Retail in Ukraine 2013

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Date: 18-Jan-2013
No. of pages: 160
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Learn about the value and performance of Ukraine’s retail sector in 2013. Report provides market assessment, projected development to 2014.

The Ukrainian retail market, particularly its grocery, clothing and footwear, DIY, consumer electronics as well as cosmetics and toiletries segments, is a complex industry driven by many factors. As a result, locating statistics, analysis and forecasts for the market and its leading companies is often a time consuming and complicated, though necessary, task.

That is why executives and managers of retail chains, researchers, financial professionals and consultants with interests the sector consult Retail in Ukraine 2013. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2014 when they have questions about market trends and events, market value, structure and predicted growth, activities of top companies, and other issues central to successful planning and decision making. This comprehensive document from PMR consolidates trusted data and analysis into a single, easy to use resource that saves time and improves efficiency.

This report features extensive data on the value, potential and structure of the market as well as complete study of each of its major segments. It offers detailed corporate profiles and coverage of the activities of Ukrainian retail leaders and highlights companies new to the market, providing financial information, scope of operations, expansion and acquisition details, and overall prospects for the largest domestic and international retailers operating in the market. The report also discusses conditions in the growing e-commerce sector, companies engaging in online sales, and regulatory issues that may affect market development in the months to come.

The publication offers a historical perspective acquired over years of market observation and evaluation that enables PMR’s experienced analysts to prepare accurate forecasts as to the growth and expansion of Ukrainian retail in the year ahead. In addition to presentation and analysis of the country’s economic and demographic situations, they provide evaluation of the effects of current consumer and economic trends on the market, and describe unique characteristics of this market that have emerged in recent years. Retail expansion opportunities and obstacles to market growth are examined in terms of information specific to the grocery, clothing and footwear, DIY, consumer electronics as well as cosmetics and toiletries segments.

Retail in Ukraine 2013. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2014 is a convenient business information resource that is valuable for use in a variety of business operations, such as competition research, assessment of corporate earnings potential, evaluation of demand for support services and supplies, location of suitable investments, saturation assessment and strategic planning for market entry or expansion. It is an essential addition to the reference libraries of researchers who cover this market, as well as professionals with interests in commercial real estate development and those that provide reporting to industry and commerce-related organisations in Ukraine

Retail in Ukraine 2013

Table of Contents

I. Methodology 9

II. Executive summary  13

III. Key macroeconomic indicators  21

IV. Retail market overview  35

V. Grocery retail market  53

VI. Non-food retail market  103

VII. List of graphs  153

VIII. List of tables  155

IX. About PMR 159

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