The Fixed services in emerging Asia–Pacific: trends and forecasts 2016–2021

Publisher Name :
Date: 10-Jan-2017
No. of pages: 31

"Total telecoms retail revenue in emerging Asia–Pacific will reach USD 319 billion by 2021; broadband and IPTV revenue, along with mobile handset data, will drive this revenue growth."

Operators in emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP) are actively expanding their network coverage. Fixed retail revenue growth will be strongest in EMAP compared with other regions worldwide, growing at a CAGR of 3.8% between 2015 and 2021, and will be driven by infrastructure improvements.

This Report And Associated Data Annex Provide:

  • commentary and trend analysis to support our 5-year forecast for EMAP

  • worldwide context, regional analysis and commentary on four countries: China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

  • forecasting informed by on-the-ground market experts from our Research and Consulting divisions, and external interviews.

Geographical Coverage

  • Bangladesh

  • China

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

Detailed country commentary

  • China

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

Data Coverage

Fixed connections

  • Voice, broadband, IPTV, dial-up

  • Narrowband voice, VoBB

  • DSL, FTTP/B, cable, BFWA, other

Fixed revenue

  • Service, retail

  • Voice, broadband, IPTV, dial-up, BNS

  • DSL, FTTP/B, cable, BFWA, other

Fixed voice traffic

  • Outgoing minutes, MoU

The Fixed services in emerging Asia–Pacific: trends and forecasts 2016–2021

Table of Contents

5. Executive summary
6. Executive summary
7. Worldwide trends
8. Revenue worldwide will increase in the mobile and fixed segments, driven by infrastructure investments in network roll-out
9. Fixed services: FTTP/B predominance in DVAP and EMAP will boost worldwide fibre subscription to over 1 billion in 2021
10. Fixed broadband: Household penetration will increase in all regions, driven by the availability of NGA and attractive bundles
11. Regional trends
12. Revenue and ARPU: Fixed broadband and IPTV will drive fixed telecoms retail revenue growth in emerging Asia–Pacific
13. Fixed services: Increased user demand drives fixed infrastructure investments, which increases the number of fixed connections
14. Fixed broadband: Large fibre deployments and cable TV digitisation characterise the emerging Asia–Pacific region
15. Geographical coverage: National broadband initiatives and advances in 4G are driving up the number of connections in Malaysia and Thailand
16. EMAP – fixed: NGA penetration growth will be supported by government initiatives to increase FBB service availability
17. Country-level trends
18. China: China Mobile’s entry into the broadband market will increase competition and drive overall market growth
19. Indonesia: Fibre take-up will boost fixed broadband and IPTV growth
20. Malaysia: Improvement in fixed infrastructure and various operators’ activities will lead to FBB revenue growth
21. Thailand: DSL to FTTH migration will stimulate revenue growth, along with service bundling
22. Forecast methodology and assumptions
23. We have a disciplined process of forecasting; our on-the-ground analysts and consultants collaborate closely to assess market dynamics
24. We use a vast variety of primary and secondary research for data collection; we use five key drivers and follow strict principles in forecasts
25. A robust and comparable set of historical data is the starting point for our forecasts; this involves three main activities
26. About the authors and Analysys Mason
27. About the authors
28. About Analysys Mason
29. Research from Analysys Mason
30. Consulting from Analysys Mason

List of Figures

Figure 1: Telecoms retail revenue by service type and total service revenue (retail and wholesale), emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 2: Telecoms retail revenue growth by type and country, worldwide, 2015–2021
Figure 3: Fixed broadband connections by type, and mobile broadband, fixed voice, VoBB and IPTV connections, worldwide, 2011–2021
Figure 4: Fixed broadband penetration of households by region, 2011–2021
Figure 5: Telecoms retail revenue by service type, fixed voice and fixed broadband ASPU, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 6: Telecoms retail revenue by service type, total service revenue and growth rates, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2015–2021
Figure 7: Connections by type, and growth rates, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2015– 2021
Figure 8: Fixed broadband connections by type, and fixed voice, IPTV and mobile broadband connections, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 9: Fixed broadband penetration of households by country, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 10: Mobile connections by technology generation and NGA’s share of fixed broadband connections, by country, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2021
Figure 11: Fixed penetration rates by service type, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 12: Fixed ASPU by service type, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2011–2021
Figure 13: Summary of key fixed market drivers and assumptions, emerging Asia–Pacific
Figure 14: Total fixed retail revenue, fixed broadband and IPTV revenue and CAGR, China, 2015–2021
Figure 15: Total fixed retail revenue, fixed broadband and IPTV revenue and CAGR, Indonesia, 2015–2021
Figure 16: Total fixed retail revenue, fixed broadband and IPTV revenue and CAGR, Malaysia, 2015–2021
Figure 17: Total fixed retail revenue, fixed broadband and IPTV revenue and CAGR, Thailand, 2015–2021

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