Water Treatment Equipment to 2017

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Date: 23-Jul-2013
No. of pages: 273
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Demand for water treatment equipment in the US is forecast to grow 5.9 percent per year to $13.0 billion in 2017. The resource extraction market will post the most rapid gains, followed by the recovering commercial and residential market. Disinfection and membrane equipment will be the fastest growing product segments.

This study analyzes the $9.8 billion US market for water treatment equipment. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., conventional filtration, membrane equipment, disinfection equipment), market (e.g., municipal, manufacturing, commercial and residential, resource extraction, power generation), and application (supply water, wastewater, process water, ultrapurification, desalination).

The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 27 industry players such as General Electric, Siemens, and Pall.

US demand to grow 6.0% per annum through 2017

Total demand for water treatment equipment in the US is expected to grow 6.0% yearly through 2017, with gains expected in every major market. Advances will be supported by increasing concerns about the health and environmental impacts of biological contaminants, chemicals, and disinfection byproducts in supply water and waste-water, and by more stringent manu-facturing requirements for process water. Resource extraction, commercial and residential, and ballast water treatment are expected to be among the fastest growing markets for water treatment equipment, while the larger municipal and manufacturing markets are projected to expand at a healthy, near average rate.

Resource extraction to be fastest growing market

The resource extraction market is expected to show the most rapid gains among major markets through 2017, as the treatment requirements for produced water in oil and natural gas extraction continue to rise, and as water recycling and reuse increase to satisfy the needs of expanded hydraulic fracturing activities in the US. An expected rebound in mining output, especially for minerals, will also contribute to an increased need for water treatment equipment. In particular, rising demand will benefit conventional filtration systems, which are the most commonly used water treatment equipment in the resource extraction market. Expected new US EPA regulations in hydraulic fracturing will also benefit this market in the long term.

The commercial and residential markets for water treatment equipment are expected to continue to recover from the declines seen during the 2007-2009 economic recession, with demand boosted by greater consumer interest in drinking water quality, increased consumer confidence, and expanded commercial and residential construction activities. Point-of-entry membrane filtration, disinfection, and deionization equipment are expected to benefit the most from rising demand. The small market for ballast water treatment is expected to be the fastest growing market overall, as US ships will soon be required to have ballast water management systems, including membrane systems and ultraviolet disinfection equipment, installed onboard to prevent the spread of invasive marine and aquatic species between ecosystems.

The municipal market for water treatment equipment is expected to improve, experiencing healthy growth through 2017. Demand for membrane systems and disinfection equipment will benefit as the EPA implements new regulations that stipulate maximum allowable limits for disinfection byproducts, volatile organic compounds, perchlorates, and other potentially hazardous contaminants.

All major types of equipment to see good growth

Expanded manufacturing output in response to the improving US economy, as well as increasingly stringent manufacturing requirements, will support growth in demand for every major type of water treatment. The need for very high quality process water in a number of applications will support greater demand for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and disinfection equipment. Manufacturing water treatment equipment demand will also benefit from the recycling of wastewater.

Company Profiles

Profiles 27 US industry competitors such as GE, Nalco (Ecolab), Pall, and Siemens

Additional Information

This study analyzes the US market for water treatment equipment and consumables. Products include conventional filtration systems and consumables such as replacement filters and activated carbon; membrane systems and replacement membranes; disinfection equipment and consumable items such as replacement ultraviolet light bulbs; and other types of equipment such as deionization equipment and distillation equipment. For the purposes of this study, the term “system” refers to the initial installed water treatment unit, “consumables” denotes replacement treatment components such as filters and membranes, and “equipment” refers to combined demand for both systems and consumables. Water treatment chemicals are excluded from this study, as are water supply products such as pumps, valves, hoses, and compressors. Markets include municipal; manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, other); commercial and residential (including point-of-entry water treatment equipment and pool treatment equipment, but excluding point of-use water treatment equipment such as faucet attachments and pitchers); resource extraction (oil, gas, and mining); power generation; and smaller markets such as agriculture, aquaculture, and ballast water treatment.

Water Treatment Equipment to 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction   X

I. Executive Summary   1

II. Market Environment   4
General    4
Macroeconomic Overview   5
Nonresidential Fixed Investment  8
Demographic Outlook  11
Manufacturing Outlook  14
Pharmaceuticals Outlook  18
Food & Beverage Industry Outlook   21
Electronic & Computer Product Shipments   24
Pulp, Paper, & Paperboard Outlook   28
Refined Petroleum Industry Outlook   32
Electricity Production  34
Water Use   37
Electric Utilities  38
Manufacturing & Mining  40
Municipal   41
Water Treatment Overview  42
Desalination Outlook  45
Environmental & Regulatory Issues   45
Water Pollution  46
Waterborne Diseases  48
Regulations   49
Technology & Product Innovation  53
Historical Market Trends  54
World Demand & International Trade   56

III. Products   60
General   60
Systems Overview  63
Consumables Overview  65
Conventional Filtration  66
Sand Filtration  69
Cartridge Filtration  72
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration   73
Other Conventional Filtration Equipment   75
Suppliers   77
Membrane Equipment  79
Microfiltration  82
Reverse Osmosis  84
Ultrafiltration  86
Other Membrane Equipment  88
Suppliers   90
Disinfection Equipment  91
Chemical Generation Equipment   94
Ultraviolet (UV) Equipment  96
Ozone Generation Equipment  99
Other Disinfection Equipment   101
Suppliers  102
Other Water Treatment Equipment   103
Deionization  105
Distillation  107
All Other Water Treatment Equipment   109
Suppliers  112

IV. Markets   113
General   113
Municipal  116
Supply Water  120
Wastewater  122
Manufacturing  124
Pharmaceuticals  127
Food & Beverage  129
Electronics  132
Petroleum Refining  134
Pulp & Paper  136
Other Manufacturing Markets   138
Commercial & Residential   139
Residential  141
Commercial  143
Resource Extraction  143
Oil & Gas  145
Mining  147
Power Generation  148
Other Markets  150
Agriculture  152
Ballast Water  152
Aquaculture  153
All Other  154

V. Applications  155
General   155
Supply Water  155
Wastewater  157
Process Water  160
Ultrapurification  162
Desalination  164

VI. Industry Structure  167
General   167
Market Share  170
Industry Restructuring  174
Cooperative Agreements  177
Competitive Strategies  181
Research & Development   182
Technical Service  183
Marketing & Distribution   184
Company Profiles  186
AmeriWater, see GDF SUEZ
Aquafine, see Danaher
BWT AG  187
Calgon Carbon Corporation   189
Cambridge Water Technology, see Siemens
Culligan International Company   191
Danaher Corporation  194
domnick hunter Process Filtration, see Parker-Hannifin Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Company Limited  197
Dow Chemical Company  199
Ebara Corporation  202
Ecolab Incorporated  203
Filtrix, see Pentair GDF SUEZ SA  206
GE Water and Process Technologies, see General Electric General Electric Company   211
GLV Incorporated  214
Hyde Marine, see Calgon Carbon Hydranautics, see Nitto Denko Infilco Degrémont, see GDF SUEZ ITT Corporation  218
Kemira Oyj  219
Koch Industries Incorporated   221
Krüger, see Veolia Environnement K+S AG  224
Kurita Water Industries Limited   226
Morton Salt, see K+S Nalco Holding, see Ecolab Nitto Denko Corporation   228
Ovivo, see GLV Ozonia, see GDF Suez Pall Corporation  230
Parker-Hannifin Corporation   233
Pentair Limited  237
Pentair Residential Filtration, see General Electric and Pentair Severn Trent plc  245
Siemens AG  249
3M Company  255
Toray Industries Incorporated   260
Toyobo Company Limited   262
Treated Water Outsourcing, see Ecolab and Siemens Trojan Technologies, see Danaher
Veolia Environnement SA   264
Village Marine Tec, see Parker-Hannifin Water and Power Technologies, see GDF SUEZ X-Flow, see Pentair Xylem Incorporated  268

List of Tables

Section I -- Executive Summary
Summary Table   3

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Macroeconomic Indicators  8
2 Nonresidential Fixed Investment  10
3 Population & Households  14
4 Manufacturers’ Shipments  18
5 Pharmaceutical Supply & Demand  21
6 Food & Beverage Shipments  24
7 Electronic Components Shipments  28
8 Paper & Paperboard Production  31
9 Refined Petroleum Product Consumption & Production  34
10 Electricity Generation  36
11 Water Withdrawal & Water Use  38
12 Electric Power Generation Water Use   39
13 Manufacturing & Mining Water Use   41
14 Municipal Water Use  42
15 Water Treatment Equipment Market, 2002-2012   56

Section III -- Products
1 Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Type & Product  62
2 Water Treatment Systems Demand by Product   64
3 Water Treatment Consumables Demand by Product   66
4 Conventional Filtration Equipment Demand by Product & Market  68
5 Sand Filtration Equipment Demand by Market & Type  71
6 Cartridge Filtration Equipment Demand by Market & Type  73
7 Diatomaceous Earth Filtration Equipment Demand by Market & Type  75
8 Other Conventional Filtration Equipment Demand by Market & Type  77
9 Membrane Equipment Demand by Product & Market   81
10 Microfiltration Equipment Demand   83
11 Reverse Osmosis Equipment Demand   85
12 Ultrafiltration Equipment Demand   87
13 Other Membrane Equipment Demand  90
14 Disinfection Equipment Demand by Product, Market, & Type  93
15 Chemical Generation Equipment Demand   96
16 Ultraviolet Equipment Demand  99
17 Ozone Generation Equipment Demand   101
18 Other Disinfection Equipment Demand   102
19 Other Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Product & Market  104
20 Deionization Equipment Demand   107
21 Distillation Equipment Demand   109
22 All Other Water Treatment Equipment Demand  111

Section IV -- Markets
1 Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Market  115
2 Municipal Market for Water Treatment Equipment  119
3 Supply Water Treatment Equipment Demand   122
4 Wastewater Treatment Equipment Demand   124
5 Manufacturing Water Treatment Equipment Demand  126
6 Pharmaceuticals Market for Water Treatment Equipment  129
7 Food & Beverage Processing Market for Water Treatment Equipment  132
8 Electronics Market for Water Treatment Equipment  134
9 Petroleum Refining Market for Water Treatment Equipment  136
10 Pulp & Paper Market for Water Treatment Equipment  138
11 Other Manufacturing Markets for Water Treatment Equipment 139
12 Commercial & Residential Markets for Water Treatment Equipment & Consumables   141
13 Resource Extraction Market for Water Treatment Equipment 145
14 Power Generation Market for Water Treatment Equipment  150
15 Other Markets for Water Treatment Equipment  151

Section V -- Applications
1 Supply Water Treatment Equipment Demand   156
2 Wastewater Treatment Equipment Demand   159
3 Process Water Treatment Equipment Demand  161
4 Ultrapurification Water Treatment Equipment Demand  163
5 Desalination Water Treatment Equipment Demand  165

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 US Water Treatment Equipment Sales by Company, 2012  168
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures   176
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements   179

List of Charts

Section III -- Products
1 Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Product, 2012  63
2 Conventional Filtration Equipment Demand by Market, 2012  69
3 Membrane Equipment Demand by Market, 2012   82
4 Disinfection Equipment Demand by Market, 2012   94
5 Other Water Tr

Section IV -- Markets
1 Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Market, 2012  116
2 Municipal Water Treatment Equipment Market by Type, 2012 120
3 Manufacturing Markets for Water Treatment Equipment, 2012 127

Section V -- Applications
1 Supply Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Type, 2012  157
2 Wastewater Treatment Equipment Demand by Type, 2012  159
3 Process Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Type, 2012  161
4 Ultrapurification Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Type, 2012  164
5 Desalination Water Treatment Equipment Demand by Type, 2012   166

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 US Water Treatment Equipment Market Share, 2012  171

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