The Morocco telecoms market report 2017

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Date: 05-Jan-2018
No. of pages: 16
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This country report and accompanying data annex provide a comprehensive overview of Morocco's telecoms market, including KPIs and data on subscribers, penetration, revenue and ARPU. The report analyses the strategies of major players in the country's fixed and mobile telecoms markets, and includes market share data and operators' infrastructure status.

Company coverage

This report includes information on the following companies:

  • inwi

  • Maroc Telecom

  • Orange

Data coverage

Analysys Mason's country report data annexes provide a range of key metrics for each country's telecoms market. Figures are supplied for each year since 2007. The data annex was last updated in December 2017 with data to 2Q 2017. Metrics include the following.

Fixed telecoms market


  • voice

  • broadband (split by access technology: DSL and BFWA)

  • dial-up Internet.


  • service revenue: total, as a percentage of GDP and per capita per month

  • retail revenue ('spend') – for voice, dial-up Internet, broadband, DSL, FTTB/LAN Ethernet, BFWA and business network services.


  • fixed-originated minutes

  • fixed-originated minutes of use per active connection per month.

Operator-level metrics/market share

  • broadband subscribers by major broadband operator (and associated market shares and year-on-year changes).

Mobile telecoms market


  • total and penetration

  • split by prepaid and contract; handset and broadband; and 2G.


  • service revenue, total and split by: prepaid and contract; as a percentage of GDP; per capita per month; voice, non-voice, P2P messaging, and content and data (for handset-based service revenue); and mobile broadband

  • ARPU, total and split by: prepaid and contract; and handset voice and non-voice services

  • data revenue (and as a percentage of service revenue).


  • mobile-originated minutes

  • mobile-originated minutes of use per active connection per month.

  • Operator-level metrics/market share

  • active subscribers (and associated market shares and year-on-year changes).

The Morocco telecoms market report 2017

Table of Contents


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