Yemen Infrastructure Report Q4 2016

Publisher Name :
Date: 28-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 53

BMI View: Even with a peace deal to the civil war in sight, the security and political instability in Yemen,

which has brought the economy to a virtual standstill, means it will take years for industry to recover. The

precious hydrocarbons sector is in meltdown, severely affecting public income. In an environment so hostile

to investment, development and operations, we expect the construction sector to remain deflated for some

time, after which only volatile and muted recovery can begin.

Latest Updates And Structural Trends

? We expect a resolution to the conflict in Yemen in the coming quarters. Over the long term we highlight

the absence of a financially viable Yemeni state unless substantial overseas support is forthcoming.

? We maintain a pessimistic view of construction industry growth, with an estimate for 2015 of -22.1% and

a forecast of about -6% in 2016, with only a modest base affected recovery expected from 2017-2018.

We forecast a deep economic recession until 2019.

• The Yemeni hydrocarbons sector is at a virtual standstill, with pipelines and refineries under frequent

attacks. In 2017 we expect the country to become a net oil importer.

• While little, if any, infrastructure development is ongoing, Saudi Arabia announced plans in September to

bypass the Hormuz Strait by building a water canal through Yemen to the Persian Gulf.

• Significant reconstruction and the recommencement of delayed projects are a rare bright spot on the

horizon, with Middle Eastern and Asian investors likely to lead the recovery.

Yemen Infrastructure Report Q4 2016

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View 7
Latest Updates And Structural Trends 7
Table: Infrastructure - Construction Industry Forecasts (Yemen 2015-2025) 7
Risk/Reward Index 8
Table: Infrastructure Risk Reward Index (Yemen 2016-2016) 8
Infrastructure SWOT 9
Industry Forecast 11
Construction And Infrastructure Forecast Scenario 11
Construction And Infrastructure Forecast Scenario 11
Latest Updates 11
Table: Construction And Infrastructure Industry Data (Yemen 2015-2025) 11
Structural Trends 12
Transport Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview 18
Industry Forecast Scenario 18
Latest Updates 18
Structural Trends 18
Top Five Major Projects - Transport 21
Table: Yemen: Key Transport Projects 21
Energy And Utilities Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview 22
Industry Forecast Scenario 22
Latest Updates 22
Structural Trends 22
Major Projects Table - Energy & Utilities 26
Table: Major Projects - Energy And Utilities 26
Residential/NonResidential Building - Outlook And Overview 27
Industry Forecast Scenario 27
Latest Updates 27
Structural Trends 27
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 29
Yemen Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index 29
Rewards 29
Risks 30
MENA Infrastructure RRI: Oil Prices And Security Remain Key Risks 31
Table: Select Infrastructure Investments January -- June 2016 36
Table: MENA RRI 39
Market Overview 40
Competitive Landscape 40
Company Profile 42
Al-Rehab Engineering 42
HAWK International 44
Methodology 46
Industry Forecast Methodology 46
Sector-Specific Methodology 47
Risk/Reward Index Methodology 51
Sector-Specific Methodology 52
Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index Indicators 52
Table: Weighting Of Indicators 53

List of Tables

Table: Infrastructure - Construction Industry Forecasts (Yemen 2015-2025)
Table: Infrastructure Risk Reward Index (Yemen 2016-2016)
Table: Construction And Infrastructure Industry Data (Yemen 2015-2025)
Table: Yemen: Key Transport Projects
Table: Major Projects - Energy And Utilities
Table: Select Infrastructure Investments January -- June 2016
Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index Indicators
Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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