UK Insurance Aggregators 2018

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Date: 13-Feb-2018
No. of pages: 45

UK Insurance Aggregators 2018


"UK Insurance Aggregators 2018", report explores consumer purchasing behavior through price comparison sites and how it is changing. It discovers what is most influential to customers when selecting a policy through the channel and reveals the brand strategies of the four leading sites. Their distinct approaches to advertising are also highlighted, as well as key factors that will influence the market over the coming years - including regulation and new technology.

The proportion of consumers using aggregators for research purposes rose in three of the four leading personal lines categories in 2017, after continuously declining for three consecutive years in all four lines. The motor and pet lines saw rises of just under 5.0 percentage points as consumers looked for savings when faced with increasing premiums in both sectors. However, this increased traffic did not necessarily lead to more purchases through price comparison websites.


- Three of the four main aggregators reported an improved year-on-year financial performance.

- Web traffic increased but dominance in individual channels declined as consumers opted to go direct to insurers.

- was the only aggregator to launch a large-scale campaign up to H1 2017, but and released theirs later in the year.

Reasons to buy

- Adapt your distribution strategy to ensure it still meets customer purchasing behaviors.

- Ensure you remain competitive as new innovations revolutionize the consumer purchasing journey.

- Be informed of how new technology could impact the aggregator channel over the next few years.

- Read about differences in pricing between the top four comparison sites.

UK Insurance Aggregators 2018

Table of Contents
1.1. Aggregator web traffic picks up as premiums soar 2
1.2. Key findings 2
1.3. Critical success factors 2
2.1. Aggregators' promise to save consumers time and money holds strong appeal 7
2.2. Aggregators are increasingly important as a research tool, but conversion rates are dropping 7
2.3. Financial results indicate a strong performance from aggregators 10
2.4. Price is essential, but consumers do look beyond the cheapest policy 12
2.5. The Insurance Distribution Directive aims to increase clarity 12
2.6. The FCA's renewal transparency regulation has yet to be properly enforced 13
2.7. Advisory, concierge insurtech apps could mount a challenge to aggregators 13
3.1. Motor 15
3.1.1. Regulation 17
3.1.2. Future market and threats 18
3.1.3. Average price varies considerably across the leading aggregators 19
3.2. Home 21
3.2.1. Clarity remains an issue in improving the home sector 25
3.3. Travel 25
3.4. Pet 27
3.4.1. Soaring premiums are sending consumers to aggregators 27
3.4.2. Clarity remains a problem in the pet sector 30
4.1. Overall 32
4.1.1. offers the cheapest premiums 33
4.2. 33
4.2.1. is caught up in a CMA investigation 33
4.2.2. released strong financial results 34
4.2.3. is on the hunt for someone to travel the world 34
4.3. 34
4.3.1. enjoyed a strong start to 2017 34
4.3.2. leads the way in mobile apps 35
4.4. 35
4.4.1. sacrificed profit for a marketing push 35
4.4.2. is continuing its James Corden-led advertising campaign 35
4.5. 36
4.5.1. Solid financial performance for 36
4.5.2. look towards fintech 36
5.1. Overall 37
5.2. dominates advertising spend 38
5.3. has increased its radio advertising 39
5.4.'s advertising spend continues to decline 40
5.5. spent less than £1m in H1 2017 41
6. Appendix 43
6.1. Abbreviations and acronyms 43
6.2. Definitions 43
6.2.1. Home insurance 43
6.2.2. Pet insurance 43
6.3. Methodology 43
6.3.1. GlobalData's UK Insurance Consumer Surveys. 43
6.4. Bibliography 44
6.5. Further reading 44

List of Figures
Figure 1: Consumers increased their use of price comparison sites for research in 2017 8
Figure 2: With the exception of household insurance, purchases through comparison sites continue to fall 9
Figure 3: Converting consumers from research to sales is a growing issue for aggregators 10
Figure 4: Switching rates increased in motor, the largest insurance sector 11
Figure 5: A higher proportion of switchers are also using price comparison websites 11
Figure 6: Consumers look beyond the cheapest policy 12
Figure 7: benefits from brand awareness 16
Figure 8: Motor premiums hit double-digit growth in H2 2017 17
Figure 9: provides the cheapest options for motor customers 20
Figure 10: Customers turn to for value and for brand trust 22
Figure 11: Household premiums have been in steady decline despite a late 2017 rise 23
Figure 12: offers the cheapest home insurance policies 24
Figure 13: benefits from search engine usage and advertising 26
Figure 14: Travel premiums remain cheap and consistent 27
Figure 15: stands out on price in the pet market 28
Figure 16: edges its competitors to offer the cheapest accident-only quotes 29
Figure 17: offers the cheapest lifetime pet policies 30
Figure 18: has a dominant lead across all four lines 32
Figure 19: Familiarity with brand is key for consumers 33
Figure 20: Advertising spending has been on the decline, with the exception of 37
Figure 21: spends the majority of its advertising budget on motor insurance 38
Figure 22: In H1 2017 diversified its advertising spend 39
Figure 23: shifted away from TV in H1 2017 40
Figure 24: increased its advertising expenditure in H1 2017 41
Figure 25: kept its H1 2017 advertising spending to a minimum 42
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