Global Lyme Disease Diagnostics Market Shares, Segmentation Forecasts, Competitive Landscape, Innovative Technologies, Latest Instrumentation, Opportunities for Suppliers, 2019-2023

Publisher Name :
Date: 05-Jul-2019
No. of pages: 203

The report presents a detailed analysis of the Lyme disease diagnostics market in the US, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) and Japan. Current scientific views on the Lyme disease definition, epidemiology and etiology are reviewed. The report provides the 5-year test volume and sales forecasts by country for the following market segments:

     - Hospitals
     - Commercial/Private Labs
     -Physician Offices
     - Public Health Labs

In addition to test volume and sales projections, the report presents sales and market share estimates for major suppliers of Lyme disease tests.

Also, the report examines the market applications of DNA Probes, Monoclonal Antibodies, Immunoassays, IT and other technologies; profiles leading suppliers and recent market entrants developing innovative technologies and products; and identifies emerging business expansion opportunities, alternative market penetration strategies, market entry barriers and risks, and strategic planning issues and concerns.

Contains 203 pages and 11 tables

Global Lyme Disease Diagnostics Market Shares, Segmentation Forecasts, Competitive Landscape, Innovative Technologies, Latest Instrumentation, Opportunities for Suppliers, 2019-2023

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Worldwide Test Overview, Technologies and Instrumentation
A. Background, Diagnostic Tests, Vaccines and Drugs
B. Instrumentation Review: Operating Characteristics, Features and Selling Princes of Leading Infectious Disease
Automated and Semi-automated Analyzers
C. Emerging Infectious Disease Diagnostic Technologies
1. Molecular Diagnostics
2. Monoclonal Antibodies
3. Immunoassays
4. Differential Light Scattering
5. Information Technology
6. Artificial Intelligence
7. Liposomes
8. Flow Cytometry
9. Chromatography
10. Diagnostic Imaging
11. Gel Microdroplets
12. Others
D. Personal Testing
III. Country Analyses: Sales and Volume Forecasts
IV. Major Product Development Opportunities
A. Instrumentation
B. Reagent Kits and Test Systems/Panels
C. Information Technology
D. Auxiliary Products
V. Design Criteria for Decentralized Testing Products
VI. Alternative Market Penetration Strategies
A. Internal Development
B. Collaborative Arrangements
C. University Contracts
D. Distribution Strategies for Decentralized Testing Markets
VII. Potential Market Entry Barriers and Risks
A. Market Maturity
B. Cost Containment
C. Competition
D. Technological Edge and Limitations
E. Patent Protection
F. Regulatory Constraints
G. Decentralized Testing Market Challenges
VIII. Competitive Assessments
- Abbott
- Affymetrix
- Beckman Coulter/Danaher
- Becton Dickinson
- bioMerieux
- Bio-Rad
- Cepheid
- Diamedix/Erba
- DiaSorin
- Eiken Chemical
- Elitech Group
- Enzo Biochem
- Fujirebio
- Grifols
- Hologic/Gen-Probe
- ID Biomedical/GSK
- Kreatech/Leica
- Lonza
- Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
- Qiagen
- Roche
- Scienion
- Sequenom
- SeraCare
- Siemens
- Takara Bio
- Thermo Fisher/Life Technology
- Wallac/PE
- Wako
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