Trends and Opportunities in the Diabetes Care Market

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Date: 15-Jan-2014
No. of pages: 252
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The global market for diabetes devices was estimated to be worth US$ 12.2 billion in 2012. And although this market was in decline due to intense competition and low reimbursement levels, as well as being traditionally dominated by 6 major manufacturers, good opportunities are growing more apparent for companies with unique diabetes devices or that compete in yet to be established markets.

In geographical terms, the US market dominates this sector, with Europe and other developed markets close behind. However, while these regions are experiencing pricing pressures and slower than usual sales volumes as a result of the economic downturn and government reductions in healthcare spending, there has been strong demand for SMBG (Self-monitoring blood glucose) and manual insulin delivery products in emerging and developing nations.

This new report from Espicom provides a complete and comprehensive review of the current diabetes device market, highlighting and analysing the market leaders, competing products and new developments across a wide range of technology areas. Furthermore, this report also acts as a diabetes device manufacturer directory detailing each company's recent key events in the diabetes sector and providing granular financial data (where available).

What this report contains:

  • Executive Summary

  • Market overview covering the global diabetes market, the competitive environment and the growth drivers, restraints and future opportunities

  • Market dynamics, detailed breakdown of key leading products, competing products and products in development for Diabetes Monitoring Products and Insulin Delivery Products

  • Current products and products in development within Combined CGM-Insulin Pump Systems technologies

  • Current research and development for Artificial Pancreas Technologies

  • Diabetes device company directory and company profiles for market-leading companies, detailing recent key events and important financial data

The Diabetes report is the foolproof business resource for any industry executive that needs to fully understand the current players and future prospects within the global diabetes market. The need for hard facts and statistics to back up everyday business decisions is essential and it is this report that can provide you with the answers.

Trends and Opportunities in the Diabetes Care Market

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1

Market Overview 2
Background 2
Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes 2
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Patients 3
Current Trends in Diabetes Care 4

The Global Burden of Diabetes 4
Diabetes Prevalence 5
Global Burden of Metabolic Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases Collaborating Group Study Mortality 7
Diabetes Complications 7
The Cost of Diabetes 8

The Diabetes Device Market 9
Product Segments 10
Current Market Trends 13
Regional Perspective 15

Competitive Environment 17
New Market Entrants 20
Market Withdrawals 20
Rounding Out Product Portfolios 21
Market Consolidation 22

Growth Drivers, Restraints and Future Opportunities 22
Regulatory and Reimbursement Environment 23
Connectivity and Data Integration 25
The Role of Telemonitoring in Diabetes Care 25
Emerging Technologies 27
New-Generation Insulin Delivery Devices 27
Development of a Closed-Loop System 28
Rival Technologies 28
Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes 29

Market Expectations 30

Diabetes Monitoring Products 32
Market Dynamics 34
Manual Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Products 36
Current Market Environment 37
Regional Markets and Reimbursement 39
Accuracy Standards 40
GDH-PQQ Test Strips 41
New Product Developments 42
SMBG for Type 2 Diabetes Patients 42
Market Forecast 43
Competitive Environment 45
Market-Leading Self-Testing Blood Glucose Meters 47
Abbott’s Blood Glucose Monitors 47
FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitors and Test Strips 47
Arkray’s Glucocard Products 48
Bayer’s Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems 50
Contour Next Link 50
Contour Next and Contour Next USB 51
Contour USB 51
Contour, Contour TS, Contour Link and Breeze 2 51
LifeScan Products 52
Consumer Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 52
Nipro Diagnostics’ TRUE Products 55
TRUE2go and TRUEresult 55
Roche Diabetes Care’s Products 56
Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 56
Accu-Chek Aviva Expert 57
Accu-Chek FastClix Lancing Device 57
Other Market Participants 57
Product Highlights 59
ACON Laboratories’ On Call Products 59
Bionime’s BGMs 60
BodyTel Europe’s GlucoTel 60
Cardiocom’s Diabetes Management System 60
Decision Diagnostics’/Shasta Technologies’ Genstrip Blood Glucose Test Strip 60
Entra Health Systems’ MyGlucoHealth Network 61
IDEAL LIFE Gluco-Manager 62
Infopia’s Blood Glucose Products 62
Max Medical’s Minipro Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System 62
Medisana’s GlucoDock 63
Menarini’s GlucoMen LX Plus/Glucofix Mio Plus 63
PositiveID/Smart Glucose Meter Corporation’s iglucose 63
Sanofi’s BGStar and iBGStar 63
Telcare’s Telcare BGM 64
Ypsomed’s mylife Unio 65
Products in Development 65
Intuity Medical’s POGO Blood Glucose Monitoring System 65
National Diagnostic Products’ BETACHEK C50 Cassette System 65

Continuous Glucose Monitoring 66
The Benefits of CGM 66
Barriers to Adoption 66
The Cost of CGM 67
Clinical Trial Results - Highlighting Benefits and Drawbacks 67
The TD1 Exchange: User Experiences of CGM 68
CGM Market Trends and Opportunities 69
Regional Adoption Rates, Regulatory and Reimbursement Environment United States 71
International Market 71
Future Prospects 72
Competitive Environment 74
Currently-Available Products 76
Medtronic’s Guardian REAL-Time CGM System 76
Medtronic’s Enlite CGM Sensor 77
DexCom’s CGMs 77
GlucoClear 78
Abbott’s FreeStyle Navigator II 79
A Menarini Diagnostics’ GlucoDay S 79
Products in Development 79
DexCom’s Research and Development 79
DexCom Share System 80
Paediatric Use CGM in the US 80
Alliance with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 80
Roche’s CGM System 81
New-Generation Implantable CGM Sensors 81
BioTex’ Implantable CGM 81
EyeSense’s FiberSense System 81
GlySens’ ICGM 82
PositiveID & RECEPTORS’ GlucoChip 82
Senseonics’ CGM System 83
Minimally-Invasive CGM in Development 84
Echo Therapeutics’ Symphony tCGM System 84
North Carolina State University, Sandia National Laboratories and University of California, San Diego’s Microneedle Sensors 86
Sysmex’ Minimally-Invasive ISF Extraction Technology (MIET) 87

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring 88
Competitive Environment 88
AIMEDICS’ HypoMon 89
Biosign Technologies’ UFIT TEN-20 Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Glucose Meter 90
Biovotion’s Multisensor Glucose Monitoring System 90
Integrity Applications’ GlucoTrack DF-F 91
Optical Technologies 92
EyeSense’s Optical Sensor 92
Freedom Meditech’s I-SugarX Glucose Monitoring System 92
Grove Instruments’ Grove Glucometer 93
Lein Applied Diagnostics 93
LighTouch Medical’s Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor 94
Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Raman Spectroscopy System 95
OrSense’s NBM-200G Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Meter 95
St Louis Medical Devices Near-Infrared Light-Based System 95
Smart Tattoos 96
BioTex’ Smart Tattoo 96
Charles Stark Draper Laboratory 96
Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Smart Tattoo 96
University of Strathclyde and King’s College London 96
Tear Fluid Glucose Sensors 97
Mayo Clinic, Arizona State University and BioAccel 97
University of Washington and Microsoft Research 97
The University of Western Ontario’s Glucose Monitoring Contact Lenses 98
Breath-Based Glucose Monitoring 98
PositiveID’s EasyChek 98
Xhale’s Breath-Based Glucose Monitor 99
Brown University and Saliva-Based Glucose Testing 99

Insulin Delivery Products 100
Addressable Patient Population 101
Market Trends 102
Competitive Environment 104
Future Market Prospects 104
Manual Insulin Injection Products 106
Insulin Pens 107
Competitive and Market Environment 108
Currently-Available Products 109
Biocon’s INSUPen 109
Eli Lilly’s HumaPen, Memoir and KwikPen Products 109
Owen Mumford’s Autopen 110
Novo Nordisk’s Products 110
Sanofi’s AllSTAR, SoloSTAR and ClikSTAR 111
Ypsomed Delivery Systems 111
Ypsomed and Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical’s Sulin and Gansulin Pens 112
Needles and Syringes 112
SectionName Trends and Opportunities in the Diabetes Care Market
Pen Needles 113
BD Diabetes Care Products 113

Insulin Pumps 114
The TD1 Exchange: User Experiences of Insulin Pumps 115
Current Market Trends 116
Regional Perspective 117
User Adoption Rates 118
Cost and Reimbursement 119
Regulatory Environment - FDA Infusion Pump Improvement Initiative
The Potential for Cyber Attacks 120
Competitive Environment 121
Market Outlook 122
Currently-Available Insulin Pumps 124
Animas Insulin Pumps 124
Animas Vibe 124
OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System 124
Asante Solutions’ Asante Snap Insulin Pump 124
Medtronic’s MiniMed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump and Infusion Sets 125
Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Reservoir Recall 125
FDA Warning Letter 126
Sooil Development’s Diabecare Insulin Pumps 127
Roche Insulin Pumps 127
Accu-Chek Combo BGM and Pump System 128
Accu-Chek Spirit 128
Accu-Check D-TRONplus 128
Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim Insulin Delivery System 128
Insulin Delivery Patch Pumps 129
CeQur’s PaQ Insulin Delivery Device 129
Cellnovo’s Mobile Diabetes Management System 129
Insulet’s OmniPod Insulin Management System 130
Valeritas’ V-Go 132
Products in Development 133
Becton Dickinson-JDRF Micro-Needle Technology 133
Debiotech’s JewelPUMP 133
Insulet’s OmniPod for Humulin R U-500 Insulin 134
Roche’s R&D Pipeline 134
Accu-Chek Insight and NovoRapid PumpCart 135
Johnson & Johnson’s Calibra Wearable Insulin Patch 135
Tandem Diabetes Care’s Pipeline 135
t:flex Insulin Pump 135
t:sensor Insulin Pump and CGM System 136
t:sport Insulin Delivery System 136
t:dual Infusion System 136
Ypsomed’s New Insulin Pump 136
Alternative Insulin Delivery Devices 137
Generex Biotechnology’s Oral-lyn 137
Insulin Inhalers 138
Development Considerations 138
MannKind’s AFREZZA 139
Dance Pharmaceuticals’ Adagio 141

Integrated Cgm-Insulin Pump Systems 143
Currently-Available Products 143
Medtronic’s Integrated Diabetes Management Products 143
Clinical Trials 144
STAR Studies 144
REAL Trend Study 144
Animas Vibe 145
Products In Development 145
Insulet’s CGM-Enabled OmniPod 145

Artificial Pancreas Technology 146
Semi-Closed-Loop Systems 147
Medtronic’s Low Glucose Suspend/Threshold Suspend Automation Technology 147
Paradigm Veo with Low Glucose Suspend 147
MiniMed 530G System 147
ASPIRE Study 148
ASPIRE In-Home 148
Research & Development 148
FDA Artificial Pancreas Development Guidelines 148
Key Closed-Loop Development Projects 149
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Artificial Pancreas Project  150
Real-World Artificial Pancreas Study 150
University of Cambridge Studies 151
UC Santa Barbara & Sansum Diabetes Research Institute 152
Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University 152
JDRF-Helmsley Charitable Trust Sensor Initiative 153
Collaboration with BD 153
Collaboration with Medtronic 153
Collaboration with Tandem Diabetes Care 154
Collaboration with DexCom 154
Collaboration with Animas 154
Medtronic’s Closed-Loop Diabetes Management System 155
Overnight Closed Loop Studies 155
Mayo Clinic 156
UC Santa Barbara, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, Mayo Clinic, Universities of Virginia & Padova 156
MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas System 157
DREAM Project 157
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 158
Clinical Studies 159

Diabetes Device Manufacturers 160
Diabetes Device Company Directory 160
Abbott Laboratories 168
FreeStyle Navigator II Continuous Glucose Monitoring System 169
Blood Glucose Monitors 169
FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitors and Test Strips 169
Precision Xtra/Optium Xceed System 170
CoPilot Health Management System 170
Precision XceedPro and PrecisionWeb Professional Use Products 171
Alliance with Insulet 171
Litigation 171
DexCom 171
Financial Performance 172
Latest Results 172
Arkray 174
Blood Glucose Self-Testing 174
Glucocard Meters 174
Assure Products 175
Current Alliances and Contracts 176
MyCareTeam 176
A Menarini Diagnostics 176
Bayer 177
Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems 177
Contour Next Link 177
Contour Next and Contour Next USB 178
Contour USB 179
Contour, Contour TS, Contour Link and Breeze 2 179
Alliance with Medtronic 180
Financial Performance 180
Becton, Dickinson and Company 181
BD Diabetes Care Products 181
BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow Technology 182
BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pen Needle 182
AutoShield Duo Pen Needle 182
Collaboration with the JDRF 182
Litigation with Insulet 183
Financial Performance 183
DexCom 185
GlucoClear 187
Research and Development 187
DexCom Share System 188
Paediatric Use CGM in the US 188
SweetSpot Diabetes Care Acquisition 188
Current Alliances 189
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 189
Tandem Diabetes Care 189
Edwards LifeSciences 189
Animas 190
Litigation with Abbott 190
Financial Performance 191
Latest Results and Outlook 191
Insulet 193
OmniPod Insulin Management System 194
Research and Development 194
Current Alliances 195
Eli Lilly and Company 195
LifeScan 195
Abbott 195
Ypsomed 195
GlaxoSmithKline 196
Flextronics International 196
Acquisition of Neighborhood Diabetes 196
Litigation 196
Medtronic 196
Rydex Technologies 197
Becton, Dickinson and Company 197
Financial Performance 197
Latest Results and Outlook 198
Johnson & Johnson 199
Animas Operations 200
Animas Products 200
Current Alliances 201
Litigation with Medtronic 202
Calibra Medical Operations 202
LifeScan Operations 202
Consumer Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 203
Current Alliances 206
Litigation 207
Financial Performance 207
Medtronic 209
Enlite CGM Sensor 210
Integrated Diabetes Management Products 210
Paradigm Veo with Low Glucose Suspend 210
MiniMed 530G System 211
MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel 212
MiniMed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump and Infusion Sets 212
Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Reservoir Recall 213
FDA Warning Letter 213
Guardian REAL-Time CGM System 214
Professional Use CGM Products 215
Sentrino CGM System 215
iPro 2 Professional 215
CareLink Software 215
Bayer Contour Link and Contour Next Link Blood Glucose Meters 216
Research and Development 216
Closed-Loop Diabetes Management System 216
Key Alliances 217
National Institute of Hospital Administration, China 217
Bayer 218
Litigation 218
Insulet 218
Animas 218
Financial Performance 218
Nipro Diagnostics 220
Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 221
Blood Glucose Monitors 221
TRUE2go and TRUEresult 221
TRUEread 222
TRUEbalance 222
TRUEtrack 222
TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software 222
Alliance with NextGen Healthcare Information Systems 222
Roche Diabetes Care 224
Diabetes Care Products 225
Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 225
Accu-Chek Aviva Expert 226
Accu-Chek FastClix Lancing Device 226
Accu-Chek Combo BGM and Pump System 226
Insulin Pumps 226
Accu-Chek Spirit 227
Accu-Check D-TRONplus 227
Data Management Tools 227
Research & Development 227
Accu-Chek Insight and NovoRapid PumpCart 227
SOLO Micropump 227
Current Alliances 228
Novo Nordisk 228
InterComponentWare 228
Litigation with LifeScan 228
Financial Performance 228
Latest Results 230
Ypsomed 231
mylife Diabetes Care Products 232
mylife Unio BGM 232
mylife Pura BGM 233
Ypsomed Delivery Systems 233
Acquisition of ICU Medical’s Orbit Infusion Set Business 233
In Development: New Insulin Pump 233
Current Alliances 234
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 234
Lifescan 234
Insulution AB 234
B Braun 234
Distribution Agreements 234
Insulet 235
Bionime 235
Financial Performance 235

Appendices 238
List Of Abbreviations 238
Report Methodology 239

List of Tables

Diabetes Prevalence for the Top 10 Countries, 2011-2030 (million) 6
Global Diabetes Market by Product Type, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 14
Global Diabetes Market Growth Rates by Product Type, 2006-2011 (%) 15
Key Companies’ Diabetes Care Sales, 2005-2012 (US$ million) 18
Non-US Companies’ Diabetes Sales in Reported Currency, 2006-2012 (million) 19
Leading Companies’ International Diabetes Care Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 19
Key Companies’ US Diabetes Care Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 19
Key Companies: Market Presence & Position by Product Area, 2012 21
Key Companies: Current & Future Potential Market Presence by Product Area 22
Global Diabetes Market Forecast by Product Type, 2012-2018E (US$ million) 31
Global Diabetes Market Forecast Growth Rates by Product, 2012-2018E (%) 31
Overview: Glucose Monitoring Products 33
Public Companies’ Glucose Monitoring Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 35
SMBG Market by Major Geographic Region, 2011-2012 (US$ million) 40
Summary: SMBG Growth Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities 44
Key Companies’ SMBG Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 45
Competing Self-Testing Blood Glucose Monitoring Products 57
Summary: CGM Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities 74
Companies’ CGM Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 75
Insulin Delivery Market by Product Type 2005-2012 (US$ million) 102
Key Companies’ Insulin Delivery Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 104
Summary: Insulin Delivery Market Growth Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities 105
Insulin Delivery Market Forecast by Product Type 2012-2018E (US$ million) 105
Insulin Pump Market: Growth Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities 115
Key Companies’ Insulin Pump Sales, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 122
Recent Key Events 168
Abbott Diabetes Care Sales by Region, 2007-2012 (US$ million) 172
Recent Key Events 174
Recent Key Events 177
Bayer Diabetes Care Revenue, 2008-2012 (EUR million) 180
Recent Key Events 181
Trends and Opportunities in the Diabetes Care Market SectionName

List of Charts

Fig 1: Diabetes Prevalence by Geographic Region, 2011-2030 6
Fig 2: Diabetes Device Market by Major Product Category, 2012 11
Fig 3: Percentage of US Diabetes Patients by Treatment Type, 2007-2009 11
Fig 4: Diabetes Device Market by Product Type, 2012 13
Fig 5: Global Diabetes Device Market, 2005-2012 (US$ billion) 13
Fig 6: Global Diabetes Market By Product Type, 2006-2012 (US$ billion) 15
Fig 7: Global Diabetes Device Market by Region, 2012 16
Fig 8: US Market by Product Type, 2012 16
Fig 9: International Market by Product Type, 2012 17
Fig 10: Diabetes Device Market Share by Company, 2012 18
Fig 11: Diabetes Device Market by Product, 2018E 31
Fig 12: Global Glucose Monitoring Market, 2005-2012 (US$ billion) 34
Fig 13: Global Glucose Monitoring Market Growth, 2005-2012 (%) 35
Fig 14: Glucose Monitoring Market by Product Type, 2012 35
Fig 15: Glucose Monitoring Market Share by Company, 2012 36
Fig 16: Global SMBG Market, 2005-2012 (US$ million) 38
Fig 17: Global SMBG Market Growth Rates, 2005-2012 (%) 38
Fig 18: SMBG Market by Product Type, 2012 39
Fig 19: SMBG Market by Region, 2012 40
Fig 20: Global SMBG Market, 2012-2018E (US$ billion) 44
Fig 21: Global SMBG Market Growth Rates, 2012-2018E (%) 44
Fig 22: SMBG Market Share by Company, 2012 46
Fig 23: United States SMBG Market Share by Company, 2012 46
Fig 24: SMBG International Market Share by Company, 2012 46
Fig 25: Global CGM Market, 2006-2012 (US$ million) 69
Fig 26: Percentage of CGM Sales Volumes by Hardware & Consumables, 2012 70
Fig 27: CGM Market by Region, 2012 70
Fig 28: Global CGM Market Forecast, 2012-2018E (US$ million) 73
Fig 29: Global CGM Market Growth Rates, 2012-2018E (%) 73
Fig 30: Global CGM Market Shares by Company, 2012 75
Fig 31: US CGM Market Shares by Company, 2012 75
Fig 32: International CGM Market Shares by Company, 2012 76
Fig 33: Percentage of US Diabetes Patients by Treatment Type, 2007-2009 102
Fig 34: Global Insulin Delivery Market, 2007-2012 (US$ billion) 103
Fig 35: Global Insulin Delivery Market Growth Rates, 2006-2012 (%) 103
Fig 36: Percentage of Insulin Delivery Market by Product Type, 2012 103
Fig 37: Global Insulin Delivery Market Estimated Growth Rates, 2012-2018E (%) 105
BD Diabetes Care Sales by Region, 2008-2012 (US$ million) 183
Recent Key Events 186
DexCom - Operating Results, 2008-2012 (US$ million) 191
Recent Key Events 193
Insulet - Operating Results, 2008-2012 (US$ thousands) 198
Recent Key Events 200
J&J Diabetes Care Revenue, 2007-2012 (US$ million) 208
Recent Key Events 209
Medtronic - Diabetes Sales by Region, Fiscal 2008-2013 (US$ million) 219
Recent Key Events 220
Recent Key Events 225
Roche Diabetes Care Sales by Region, 2011-2012 (SFr million) 229
Recent Key Events 231
Ypsomed - Operating Results, Y/E 31st March 2011-2013 (SFr millions) 236
Ypsomed - Results by Business Segment, Y/E 31st March 2011-2013 (SFr millions) 236
Ypsomed - Revenue by Geographic Region, Y/E 31st March 2011-2013 (SFr millions) 236
SectionName Trends and Opportunities in the Diabetes Care Market
Fig 38: Estimated Insulin Delivery Market by Product Type, 2018E 106
Fig 39: Percentage of Novo Nordisk’s Insulin Sold in Pens by Region, 2011-2012 107
Fig 40: Manual Insulin Delivery Market by Geographic Region, 2012 107
Fig 41: Global Insulin Pen Market: Disposable vs Reusable Pens, 2012 108
Fig 42: Global Insulin Pump Market, 2005-2012 (US$ million) 116
Fig 43: Global Insulin Pump Market Growth Rates, 2006-2012 (%) 117
Fig 44: Insulin Pump Market by Product, 2012 117
Fig 45: Insulin Pump Market by Region, 2012 118
Fig 46: Insulin Pump Adoption Rates for Type 1 Diabetes Patients by Key Country, 2010 (%) 119
Fig 47: Insulin Pump Market Shares, 2012 122
Fig 48: Global Insulin Pump Market Forecast, 2012-2018E (US$ million) 123
Fig 49: Global Insulin Pump Market Estimated Growth Rates, 2012-2018E (%) 123
Fig 50: Percentage of Abbott Diabetes Care Revenue by Region, 2012 172
Fig 51: Percentage of BD Diabetes Care’s Revenue by Region, 2012 184
Fig 52: J&J Diabetes Care Sales by Region, 2012 208
Fig 53: J&J Diabetes Care Sales, 2004-2012 (US$ million) 208
Fig 54: Medtronic Diabetes Revenue, Fiscal 2005-2013 (US$ million) 219
Fig 55: Medtronic Diabetes Revenue by Region, Fiscal 2013 219
Fig 56: Roche Diabetes Care - Revenue by Product Line, 2012 229
Fig 57: Roche Diabetes Care - Revenue by Region, 2012 229
Fig 58: Ypsomed - Revenue by Business Segment, Fiscal 2012/13 237
Fig 59: Ypsomed - Revenue by Geographic Location, Fiscal 2012/13 237

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