron, LS telcom, Luceor, Lumineye, Lynk (Ubiquitilink), M/C Partners, M1, M4PS (Mobility 4 Public Safety), M87, MACC Base (Milford Area Communications Center), Macom, Madagascar National Police, MadCo 911 (Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 System), Maebashi City Fire Department, Maebashi Red Cross Hospital, Magister Solutions/Secapp, Makati City DRRMO (Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office), Marlink Group, Martin UAV, Marubeni, Marvell Technology Group, Masmovil, Matrix Electrónica/MTXM2M, Maven Wireless, Mavenir Systems, MaxLinear, Maxon Australia, MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand), MC Technologies, MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency, United Kingdom), MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission), MCOP (Mission-Critical Open Platform), MCP (Mission Critical Partners), MCTIC (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Communications, Brazil), McWane, MEASAT Satellite Systems, MECSware, MediaTek, MegaFon, MeiG Smart Technology, Meizu, Mellanox Technologies, Mentura Group, MER Group, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Metaswitch Networks, Metawave Corporation, Metismake, Metro Network Services, MetTel, MEXSAT (Mexican Satellite System), MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore), MHD (Muhan Digital), Miami-Dade Police Department, MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan), MIC Nordic, MICAS, Microchip Technology, Microlab, Microsemi Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Microwave Networks, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China), MikroTik, Milestone Systems, MiMOMax, Mimosa Networks, Minas Gerais State Military Police, Ministry of Citizen Protection & Public Order, Greece, Ministry of Home Affairs of India, Ministry of Interior and Security, Côte d'Ivoire, Ministry of Interior, UAE, Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago, Ministry of Public Security, Madagascar, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, MIPS, MitraStar Technology, MITRE Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, MMG, MND (Ministry of National Defense, South Korea), Mobi Antenna Technologies, Mobile Mark, Mobile Tornado, Mobile Viewpoint, MobileDemand, MobileIron, MobileTek (Shanghai Mobiletek Communication), Mobilicom, Mobilitie, MoD (Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom), Modular Mining Systems, MOF (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, South Korea), MOIS (Ministry of the Interior and Safety, South Korea), MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, South Korea), Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Moscow Police, Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions, Mott MacDonald, Movandi, Moxa, MP Antenna, MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore), MPF (Mauritius Police Force), MPS (Ministry of Public Security, China), MRC (Mobile Radio Center), MSB (Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden), MT (Mauritius Telecom), MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications, Peru), MTI (Microelectronics Technology, Inc.), MTI Wireless Edge, MTN Group, MTS (Mobile TeleSystems), MulteFire Alliance, Multi-Tech Systems, Murata Manufacturing, Mushroom Networks, Mutualink, MVM Group, MVM NET, MYT Electronics, N.A.T., NAKIT (National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies, Czech Republic), Nanjing Municipal Government, Nanning Public Security Bureau, NanoSemi, Napatech, Nash Technologies, National Guard of the Russian Federation, National Police Agency, South Korea, National Police of Colombia, National Police of Peru, National Police of the Netherlands, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Naval Group (DCNS), NBA (National Basketball Association), NBN Co, NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand), NCRIC (NCRIC (Northern California Regional Intelligence Center), NEC Corporation, Nedaa, Nemergent Solutions, Nemko, Neoenergia, Neolink Communications Technology, Neoway Technology, Neptune Mobile, Neste, Net1 International, Net1 PH (Broadband Everywhere), Net1 Sweden (Netett Sverige), Netas, NetCity (GEOS Telecom/GEOS Holding), NetComm Wireless, NetFoundry, Netgear, NetGenuity, NetModule, NetMotion Software, NetNumber, NETSCOUT Systems, Neutral Connect Networks, Nevada Department of Transportation, New Hampshire Department of Safety, New Postcom Equipment, New Zealand Police, NewEdge Signal Solutions, Newport Utilities, Nextivity, NextNav, Nextworks, NHS (National Health Service, United Kingdom), NI (National Instruments), NICE, Nigeria Police Force, NimbeLink, Nkom (Norwegian Communications Authority), NMFirstNet (New Mexico FirstNet), Node-H, Nokia, Nominet, Nordic Semiconductor, Nordic Telecom, Norsat International, Northern Michigan University, Northern Star Resources, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Norwegian Armed Forces (Forsvaret), Norwegian Police Service, NPS (Northgate Public Services), NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), Nsight, NSW (New South Wales) Telco Authority, NTT DoCoMo, NU Connect, Nubia Technology, NuRAN Wireless, Nurlink Technology, Nutaq Innovation, NVIDIA Corporation, NVision Group, NXP Semiconductors, Oakland Fire Department, Ocado, Oceus Networks, Octasic, ODN (Orbital Data Network), Ofcom (Office of Communications, United Kingdom), OFS Fitel, Ohio State University, Oi, OKI Electric Industry, OMA (Open Mobile Alliance), Oman Royal Office, Omnitele, Omnitronics, ONCF (Moroccan National Railway Office), One2many, OneAccess, OnePlus, OneWeb, Onwave, Ooredoo, Openet, OPPO, Optella, Option/Crescent, Optus, Oracle Communications, Orange, Orange Belgium, Orange Poland, Origin Energy, Orion Labs, Ørsted, OSI (Slovenia), OSRAM, Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ożarowice Government, PacStar (Pacific Star Communications), Palo Alto Networks, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Panda Electronics, PanOptis, Panorama Antennas, Parallel Wireless, Parks Canada, Parsons Corporation, Partner Communications Company, PAStech, Patrocinium Systems, Pavlov Media, PCC (Paramedic Chiefs of Canada), PCCW, PCTEL, PCTEST Lab (PCTEST Engineering Laboratory), PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority, Thailand), Peel Regional Police, Pei Tel Communications, Peiker, Pelco, Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos), Pentonet, Pepperl+Fuchs, Pepro, Peraso Technologies, Percepto, Perspecta Labs, Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro), PetroChina, PGE Systemy, PHAZR, Philippine Red Cross, Phirst Technologies, Phluido, Picocom Technology, Pierson Wireless, Pivotal Commware, Pixavi, PLA (People's Liberation Army), PLA Navy (People's Liberation Army Navy), PLDT, Plextek, Plover Bay Technologies (Peplink/Pepwave), PMN (Private Mobile Networks), PNP (Philippine National Police), PoCStar (Shanli Tongyi Information Technology), Polaris Networks, Polaris Wireless, Polish National Police, Polizia di Stato (State Police, Italy), PoLTE Corporation, Port of Durban, Port of Felixstowe, Port of HaminaKotka, Port of Immingham, Port of Kokkola, Port of Oulu, Port of Qingdao, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Potevio, PRESCOM, PrioCom, Productivity Commission, Australia, Proef, Pro-M, Protezione Civile (Civil Protection Department, Italy), Proximus, Pryme Radio Products, PSBTA (Public Safety Broadband Technology Association), PSCA (Punjab Safe Cities Authority), PSCE (Public Safety Communications Europe), PSP (Potomac Spectrum Partners), PSTA (Public Safety Technology Alliance), PT INTI (PT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia), PT LEN Industri, PTA (Public Transport Authority) of Western Australia, PTD (Posts and Telecommunications Department, Myanmar), PTI (Persistent Telecom Inc.), PTS (Post and Telecom Authority, Sweden), Public Safety Canada, Publicis Sapient, Puerto Rico Police Department, Puloli, Pulsara, Pulse Electronics, Purdue University, Pycom, Qatar Armed Forces, Qatar MOI (Ministry of Interior), Qatar Police, QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), Qinetiq, Qingdao Police, Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau, Qiqihar Municipal Public Security Bureau, Qiqihar Police, QLC Chain, Qorvo, QuadGen Wireless Solutions, Qualcomm, Quanta Computer, Quantum Wireless, Qucell, Quectel Wireless Solutions, Queensland Police Service, Quintel, Quintel, Qulsar, Quortus, Qwake Technologies, RAC (Railway Association of Canada), RACOM Corporation, RAD Data Communications, Radiall, Radio IP Software, Radisys Corporation, RADWIN, RAF (Royal Air Force), Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Rai Way, RailTel/Indian Railways, Raizen, Rajant Corporation, Range Networks, Ranplan Wireless, RapidDeploy, RapidSOS, RATP Group, Rave Mobile Safety, Raven Aerostar, Raycap, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, RCC (Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications), RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Realme, Rearden, Red Hat, Red Lion Controls, Red Rover, RED Technologies, REDCOM Laboratories, Redline Communications, RedZinc, Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio Infocomm, REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Repsol, RESCAN (Canary Islands Network for Emergency and Security), Rescue 42/PodRunner, Resolute Forest Products (Produits Forestiers Resolu), Responder Corp, RF Connect, RF DSP, RF Pixels, RF Window, RFI Technology Solutions, RFS (Radio Frequency Systems), RFTech, Ribbon Communications, RIKS (State Infocommunication Foundation, Estonia), Rio de Janeiro Fire Department, Rio Tinto Group, RIVA Networks, Rivada Networks, Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council, RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), Robert Bosch, Robustel, Rogers Communications, Rohde & Schwarz, Rohill, ROK (Republic of Korea) Army, ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air Force), ROP (Royal Oman Police), Rosenberger, Rostelecom, Roy Hill Holdings, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Thai Police, Royole Corporation, RSCC (Russian Satellite Communications Company), RTRS (Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network), RTX A/S, Ruckus Networks, RugGear, Ruijie Networks, RunEL (Runcom), Rush University Medical Center, Russian Army, Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Railways, RWG (Rotterdam World Gateway), S&T Group, Saab, Saankhya Labs, SAF (Singapore Armed Forces), SAF Tehnika, Safari Telecom, Safaricom, Safe-Com Wireless, SafeMobile, Safe-Net Forum, Safer Buildings Coalition, Safran, SAGE SatCom, Sagemcom, Saguna Networks, SAI Technology, SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), Samji Electronics, Samsung, SAMWON FA, Samyoung Celetra, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, San Diego Police Department, Sandvik, Sanechips Technology, SANG (Saudi Arabian National Guard), Sanjole, Santos, San-tron, São Paulo State Military Police, SAPS (South African Police Service), Sapura Group, Sasken Technologies, Saudi Aramco, Saudi MOI (Ministry of Interior), Savox Communications, SBA Communications Corporation, Scania, SceneDoc, Sceye, SCF (Small Cell Forum), Schneider Electric, SCRF (State Commission for Radio Frequencies, Russia), SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric Company), Seamless Air Alliance, Sectra Communications, Secure Chorus, Secured Communications, Select Spectrum, Sempra Energy, Semtech, Sensorview, Senstar Corporation, Sentinel Camera Systems, Seong Ji Industrial, Seoul Metro, Seowon Intech, Sepura, Sequans Communications, Serbian Ministry of Interior, Sercomm Corporation, SERMA Group, SES, SETAR, Sevis Systems, SFR, SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China), SGP (Société du Grand Paris), SGS, Shanghai Pearl Oriental Group, Shanghai Police Department, Sharp Corporation, Shenglu (Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication), Shentel (Shenandoah Telecommunications Company), Shenzhen CXD Science & Technology, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, Shenzhen Recoda Technologies, Shift2Rail, SHR (Shuohuang Railway), SIAE Microelettronica, Sichuan InnoGence Technology, Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom, Siemens, Siemens Mobility, Sierra Wireless, Signal Information & Communication Corporation, Signalchip, Siklu Communication, Silicom SAS (France), SIMCom Wireless Solutions, Simoco Wireless Solutions, Sinclair Technologies, Singapore Police Force, Singtel, SiRRAN Communications, Sitarail, SITRONICS, Sivers IMA, Siyata Mobile/Uniden, SK Telecom, SK Telesys, Sky Connect Networks, SKY Perfect JSAT, Skyworks Solutions, SLA Corporation/ESChat, SLC (Secure Land Communications), Slovenian Armed Forces, Slovenian Ministry of Defense, Slovenian Ministry of Interior, Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenian Police, SM Optics, Smart Cities Council, Smart Communications, SMART Embedded Computing (Artesyn), SMART Global Holdings, Smart Mobile Labs, Smartfren, SmarTone, SmartSky Networks, SNCF (French National Railways), SoftBank Group, Softil, Soitec, SOLiD, Solidtronic, Soliton Systems, Sonic Communications, Sonim Technologies, Sony Corporation, Sony Mobile Communications, Sooktha, South32, Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Southern Company, Southern Linc, SPA (Scottish Police Authority), Space Data Corporation, SpaceBridge, Spacecom, SpaceX, Spanish Army, Spanish Ministry of Interior, Spanish Navy, Spectra Group, SpectraRep, Spectris, Spectronn, Spectrum Effect, Speedcast International, SpiderCloud Wireless, SPIE Group, Spirent Communications, Sporton International, Sprint, Sprint Corporation, SRS (Software Radio Systems), SS7ware/YaleBTS, SSB (Presidency of Defense Industries, Turkey), SSC (Shared Spectrum Company), ST Engineering iDirect, ST Engineering Land Systems, St John New Zealand, Stadtpolizei Zürich (Zurich City Police), Star Microwave, Star Solutions, StarPoint (Beijing StarPoint Technology), State Government of Querétaro, State of Paraíba, STC (Saudi Telecom Company), STC Specialized (Bravo), STEALTH Concealment Solutions, Stedin, Steep, Steveco, STI (Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia), STL (Sterlite Technologies Ltd), STMicroelectronics, Stop Noise, sTraffic, StrattoOpencell, Streambox, StreamWIDE, STS (Special Telecommunications Service, Romania), Subtel (Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones de Chile), Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Sunrise Communications, Sunsea AIoT, Sunwave Communications, Suomen Virveverkko, SuperCom, Supermicro (Super Micro Computer), Surrey Police, Suzhou Aquila Solutions (Aquila Wireless), Suzhou Police, Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Ministry of Justice, Swedish Police Authority, Swisscom, Swisscom Broadcast, Swissphone, Sylincom, Symantec Corporation, Synctechno, Syniverse Technologies, SYRTEM, SYSCOM (Mexico), Sysoco, Systech Corporation, System Innovation Group, T&W (Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics), T2M, TacSat Networks, Tait Communications, Talk-IP International, Talkpod Technology, Tampa Microwave, Tampnet, Tango Networks, Tango Tango, Taoglas, TASSTA, Tata Elxsi, Tatfook (Shenzhen Tatfook Technology), TCCA (The Critical Communications Association), TCL Communication (TCL/Alcatel/BlackBerry), TCOM, TD Tech, TE Connectivity, Tech Mahindra, Technicolor, Técnicas Competitivas, Tecom, Tecore Networks, TEKTELIC Communications, Tel Aviv Light Rail, Telcel (América Móvil), Telco Systems, Teldat, Tele2 Russia/SkyLink, Telecom26, Telefield, Telefónica Deutschland, Telefónica Group, Telekom Slovenije, Telenor Group, Telenor Maritime, Telent Technology Services, Telesat, Telespazio, Teleste Corporati.

LTE & 5G for Critical Communications: 2020 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

Table of Contents

Report 1: The Private LTE & 5G Network Ecosystem: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts
1.1 Chapter 1: Introduction
1.2 Chapter 2: An Overview of Private LTE/5G Networks
1.3 Chapter 3: System Architecture & Technologies for Private LTE/5G Networks
1.4 Chapter 4: Vertical Markets, Case Studies & Private LTE/5G Engagements
1.5 Chapter 5: Spectrum Availability, Allocation & Usage
1.6 Chapter 6: Standardization, Regulatory & Collaborative Initiatives
1.7 Chapter 7: Future Roadmap & Value Chain
1.8 Chapter 8: Key Ecosystem Players
1.9 Chapter 9: Market Sizing & Forecasts
1.10 Chapter 10: Conclusion & Strategic Recommendations

Report 2: The Public Safety LTE & 5G Market: 2020 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts
2.1 Chapter 1: Introduction
2.2 Chapter 2: An Overview of the Public Safety LTE & 5G Market
2.3 Chapter 3: System Architecture & Technologies for Public Safety LTE & 5G Networks
2.4 Chapter 4: Public Safety LTE/5G Application Scenarios & Use Cases
2.5 Chapter 5: Review of Public Safety LTE & 5G Engagements Worldwide
2.6 Chapter 6: Public Safety LTE & 5G Case Studies
2.7 Chapter 7: Public Safety LTE/5G Spectrum Availability, Allocation & Usage
2.8 Chapter 8: Standardization, Regulatory & Collaborative Initiatives
2.9 Chapter 9: Future Roadmap & Value Chain
2.10 Chapter 10: Key Ecosystem Players
2.11 Chapter 11: Market Sizing & Forecasts
2.12 Chapter 12: Conclusion & Strategic Recommendations

  • Global 5G Infrastructure Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2024-2030
    Published: 04-Jan-2024        Price: US 3660 Onwards        Pages: 103
    According to our LPI (LP Information) latest study, the global 5G Infrastructure market size was valued at US$ 5453.7 million in 2023. With growing demand in downstream market, the 5G Infrastructure is forecast to a readjusted size of US$ 21670 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 21.8% during review period. The research report highlights the growth potential of the global 5G Infrastructure market. 5G Infrastructure are expected to show stable growth in the future market. However, product diff......
  • Global 5G Services Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2024-2030
    Published: 04-Jan-2024        Price: US 3660 Onwards        Pages: 129
    According to our LPI (LP Information) latest study, the global 5G Services market size was valued at US$ 6525.9 million in 2023. With growing demand in downstream market, the 5G Services is forecast to a readjusted size of US$ 43270 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 31.0% during review period. The research report highlights the growth potential of the global 5G Services market. 5G Services are expected to show stable growth in the future market. However, product differentiation, reducing co......
  • Global 5G Infrastructure Market 2024 by Company, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2030
    Published: 01-Jan-2024        Price: US 3480 Onwards        Pages: 109
    According to our (Global Info Research) latest study, the global 5G Infrastructure market size was valued at USD 5736.4 million in 2023 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 20670 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 20.1% during review period. 5th generation wireless systems, abbreviated 5G, are improved wireless network technologies deploying in 2018 and later. The primary technologies include: Millimeter wave bands (26, 28, 38, and 60 GHz) offer performance as high as 20 gigabits per ......
  • Global Intercoms Market Research Report 2023, Forecast to 2028
    Published: 28-Dec-2023        Price: US 2680 Onwards        Pages: 181
    An electrical device allowing one-way or two-way communication. Our market research experts provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market based on involving economic and non-economic factors in the same report with market value (million USD) data for each segment and sub-segment. This way, clients can achieve all their goals while taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Technological advancements, new product launches, and market capital flows are compared across scenari......
  • Global Intercoms Professional Survey Report 2023, Forecast to 2028
    Published: 28-Dec-2023        Price: US 3280 Onwards        Pages: 152
    An electrical device allowing one-way or two-way communication. Our market research experts provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market based on involving economic and non-economic factors in the same report with market value (million USD) data for each segment and sub-segment. This way, clients can achieve all their goals while taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Technological advancements, new product launches, and market capital flows are compared across scenari......
  • Global B2B Telecommunication Industry Research Report, In-depth Analysis of Current Status and Outlook of Key Countries 2023-2028
    Published: 28-Dec-2023        Price: US 3380 Onwards        Pages: 115
    Market Overview of Global B2B Telecommunication market: According to our latest research, the global B2B Telecommunication market looks promising in the next 5 years. As of 2022, the global B2B Telecommunication market was estimated at USD 787410.0 million, and it's anticipated to reach USD 891802.77 million in 2028, with a CAGR of 2.1% during the forecast years. This report covers a research time span from 2018 to 2028, and presents a deep and comprehensive analysis of the g......
  • Private LTE/5G networks: worldwide trends and forecasts 2023-2028
    Published: 21-Dec-2023        Price: US 7999 Onwards        Pages: 25
    "Although spend on private LTE/5G networks is low relative to spend on public networks, spend on private LTE/5G networks will reach USD9 billion by 2028." This report provides a forecast of the number of private LTE/5G networks that will be deployed between 2023 and 2028 and the corresponding capex and opex. It provides a detailed outlook on the key trends driving growth in the private LTE/5G networks market.  Coverage ......
  • 5G NTN Market by Component (Hardware, Software, Services), End-use Industry (Maritime, Aerospace & Defense, Government, Mining), Application (eMBB, URLLC, mMTC), Location (Urban, Rural, Remote, Isolated), Platform and Region - Global Forecast to 2028
    Published: 19-Dec-2023        Price: US 4950 Onwards        Pages: 190
    “Soaring demand for low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity in diverse environments fuels the 5G NTN market's explosive growth.” The 5G NTN market is estimated at USD 4.2 billion to USD 23.5 billion at a CAGR of 40.7%from 2023 to 2028. The drive to enhance 5G network coverage in remote and underserved regions will generate increased demand for High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), and various other platforms within the 5......
  • 2023-2031 Report on Global Telecom Services Market by Player, Region, Type, Application and Sales Channel
    Published: 18-Dec-2023        Price: US 2500 Onwards        Pages: 121
    This report studies the Telecom Services market, covering market size for segment by type (Fixed Voice Services, Fixed Internet Access Services, etc.), by application (Consumer/Residential, Business, etc.), by sales channel (Direct Channel, Distribution Channel), by player (AT&T, Verizon, NTT, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, etc.) and by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa). This report provides detailed historical analysis of global......
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