The Medical Device Market: Brazil

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Date: 29-Jan-2014
No. of pages: 217
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Brazil has the largest economy and medical device market in Latin America, but per capita medical expenditure is still very low. The highest expenditure is in the large cities, such as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, but producers are moving into regional markets outside the major state capitals. The medical device market in 2013 is valued at US$5,918.9mn, equal to US$29.6 per capita.

The public health system (SUS), created in 1988, provides healthcare services to around 75% of the population and the private sector 25%. However, the majority of inpatient services within the SUS are operated by private providers, with more than two-thirds of hospital facilities operated by the private sector. Further private investment in the health sector is being encouraged through a public-private partnership scheme launched in 2008, which is supported by the International Finance Corporation, the Brazilian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Brazil has the second largest private health insurance sector in the Americas, after the USA, covering around 25% of the population, 48mn people, in 2012. The expansion of the private health insurance sector in recent years has resulted in demand for better medical care and, in turn, further expenditure in medical equipment. The economic downturn has not affected hospital capital investments so severely. The public sector continues to be modernised and to upgrade obsolete equipment, therefore there are sizeable market opportunities if prices are competitive.

The government is extending healthcare service access through its Mais Saúde programme launched at the end of 2007, phase 2 of which is set to run until 2014. This programme has focused attention on developing the primary care network.

The government continues to invest in the expansion of the SUS. In 2013, BRL2.3bn (US$1.1bn) will be invested to support the development of primary health and emergency care services. A total of BRL$1.39bn (US$662mn) has also been invested in university hospitals since 2010 under the National University Hospital Restructuring programme (REHUF), which aims to improve access and quality of tertiary services provided to patients as well as the working and training conditions of medical students.

Medical device mports hold a relatively small share of the market, totalling US$2.8bn in 2012. They increased by 8.0% in 2012, but the CAGR 2007-2012 was much higher at 14.8%. Imports tend to be hightech medical equipment not produced locally. In 2012, over 75% of imports were supplied by Europe and the USA.

Brazilian medical device exports totalled US$524.6mn in 2012, a fall of 5.4% over 2011. The country has a well-established medical industry, comprising local and multinational companies. Domestic production, however, is geared towards the local market. Exports are small in comparison with total production and the country consistently runs a negative balance of trade in medical equipment and supplies.

The Medical Device Market: Brazil

Table of Contents

Espicom Industry View   7
Espicom Industry View      7
SWOT     9
Medical Device Market      9
Political     10
Economic    11
Business Environment     12
Industry Forecast     13
Medical Device Market Forecast    13
Past Performance 2008-2013    13
Future Performance 2013-2018    14
Table: Projected Medical Device Market, 2013-2018     15
Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2008-2018 (US$mn)   16
Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)  20
Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2008-2018 (% Of Total)     23
Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2009-2018 (US$mn, % Change)  26
Consumables Market Forecast    29
Table: Consumables Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)  31
Table: Consumables Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)    32
Table: Consumables Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)    33
Diagnostic Imaging Market Forecast     35
Electrodiagnostic Apparatus Sector   36
Radiation Apparatus Sector     37
Imaging Parts & Accessories Sector     38
Table: Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)     38
Table: Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)   39
Table: Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)     40
Dental Products Market Forecast   42
Table: Dental Products Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)     44
Table: Dental Products Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)  44
Table: Dental Products Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)     45
Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market Forecast  47
Table: Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)   48
Table: Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)   49
Table: Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)      49
Patient Aids Market Forecast     51
Table: Patient Aids Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)    52
Table: Patient Aids Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)   53
Table: Patient Aids Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)   53
Other Medical Devices Market Forecast    55
Table: Other Medical Devices Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)   56
Table: Other Medical Devices Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)  57
Table: Other Medical Devices Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)      58
Annual Medical Device Imports     60
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s)      64
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s, % Change)  65
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (Local Currency 000s)     66
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area 2008-2012 (Local Currency 000s, % Change)   67
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area 2008-2012 (% Distribution)   68
Table: Leading Medical Device Suppliers By Product Area, 2012 (US$000s)   71
Table: Leading Medical Device Suppliers By Product Area, 2012 (% Distribution)     72
Table: Top 20 Medical Device Suppliers, 2012 (US$000s)    73
Table: Detailed Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s)  74
Table: Detailed Medical Device Import Trends By Product Area, 2012      77
Table: Detailed Leading Medical Device Suppliers By Product Area, 2012 (US$000s)  81
Monthly Medical Device Imports    85
Table: Monthly Medical Device Imports By Product Area, October 2010 - September 2013 (US$mn)      85
Annual Medical Device Exports     87
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s)      89
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s, % Change)  90
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area 2008-2012, (Local Currency 000s)     91
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (Local Currency 000s, % Change)      92
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (% Distribution)      94
Table: Leading Medical Device Destinations By Product Area, 2012 (US$000s)      97
Table: Leading Medical Device Destinations By Product Area, 2012 (% Distribution)  98
Table: Top 20 Medical Device Destinations, 2012 (US$000s)  99
Table: Detailed Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2008-2012 (US$000s)  100
Table: Detailed Medical Device Export Trends By Product Area, 2012   103
Table: Detailed Leading Medical Device Destinations By Product Area, 2012 (US$000s)     107
Table: Detailed Medical Device Balance Of Trade, 2008-2012 (US$000s)   110
Monthly Medical Device Exports     114
Table: Monthly Medical Device Exports By Product Area, October 2010 - September 2013 (US$mn)  114
Macroeconomic Forecasts  116
Table: Brazil - Economic Activity     122
Industry Risk Reward Ratings      123
Industry Risk Reward Ratings   123
Table: Espicom Analysis Of The Medical Device Market, 2013     123
Market Overview     125
Medical Device Market Overview     125
Overview     125
Table: Medical Device Market, Key Ratios, 2013  127
The Market In 2013     127
Table: Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2013   128
Healthcare Overview     131
Healthcare System      131
Main World Bank Health-Related Projects  132
Health Insurance   133
Health Expenditure     134
Medical Device Technology    134
Table: Medical Device Technology By Type, 2005-2012     135
Key Data     137
Table: Key Data, 2008-2013  137
Industry Trends And Developments   140
Industry Trends & Developments     140
Table: Funding Allocation For Elective Surgery By State, July 2013  143
Regulatory Development  151
Medical Device Regulations     151
Medical Device Pricing & Reimbursement   155
Competitive Landscape   157
Domestic Medical Device Production    157
Table: Medical Device Manufacturers By Type, 2005-2011   158
Table: Electromedical & Radiology Equipment Manufacturers By Type, Key Indicators, 2011   159
Table: Medical & Surgical Instrument Manufacturers By Type, Key Indicators, 2011  159
Table: Medical Supplies Manufacturers By Type, Key Indicators, 2011   161
Table: Medical Device Production By Type, 2007-2011 (BRL000)  162
Table: Medical Device Production By Type, 2007-2011 (US$000)  165
Domestic Medical Device Manufacturing    169
Table: Medical Device Industry Economic Data, 2005-2011 (US$mn)      169
National Medical Device Manufacturers     171
Table: Cremer Net Revenues, 2011 - June 2013 (BRLmn)    173
Multinational Medical Device Manufacturers  182
Multinational Market Activity   192
Table: Multinational Market Activity, 2013  192
Medical Device Market Access     195
Market Environment     195
Distribution     196
Mercosur     196
Import Duties & Taxes     197
Table: CET for Medical Devices as at 25th April 2012   197
Trade Associations      204
Table: ABIMED Members, 2013     204
Trade Fairs     207
Methodology     210
Table: Used HS Trade Codes, 2013     211
Table: Rearranged HS Trade Codes, 2013    213

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