Research Report on China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2013-2017

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Date: 26-Aug-2013
No. of pages: 60

Modern convention & exhibition industry is known as a sunrise industry in the new century which is endowed with enormous vitality and development potential. Largescale and highprofile exhibitions will increase the popularity and economic strength of a city.

In 1978, there were only 6 international exhibitions held in China and 21 exhibitions held abroad. Nowadays, the number and scale of China's exhibitions have increased by hundreds of times and penetrated into all economic sectors. Besides, all walks of life have had their own international professional exhibitions. In 2012, there were about 7,189 exhibitions with the exhibition area over 5,000 square meters held in China, which increased by 5.3% over 2011; the total exhibition area was 89.9 million square meters, increasing by 10.7% over 2011.

In terms of exhibition types, the total area of economic and trade exhibitions held in China was about 65 million square meters, accounting for more than 70% of the total exhibition area in China. In terms of exhibition scale, large scale exhibitions increases constantly and the number of large exhibitions with the exhibition area being over 100,000 square meters has exceeded ninety in China. Besides, brand exhibitions develops rapidly and China's fiftyeight international professional exhibitions have been certified by Union of International Fairs (UFI), globally ranking the fourth.

In 2012, the number of convention & exhibition halls with the exhibition area over 5,000 square meters was 316 in China, which increased by 17.6% YOY. In addition, the total exhibition area was 12.37 million square meters. In the early 2012, the extension project of Shanghai New International Expo Center was completed. Shanghai New International Expo Center is one of the most attractive exhibition halls in the world, with a total exhibition area of 300,000 square meters.

In 2012, the revenue driven by China convention & exhibition industry was about CNY 350 billion, increasing by 16.1% YOY. Presently, China’s regional distribution of convention & exhibition industry is rather concentrated. In China, convention & exhibition industry is quite developed in the central and eastern regions where economy are rather developed, which reflects that there is close relation between convention & exhibition industry and regional economy development.

As the three large exhibition centers in China, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have obvious advantages. In 2012, the total number of exhibitions held Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou was 1,613, which increased by 16.9% over 2011, accounting for 22.4% of the total exhibitions held in China; the total exhibition area was 25 million square meters, which was equal to that in 2011, accounting for 27.8% of the total exhibition area in China.

On the whole, China has become a large exhibition country. However, it is still not strong  in exhibition because the quality of its most exhibitions is poor. By the end of 2012, the number of members certified by UFI exceeded eighty in China was over eighty, which was twice that in Germany, globally ranking No.1. However, the number of exhibitions certified by UFI was only 58, which was less than half of that in Germany. Although there are many exhibition enterprises in China, the average scale is rather small. Compared with famous international exhibition enterprises, China’s domestic exhibition enterprises still lag far behind.

As an emerging developing country, China is one of the important development regions for international exhibition enterprises with solid industrial foundation and potential consumption market. In recent years, many famous international exhibition enterprises with UBM, Messe Frankfurt and Hannover Milano as the representatives have successively entered China, they actively merge and acquire China projects and accelerate their layouts in China market.

China is a large trade country and its dependence degree on foreign trades exceeded 40% in 2012, so foreign trades play an irreplaceable role in promoting the economic development of China.  In order to cooperate with the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade strategy and to further promote the export of China products, an increasingly number of enterprises trend to hold exhibitions abroad. According to statistics from the CCPIT, the number of exhibitions held abroad was 1,536 in 2012, which increased by 67% over 2006; the exhibition area also increased from 310,000 square meters to 693,000 square meters, which increased by more than 120%.

Convention & exhibition industry plays an important role in promoting regional economy development, employment  urban infrastructure construction and shaping new city images. Therefore, the attitude of almost all governments at various levels in China is supportive toward developing convention & exhibition industry.

China owns the largest population and is one of the major economies in the world, so it has vast market space and consumption potential. Compared to the global convention & exhibition markets with hundreds of billions of USD annually, China market has huge development space. Investment opportunities both in convention & exhibition industry and the related industries are inestimable .

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Development Status of China Convention & Exhibition Industry

  • Development Status of Industries Related to China Convention & Exhibition Industry

  • Market Competitions of China Convention & Exhibition Industry

  • Major Cities of China Convention & Exhibition Industry

  • Major Convention & Exhibition Enterprise in China

  • Predictions on China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 20132017

  • Investment Opportunities in Convention & Exhibition Industry

The following enterprises and people are proposed to purchase this report:

  • Convention & Exhibition Enterprises

  • Enterprises Related to Conventions and Exhibitions

  • Investors and Research Institutes Concerned About Convention & Exhibition Industry

Research Report on China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2013-2017

Table of Contents

1 Overview on Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.1 Definition of Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.2 Development History of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.3 Social and Economic Functions of Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.4 Analysis on Development of Global Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.4.1 Overview on Global Convention & Exhibition Industry
1.4.2 Asia
1.4.3 Europe
1.4.4 America

2 Analysis on Current Status of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2012
2.1 Analysis on Development Environment
2.1.1 Economic Environment
2.1.2 Policy Environment
2.1.3 Related Industries
2.2 Construction Status of Exhibition Halls in China
2.3 Market Scale of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
2.4 Organizers of Conventions and Exhibitions
2.4.1 Organizing Right Distribution of Domestic Conventions and Exhibitions in China
2.4.2 Government-sponsored Conventions and Exhibitions
2.4.3 Commercial Conventions and Exhibitions
2.5 Current Situation of Talents in China Convention & Exhibition Industry
2.6 Problems in China Convention & Exhibition Industry
2.6.1 Problem Analysis
2.6.2 Solutions
2.7 Analysis on Market Competitions of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
2.7.1 Competitions in Convention & Exhibition Enterprises
2.7.2 Competitions in Convention & Exhibition Halls
2.7.3 Competition Trend

3 China Convention & Exhibition Economy, 2008-2012
3.1 Overview on Convention & Exhibition Economy
3.1.1 Current Status
3.1.2 Features
3.2 Economic Functions of Conventions and Exhibitions
3.2.1 Direct Economic Benefits
3.2.2 Indirect Economic Benefits
3.2.3 Social Benefits

4 Related Industries of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2012
4.1 Overview on Related Industries of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
4.2 Exhibition Tourist Industry
4.2.1 Current Development Status
4.2.2 Feature Analysis
4.2.3 Development Trend
4.3 Exhibition Restaurant & Hotel Industry
4.4 Exhibition Logistics Industry
4.5 Exhibition Insurance Industry
4.6 Other Related Industries

5 Major Regions of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2012-2013
5.1 Overview on Major Regions
5.2 Analysis on Major Regions
5.2.1 Yangtze River Delta Region
5.2.2 Pearl River Delta Region
5.2.3 Bohai Rim Area
5.2.4 Central and Western Areas
5.3 Major Cities of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
5.3.1 Shanghai
5.3.2 Beijing
5.3.3 Guangzhou
5.3.4 Dalian
5.3.5 Chongqing
5.3.6 Shenzhen
5.3.7 Nanjing
5.3.8 Hangzhou
5.3.9 Tianjin
5.3.10 Other Cities

6 Major Enterprises in China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2012-2013
6.1 Reed Exhibitions
6.2 Koelnmesse (China) Co., Ltd.
6.3 UBM China
6.4 Messe Frankfurt (China) Ltd.
6.5 Hannover Milano Fairs China Ltd.
6.6 China Foreign Trade Centre
6.7 Dalian Northern International Exhibition Company
6.8 Other Enterprises

7Analysis on M&A of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2012-2013
7.1 Analysis on Background of M&A
7.2 Analysis on Current Status of M&A
7.3 Analysis on Cases of M&A
7.4 Analysis on Trend of M&A

8 Predictions on China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2013-2017
8.1 Factors Influencing Market Development of China Convention & Exhibition Industry
8.1.1 Government Policies
8.1.2 Market Competitions
8.2 Prediction on Market Supply and Demand
8.2.1 Prediction on Market Supply
8.2.2 Prediction on Market Demand
8.3 Prediction on Investment Opportunities
8.3.1 Combination of Convention & Exhibition Industry and E-commerce
8.3.2 Convention & Exhibition Markets in the Second-tier and Third-tier Cities
8.3.3 Exhibitions Held Abroad
8.3.4 Industries Related to Conventions and Exhibitions
8.3.5 Convention & Exhibition Service Industry
8.4 Development Recommendations

List of Charts

Chart Direct Revenue of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2012
Chart Total Revenue Driven by China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2012
Chart Top 10 Regions by the Number of Exhibitions in China, 2012
Chart Number of Exhibitions Held in Shanghai, 2008-2012
Chart Direct Revenue of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2012
Chart Number of Exhibitions Held in Beijing, 2008-2012
Chart Major M&A Cases in China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2008-2013
Chart Prediction on Direct Revenue of China Convention & Exhibition Industry, 2013-2017

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