The Global Market for Graphene to 2025: Market size, production volumes, applications, products, prospects, research and companies

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Date: 20-May-2015
No. of pages: 256
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The global market for graphene continues to grow with weekly technology and production breakthroughs, new investment and public listings of graphene producers. There are now over 200 companies either producing graphene or developing applications. Driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required, graphene promises to outstrip all current nanomaterials, especially in consumer electronics and energy storage applications. Other markets graphene will impact include aerospace, automotive, coatings and paints, communications, 3D printing, filtration, sensors, solar, oil, and lubricants.

However, few graphene products have reached the market as yet and these mainly incorporate additives to enhance toughness and flexibility. Current products include smartphone touchscreens (Samsung, Wuxi), tennis rackets (Head), battery straps (Vorbeck) and oil-drilling muds (GrapheneNanochem). Numerous graphene enhanced touchscreen products will hit the market in 2015, mainly in the Asian market.

A number of companies have developed graphene-based 3-D printing materials in the past 12 months, including Graphene Technologies, Grafoid, Graphene 3D Labs, AGT, Kibaran and Qingdao Unique Products. Credit Suisse forecasts that global 3D printing market revenues will reach almost $12 billion by 2020; the market was worth approximtely $2 billion in 2012.

This fully updated 256 page report is the most comprehensive guide to the graphene market available.

What Does The Report Include

  • Comprehensive quantitative data and forecasts for the global graphene market to 2025

  • Qualititative insight and perspective on the current market and future trends in end user markets based on interviews with key exectutives

  • End user market analysis and technology timelines

  • Financial estimates for the markets graphene will impact

  • Patent analysis

  • Tables and figures illustrating graphene market size

  • Full company profiles of graphene producers and application developers including technology descriptions and end user markets targeted

  • Profiles of prominent research centres

  • Industry activity and breakthroughs by market 2013-2015

The Global Market for Graphene to 2025: Market size, production volumes, applications, products, prospects, research and companies

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary 4

2 Report Methodology 11

3 Introduction 12
Comparative properties

4 Production Methods 15
Graphene synthesis
Mass production
Graphene sheets
Large-area graphene films
Graphene oxide
Graphene oxide powder
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Epitaxial growth
Wet chemistry
Micromechanical cleavage
Recent synthesis methods

5 Production Volumes, 2010-2025 25

6 Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes 30

7 Other 2d Materials 33

8 Global Government Graphene Initiatives & Funding 44
United States

9 Graphene Patents and Publications 47

10 Graphene Product Integration 50

11 Graphene Market Developments 2013-2015 56

12 Graphene In The Energy Market 69
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Li-ion batteries
Fuel cells
Oil & Gas
LED Lighting
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

13 Graphene In The Aerospace Market 80
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

14 Graphene In The Automotive Market 84
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

15 Graphene in The Biomedical and Life Sciences Market 86
Market Drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Drug delivery
Medical device coatings
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

16 Graphene In The Coatings Market 90
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Anti-corrosion coatings
Anti-bacterial coatings
Anti-icing coatings
Anti-fogging coatings
Barrier coatings
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

17 Graphene In The Composites Market 94
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Polymer reinforcement
Wind turbines
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

18 Graphene in The Sensors Market 97
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Infrared sensors
Gas sensors
Chemical sensors
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

19 Graphene in The Electronics Market 100
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties
Target markets
Transparent conductive films
Conductive inks
Field-effect transistors and integrated circuits
Memory devices
3D Printing
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

20 Graphene In The Filtration Market 109
Market drivers
Water filtration
Oil clean-up
Industry developments 2013-2015
Product developers and OEMs

21 Graphene In The Adhesives Market
Market drivers
Relevant graphene properties

22 Producers, Application Developers and Oem Profiles 99-244

List of Tables and Figures

Figure 1 (left): A large transparent conductive graphene film (about 20 × 20 cm2) manufactured by 2D Carbon Tech. Figure 2 (right): Prototype of a mobile phone produced by 2D Carbon Tech using a graphene touch panel
Table 1: Graphene markets-Applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size range
Table 2: Large area graphene-Markets, applications and current global market
Table 3: Bulk or flake graphene-Markets, applications and current global market
Figure3: Graphene layer structure schematic.
Table 4: Engineered graphene properties
Table 5: Comparative properties of carbon material
Table 6: Main production methods for grapheme
Table 7: Graphene production overview
Table 8: Recent graphene synthesis methods
Table 9: Typical methods for the mass production of small graphene sheets by exfoliation of bulk graphite
Table 10: Graphene demand, 2010-2025, tons
Table 11: Graphene prices and production capacity of main suppliers
Table 12: Properties of carbon materials
Figure 4: Graphene can be rolledup into a carbon nanotube, wrapped into a fullerene, and stacked into graphite.
Table 13: Comparative properties of graphene with nanoclays and carbon nanotubes
Figure 5: Phosphorene structure.
Table 14: Comparative analysis of graphene and other 2-D nanomaterials
Figure 6: Silicene structure
Figure 7: Structure of 2D molybdenum disulphide
Figure 8: Atomic force microscopy image of a representative MoS2 thin-film transistor.
Figure 9: Schematic of the molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) thin-film sensor with the deposited molecules that create additional charge.
Figure 10: Molybdenum disulfide sheets to improve rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
Figure 11: Schematic cross-section view of atomic layer of molybdenum disulfide contacted by graphene, and encapsulated between layers of insulating hexagonal boron nitride
Figure 12: Structure of hexagonal boron nitride
Figure 13: Periodic arrays of cone-shaped hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) nanoantennas
Figure 14: Schematic of germanane
Figure 15: Graphdiyne structure.
Figure 16: Schematic of Graphane crystal
Figure 17: Crystal structure for stanene (2D-Sn)
Table 15: Comparison of properties of WSe2 and MoS2
Figure 18: Schematic of tungsten diselenide.
Figure 19: Schematic of a monolayer of rhenium disulphide
Table 18: Global government funding for grapheme
Table 19: Industrial graphene patents in 2014
Table 20: Published patent publications for graphene, 2004-2014
Table 21: Leading graphene patentees
Figure 20: Graphene powders
Figure 21: Vorbeck Materials Vor-ink conductive electronics
Table 22: Graphene in the energy market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 23: Graphene in the aerospace market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 24: Graphene in the automotive market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 25: Graphene in the biomedical and healthcare market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 26: Graphene in the market sector-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Figure 22: Water permeation through a brick without (left) and with (right) “graphene paint” coating
Table 27: Graphene in the composites market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 28: Graphene in the sensors market-applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 29: Graphene in the electronics market-applications, applications, stage of commercialization and addressable market size
Table 30: Graphene market supply chain

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