Telecommunications market in Russia 2012

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Date: 30-Sep-2012
No. of pages: 181
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Locate opportunity in Russian telecommunications.
New technology, infrastructure updates signal growth in 2012 and beyond.

The enormous and complex market for telecommunications services and products in Russia contains new opportunity due to improving economics, planned improvements and expansions to the country’s telecommunications infrastructure involving new technologies such as 3G, LTE networks, WiMAX, MVNO and FTTx.  Without complete industry information, analysis and forecasts, however, it can be a difficult task at best to evaluate the potential offered by this market and prepare a successful strategy for participation.

PMR offers a publication designed to simplify this task for industry professionals.

Telecommunications market in Russia 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-20// offers its readers the advantages of precise data on market value, growth prospects, emerging trends and subscriber and traffic figures. The report covers the market as a whole and presents separate data for each core segment – fixed line and mobile telephony, data transmission and Internet services provision.

This document features the market wisdom of interviews with prominent industry professionals, including their visions for growth and evaluation of opportunities available in the coming years. It reviews economic conditions in Russia, including recent recovery, and examines their impact on specific areas of the telecommunications industry. Noteworthy sub-segments of the market are explored, such as those providing satellite and IP TV services.

This market study also pays close attention to the major players in Russia’s telecommunications industry, listing the 100 top generators of revenue. It also focuses on the country’s infrastructure, providing information on current investments and planned levels of development over the forecast period. Analysis includes prominent industry indicators such as ARPU, MoU, churn, SAC and CAPEX. Forecasts reveal the segments expected to experience the widest range of expansion and the direction the market will take as it moves forward technologically, and include all relevant segments and sub-segments.

Who will find this report most valuable when performing business operations Telecommunications providers seeking new customers, creating growth strategies and contemplating merger and acquisition activity in this market will benefit from its guidance. Professionals interested in the performance of specific segments such as Internet services or CaTV operations will also find it useful, as will marketing and investment professionals promoting companies or targeting new clients. Businesses operating in other regional markets and considering entry into this market will find it a valuable source of information in preparing their strategy.

Research and consulting firms, and other types of professionals who prepare shareholder or corporate market reports will consider this document a must have resource for producing accurate and complete documentation. Organisations concerned with industry development and government entities will rely upon its extensive collection of data, analysis and projections to formulate a clear and complete understanding of the performance, trends and future prospects of the overall Russian telecommunications market, its segments and infrastructure, and its implications for growth in other business sectors and the overall Russian economy.

Telecommunications market in Russia 2012

Table Of Contents

I. Methodology . 9

II. Executive Summary . 13

III. Economic and demographic situation . 21

IV. Telecommunications market in Russia . 25

V. Mobile telephony market . 53

VI. Fixed-line telephony market . 101

VII. ISP market . 133

VIII. List of graphs . 171

IX. List of tables . 177

X. About PMR . 179

XI. Contact PMR . 180

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