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Cell Culture

    Cell Culture Market Research Reports


    Global Cell Therapy Market & Pipeline Insight

    By Kuick Research
    "......erapy research also offers significant potential for restructuring the method of medical practice. Since the past 3-5 years, a more complex therapeutic modality has been is emerging as cell therapies which have been developed to treat diseases whi......"

    Therapeutic Class Overview : New Avatars Of Microbes Super Bugs A Growing Threat Worldwide

    By MP Advisors
    "...... cancer therapy; organ transplants etc. would go waste if the ability to fight infections during the treatment were not available. If that fails, the gains made in life-improving modern medical advantages will be lost creating a situation of - “one......"

    3D Cell Culture Trends 2013

    By HTStec Ltd
    "......echnology and emerging marketplace, and to update its previous report (published November 2011). The main objectives of this global benchmarking study were to comprehensively document continuing interest in, experience gained and progress made in a......"

    2013 Analysis of the Cell Surface Markers in the US: Hospitals, Commercial Labs, Ambulatory Care Centers, Physician Offices

    By Venture Planning Group
    "......f both technologies. During the next ten years, the main trend in cell surface marker analysis will be further simplification of the sample preparation and the analysis itself. This report presents a detailed overview of the CD4, CD8 and CD34 Cell......"

    2013 Analysis of the Cell Surface Markers in Europe: Hospitals, Commercial Labs, Ambulatory Care Centers

    By Venture Planning Group
    "...... identification of monocytes, macrophages, myeloid stem cells, and tumor cells. A synergistic combination of the hybridoma technology with flow cytometry is further expanding the applications of both technologies. During the next five years, the main......"

    Cell Culture: The Market for Media, Sera and Reagents, 5th Edition

    By Kalorama Information
    "...... culture industry, which began in the late 1980s from the utilization of recombinant DNA technology and cell hybridization, is today a major underpinning of the biopharmaceutical market. The choice of cells to use in biopharmaceutical production d......"

    Cell Culture – Rising Demand for Biologics and Growing Visibility of Approval Pathway for Biosimilars will Create Growth Opportunities

    By GBI Research
    "......f the cell culture market. The report analyzes the role of biopharmaceutical products that basically provide enhancement to media, sera, reagents and cell culture market. Major manufacturing technologies involved in the cell culture technology have b......"

    Single Cell Technologies Trends 2012

    By HTStec Ltd
    " to understand current interest and requirements for single cell technologies. The questionnaire was compiled to meet the needs, requirements and interests of our clients, who were manufacturers/developers of laboratory equipment for separation, ......"
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