The Service delivery platforms: worldwide market shares 2015

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Date: 28-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 68
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This report provides market share data for communications service provider (CSP) spending on telecoms-specific service delivery platform (SDP) software systems and related services for 2015. It provides details of how the spending varied by delivery model, service type, vendor and region. The report also includes ‘snapshots’ of information about the leading vendors in the market.

It is based on several sources, including:

  • interviews with CSPs and vendors worldwide

  • Analysys Mason’s strategy reports and other analysis developed during the past year

Geographical Coverage

  • Worldwide

  • Central and Eastern Europe

  • Developed Asia–Pacific

  • Emerging Asia–Pacific

  • Latin America

  • Middle East and North Africa

  • North America

  • Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Western Europe

Sub-Segment Coverage

  • Subscriber data management

  • Content management and delivery:

    • fixed content management and delivery

    • mobile content management and delivery

  • Telecoms application servers

Key Questions Answered In This Report

  • What was the overall size of the telecoms-specific service delivery pla tform market and what drove this spending among CSPs?

  • How did the spending vary across different sub-segments of the servicedelivery platform market?

  • Who are the major vendors and what is their share of revenue in the service delivery platforms market?

  • What are the different drivers and growth rates of CSP spending on products, product - related services and professional services?

Who Should Read This Report

  • Vendor strategy teams that need to understand where growth is slowing and where it is increasing – according to different sub-segment categories.

  • Product management teams responsible for feature functionality and geographical focus, and product marketing teams responsible for market - share growth.

  • Market intelligence teams at vendors that want to understand how their competitors compare with each other.

  • CSPs that are planning digital transformation journeys and want to ensure that their current vendors are staying up to date.

Key Market Developments In 2015

  • CSPs in developed markets shifted their focus from infrastructure builds to monetisation and customer retention through IMS - based services (VoLTE, VoWi-Fi), B2B services (unified communications) and multi-screen, 4K video. LTE roll-outs and expansions drove SDP revenue growth in emerging markets.

  • Virtualised SDPs were trialled and there were some commercial  deployments. vTAS for VoLTE/VoWi-Fi and vCDN for multi-screen video were the leading use cases, followed by vHSS.

The Service delivery platforms: worldwide market shares 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Business Environment
Market Shares
Product Revenue
Vendor Analysis
Market Definition
About The
Author And Analysys Mason

List of Figures

Figure 1: Service delivery platform product-related revenue by vendor, worldwide, 2015
Figure 2: Service delivery platform product-related revenue by type, worldwide, 2015
Figure 3: Service delivery platform product-related revenue by sub-segment, worldwide, 2015
Figure 4: Service delivery platform professional services revenue by vendor, worldwide, 2015
Figure 5: Service delivery platform professional services revenue by sub-segment, worldwide, 2015

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