World Online Advertising Market Programmatic - RTB - Search - Display - Mobile - Social networking – Video Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020

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Date: 20-Sep-2016
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The World Online Advertising market package includes:

  • a database with quantitative data on online advertising, the key market for monetization of personal data, up to 2020 for 15 countries (USA- UK –France –Germany –Italy –Spain –Japan -South Korea –China - Brazil – India – Russia – Turkey - South Africa – Switzerland), 7 zones and world consolidated. Six sub-segments are estimated for each country: search, display, mobile, programmatic, RTB, social networking and video.

  • a status report providing an analysis of key trends and technologies around personal data today (including privacy challenge, retargeting, VRM, regulation, new data measurement techniques, etc.) and also includes an overview of the world leaders and their KPIs (Google – Facebook – Yahoo! – Microsoft – Twitter – Amazon – Apple)

Database trackers



  • Internet subscribers (millions)

  • Annual growth rate

  • Internet density


  • Mobile subscribers (millions)

  • Annual growth rate

  • Mobile density

Internet usages


  • Fixed Internet users (millions)

  • Annual growth rate

  • Fixed Internet penetration


  • Mobile Internet users (millions)

  • Annual growth rate

  • Mobile Internet penetration (% among mobile subscribers)

Advertising revenues

Online & total media advertising revenues

  • Online advertising revenues (million EUR)

    • Annual growth rate

  • Online advertising revenues by advertising format

    • Display revenues (million EUR)

  • o/w Programmatic

  • o/w RTB

    • Search marketing and assimilated revenues (million EUR)

    • Other online advertising revenues (million EUR)

  •  • Total online advertising revenues (% share of format)

    • % Display

    • % Search marketing and assimilated

    • % Other

Advertising revenues breakdown (included in above online revenues)

  • Mobile advertising revenues (million EUR)

    • Annual growth rate (%)

    • Share of mobile advertising revenues over online ad revenues

  • Social networking advertising revenues (million EUR)

    • Annual growth rate (%)

  • OTT video advertising revenues (million EUR)

    • Annual growth rate (%)

Database geographical coverage


  • World

  • EU 5

  • EU28

  • Asia Pacific

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Middle East-Africa


  • Brazil

  • China

  • France

  • Germany

  • India

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Russia

  • South Africa

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

  • Turkey

  • UK

  • USA

World Online Advertising Market Programmatic - RTB - Search - Display - Mobile - Social networking – Video Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global online ad market to surpass 180 billion EUR by 2020, over a third from mobile
1.2. A growing market largely dominated by Google and/or Facebook
1.3. Programmatic advertising: the shift to automation in ad buying and selling
1.4. Ad blocking on the increase, but not expected to impact “clean” advertising

2. Methodology
2.1. List of indicators by country
2.2. Sources

3. Technology focus: RTB and targeting
3.1. Quick guide to the key technologies within programmatic advertising
3.2. Focus on RTB technology
3.3. RTB advertising market helping to push programmatic (automated) systems
3.4. Re-targeting also an important technology, often combined within programmatic
3.5. Google, Facebook and Twitter all launched new customer targeting tools

4. Social, video, mobile: the winning formula?
4.1. Social ads expected to grow especially in North America
4.2. Facebook and also… Facebook (Instagram) form the platform for social ads
4.3. Both Facebook and Instagram making strong inroads into advertising
4.4. Global OTT video advertising market expected to grow
4.5. Social video viewing on the increase, thus more opportunities for advertising
4.6. Also worth noting Facebook is the new YouTube
4.7. Mobile expected to be the biggest driver of advertising revenues
4.8. Facebook has almost caught up with Google for mobile ad revenues
4.9. Mobile ad revenue to increase in importance for app store revenues

5. Who are the main players?
5.1. A fragmented, complicated ecosystem, but the familiar names dominate
5.2. Google: King of advertising restructures in search of new revenues
5.3. Facebook: unrivalled success in mobile advertising, boosting revenues
5.4. Yahoo! Going through uncertain times, now to be acquired by Verizon
5.5. Microsoft: will the LinkedIn acquisition change their ad strategy?
5.6. The fading partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft
5.7. Twitter combining their social aspects with live sports to increase business
5.8. Amazon and Apple; core revenues lie elsewhere, not in advertising
5.9. Some OTT services are more reliant on personal data than others

6. How much of an impact will it have?
6.1. In response to ad blocks, more websites are responding to recoup revenues
6.2. Users are prepared to accept ads as long as they are not annoying

List of Figures

1. Executive Summary
Figure 1: Online advertising revenues worldwide and format breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 2: Mobile advertising revenues worldwide and as a share of online adverting revenues
Figure 3: Global programmatic advertising revenues and their share of display advertising revenues, 2014-2020
Figure 4: Evolution of mobile ad block users
Figure 5: User survey on how they feel towards ad blocking

3. Technology focus
Figure 6: RTB provides real time bidding benefits within an ad exchange
Figure 7: The RTB technology process
Figure 8: Global RTB advertising revenues and their share of display advertising revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 9: Global RTB advertising revenues by region, 2010-2020
Figure 10: The retargeting technology process

4. Social, video, mobile
Figure 11: Global social networking advertising revenues and their share of total online advertising revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 12: Global social networking advertising revenues, by region, 2010-2020
Figure 13: Average monthly hours spent on social mobile apps
Figure 14: World map of social networks, and also of those in second place
Figure 15: Google and Facebook referral traffic
Figure 16: Instagram impressions through Brand Networks Platforms, 2015
Figure 17: Global OTT video advertising revenues and their share of total online advertising revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 18: Global OTT video advertising revenues by region, 2010-2020
Figure 19: Number of video posts by brands
Figure 20: Mobile advertising revenues worldwide and as a share of online advertising revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 21: Global mobile advertising revenues, by region, 2010-2020
Figure 22: Player shares of online advertising revenue, 2015
Figure 23: Player shares of mobile advertising revenue, 2015
Figure 24: Worldwide Mobile App Store Revenue format breakdown, 2010-2020

5. Who are the main players?
Figure 25: The online display advertising ecosystem
Figure 26: Google total and ads revenue breakdown, 2009-2015
Figure 27: Facebook total and ads revenue breakdown, 2009-2015
Figure 28: Share of advertising revenue between fixed and mobile, 2012-2015
Figure 29: Evolution of Yahoo! advertising revenues, 2009-2015
Figure 30: Evolution of Microsoft advertising revenues, 2009-2015
Figure 31: Evolution of Twitter advertising revenues, 2011-2015

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