Electronics Components Market Research Reports


2014 Market Research Report on Global Laser Industry

By QYResearch Group
"......onal (such as US Europe Asia China Japan etc regions) Global Leading Suppliers, different type products, different applications etc Laser production and market share, Laser industry policy and plan, Laser product specification, manufacturing process,......"

Global Industrial Fiber Laser Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......sers are preferred over other lasers such as CO2 lasers and excimer lasers, primarily because they are more reliable, efficient, robust, and portable, and easier to operate than other lasers. Fiber lasers used for industrial applications such as cutt......"

Global LED General Lighting Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......energy crisis, resource scarcity, and climate change, and enhances safety in cities and productivity in offices. It also has the ability to provide an enhanced sense of health and well-being. Lighting consumes approximately 20 percent of all the powe......"

Global and China Micro Electronic-Acoustics Component Industry Report, 2013-2014

By Research In China
"......d half of 2013, reflecting a broad decline in gross margin and average selling price of products except earphone and headphone. The industry leader–AAC has accidentally suffered downdrafts entering 2014 for several reasons: it is impossible for the......"

Global Database of the Top 1000 Optical Instrument and Lens Producers – Company Names, Financial Performance, Key Executives, and Contact Details

By Global Research and Data Services
"......ccessible and clearly presented format. The database is essential for companies who want to find out more about the leading players on the market or to find and contact potential customers and partners. This vital database contains the following inf......"

Global Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......le memory technology through which they provide the flexibility to change the design and the ease to reprogram. Though PLDs can be reprogrammed later, they have to be programmed initially before placing them in the circuitry. The most commonly used P......"

Global Printed Batteries Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......source applications. As these batteries are produced using eco-friendly materials, they can be easily disposed of with household waste. The most important feature of a printed batteries is that they are inexpensive. Printed batteries are used in a va......"

Optical Transceivers: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020

By WinterGreen Research
"......have to invest in high-quality technology and processes. The development of innovative products is essential to keeping and growing market share. High-speed serial transceivers form the backbone of networks. Communications, servers and many other ......"

Global Packaged GaN LED Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......s in residential complexes, offices, retail stores, hospitals, and industries, and also used for outdoor lighting applications. Compared to other types of LEDs, packaged GaN LEDs have some unique advantages including high luminosity and power efficie......"

Laser Technology Market by Type (Solid – YAG laser, Fiber laser, Thin Disk Laser, Liquid, Gas – Argon Ion Laser, Excimer, CO2& Others), Application (Medical, Industrial, Military, Research, Consumer, & Others), and Geography – Trends & Forecast to 2013 – 2020

By MarketsandMarkets
"......easurement/exploration of distances. Lasers have become robust, compact, and versatile with technological developments. These developments have triggered the commercial and industrial applications. This laser technology market report is segmented on ......"
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