Shionogi & Co., Ltd. – Product Pipeline Review – 2013

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Date: 31-Jul-2013
No. of pages: 78
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Shionogi & Co., Ltd. – Product Pipeline Review – 2013


Global Markets Direct’s pharmaceuticals report, “Shionogi & Co., Ltd. – Product Pipeline Review – 2013″ provides data on the Shionogi & Co., Ltd.’s research and development focus. The report includes information on current developmental pipeline, complete with latest updates, and features on discontinued and dormant projects.

This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct’s proprietary databases, Shionogi & Co., Ltd.’s corporate website, SEC filings, investor presentations and featured press releases, both from Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and industry-specific third party sources, put together by Global Markets Direct’s team.


- Shionogi & Co., Ltd. – Brief Shionogi & Co., Ltd. overview including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries.
- Review of current pipeline of Shionogi & Co., Ltd. human therapeutic division.
- Overview of pipeline therapeutics across various therapy areas.
- Coverage of current pipeline molecules in various stages of drug development, including the combination treatment modalities, across the globe.
- Product profiles for late stage and clinical stage products of Shionogi & Co., Ltd. with complete description of the product’s developmental history, mechanism of action, therapeutic class, target and major milestones.
- Recent updates of the Shionogi & Co., Ltd.’s pipeline in the last quarter.
- Key discontinued and dormant projects.
- Latest news and deals relating to the products.

Reasons to buy

- Evaluate Shionogi & Co., Ltd.’s strategic position with total access to detailed information on its product pipeline.
- Assess the growth potential of Shionogi & Co., Ltd. in its therapy areas of focus.
- Identify new drug targets and therapeutic classes in the Shionogi & Co., Ltd.’s R&D portfolio and develop key strategic initiatives to reinforce pipeline in those areas.
- Exploit in-licensing opportunities by identifying windows of opportunity to fill portfolio gaps.
- Exploit collaboration and partnership opportunities with Shionogi & Co., Ltd..
- Avoid Intellectual Property Rights related issues.
- Explore the dormant and discontinued projects of Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and identify potential opportunities in those areas.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd. – Product Pipeline Review – 2013

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 7
List of Figures 7
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. Snapshot 8
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. Overview 8
Key Information 8
Key Facts 8
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Research and Development Overview 9
Key Therapeutic Areas 9
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Review 14
Pipeline Products by Stage of Development 14
Pipeline Products - Monotherapy 15
Pipeline Products - Combination Treatment Modalities 16
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products Glance 17
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Late Stage Pipeline 17
Phase III Products/Combination Treatment Modalities 17
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. Clinical Stage Pipeline Products 18
Phase II Products/Combination Treatment Modalities 18
Phase I Products/Combination Treatment Modalities 19
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Early Stage Pipeline Products 20
Preclinical Products/Combination Treatment Modalities 20
Discovery Products/Combination Treatment Modalities 21
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Drug Profiles 22
(irbesartan + trichlormethiazide) 22
Product Description 22
Mechanism of Action 22
R&D Progress 22
(lidocaine + prilocaine) 23
Product Description 23
Mechanism of Action 23
R&D Progress 23
39-f 24
Product Description 24
Mechanism of Action 24
R&D Progress 24
Actair 25
Product Description 25
Mechanism of Action 25
R&D Progress 25
Benzimidazole Derivative 26
Product Description 26
Mechanism of Action 26
R&D Progress 26
Beta-Secretase Inhibitor 27
Product Description 27
Mechanism of Action 27
R&D Progress 27
Compound-18e 28
Product Description 28
Mechanism of Action 28
R&D Progress 28
doripenem 29
Product Description 29
Mechanism of Action 29
R&D Progress 29
duloxetine hydrochloride DR 30
Product Description 30
Mechanism of Action 30
R&D Progress 30
guanfacine hydrochloride ER 31
Product Description 31
Mechanism of Action 31
R&D Progress 31
interferon gamma-1a 32
Product Description 32
Mechanism of Action 32
R&D Progress 32
Japanese Cedar Pollen Tablet 33
Product Description 33
Mechanism of Action 33
R&D Progress 33
lisdexamfetamine dimesylate 34
Product Description 34
Mechanism of Action 34
R&D Progress 34
lusutrombopag 35
Product Description 35
Mechanism of Action 35
R&D Progress 35
naldemedine 36
Product Description 36
Mechanism of Action 36
R&D Progress 36
ospemifene 37
Product Description 37
Mechanism of Action 37
R&D Progress 37
oxycodone hydrochloride 38
Product Description 38
Mechanism of Action 38
R&D Progress 38
P2X3 Receptor Antagonist 39
Product Description 39
Mechanism of Action 39
R&D Progress 39
Peptide Cocktail Vaccine 40
Product Description 40
Mechanism of Action 40
R&D Progress 40
prednisolone acetate 41
Product Description 41
Mechanism of Action 41
R&D Progress 41
S-117957 42
Product Description 42
Mechanism of Action 42
R&D Progress 42
S-120083 43
Product Description 43
Mechanism of Action 43
R&D Progress 43
S-222611 44
Product Description 44
Mechanism of Action 44
R&D Progress 44
S-234462 45
Product Description 45
Mechanism of Action 45
R&D Progress 45
S-288310 46
Product Description 46
Mechanism of Action 46
R&D Progress 46
S-488210 47
Product Description 47
Mechanism of Action 47
R&D Progress 47
S-488410 48
Product Description 48
Mechanism of Action 48
R&D Progress 48
S-555739 49
Product Description 49
Mechanism of Action 49
R&D Progress 49
S-556971 50
Product Description 50
Mechanism of Action 50
R&D Progress 50
S-646240 51
Product Description 51
Mechanism of Action 51
R&D Progress 51
S-649266 52
Product Description 52
Mechanism of Action 52
R&D Progress 52
S-707106 53
Product Description 53
Mechanism of Action 53
R&D Progress 53
velneperit 54
Product Description 54
Mechanism of Action 54
R&D Progress 54
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Analysis 55
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products by Therapeutic Class 55
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products By Target 59
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products by Route of Administration 60
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products By Mechanism of Action 61
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Recent Pipeline Updates 63
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Dormant Projects 69
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Discontinued Pipeline Products 70
Discontinued Pipeline Product Profiles 70
ADX-415 70
clonidine hydrochloride 70
doripenem 70
lusutrombopag 71
S-444823 71
S-5751 71
S-777469 71
S-8510 71
teceleukin 72
velneperit 72
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Company Statement 73
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Locations And Subsidiaries 74
Head Office 74
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 74
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Key Manufacturing Facilities 76
Appendix 77
Methodology 77
Coverage 77
Secondary Research 77
Primary Research 77
Expert Panel Validation 77
Contact Us 78
Disclaimer 78

List of Tables
Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Key Information 8
Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Key Facts 8
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline by Indication, 2013 12
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline by Stage of Development, 2013 14
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Monotherapy Products in Pipeline, 2013 15
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Combination Treatment Modalities in Pipeline, 2013 16
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Phase III, 2013 17
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Phase II, 2013 18
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Phase I, 2013 19
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Preclinical, 2013 20
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Discovery, 2013 21
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline By Therapeutic Class, 2013 56
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline By Target, 2013 59
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline By Route of Administration, 2013 60
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products By Mechanism of Action, 2013 61
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Recent Pipeline Updates, 2013 63
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Dormant Developmental Projects,2013 69
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Discontinued Pipeline Products, 2013 70
Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Other Locations 74
Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Subsidiaries 75
Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Key Manufacturing Facilities 76

List of Figures
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline by Indication, 2013 11
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline by Stage of Development, 2013 14
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Monotherapy Products in Pipeline, 2013 15
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Combination Treatment Modalities in Pipeline, 2013 16
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline By Therapeutic Class, 2013 55
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline By Route of Administration, 2013 60
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. - Pipeline Products By Mechanism of Action, 2013 61
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