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Baby Food Market Research Reports


Baby Food in Peru

By Canadean
"...... rcial baby food and deceleration in the economic growth being the other reason. The home-made food, standard whole milk powder and cereals along with other alternatives are preferred by the mothers as they regard them to be healthier for their babies......"

Global Baby Food and Infant Formula Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2021

By Global Info Research
"...... , the formula is more nutritious and easier for the baby to digest than cow's milk. Other formula options include soy-based formulas and hypoallergenic (or protein hydrolysate and amino acid-based) formulas. Scope of the Report: ......"

Baby Food Snacks Market Trends in China

"...... world's major producers for industrial and consumer products. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is the world's fastest growing market for the consumptions of goods and services. The Chinese economy maintains a high speed growth whic......"

Baby Food in Mexico

By Canadean
"...... ve birth rate has been on a generally downward path since the late 1990s. Nonetheless, Mexico's crude birth rate remains among the highest in Latin America. The decline in the number of births, which is expected to continue up to and beyond 2021, wil......"

Baby Food in Colombia

By Canadean
"...... lthough Colombia is one of the more affluent markets in the region, it still has high levels of poverty. A substantial proportion of the market is supplied through locally manufactured baby foods. Overall, the economy has fared relatively well, altho......"

Baby Food in Chile

By Canadean
"...... live births has risen over the last decade, increasing by 12.9% since 2005. Compared with most of Latin America, Chile's economy has performed well since 2010, and relatively consistently. Chile has one of the more buoyant economies in South America......"

Baby Food in Argentina

By Canadean
"...... 2015, but is expected to fall in 2016, by around 0.8%, largely as a result of the currency devaluation, which will dampen demand. The baby food market is heavily centered on baby milks, whereas cereals being the part of staple diet and are popular am......"

Baby Food in Brazil

By Canadean
"...... relatively low in 2015. Demand has been hampered by high poverty levels, as well as competition from adult foods: many mothers either make purées of adult meals, or buy standard powdered milk or cereals. Nevertheless, intake levels have increa......"

Baby Food in Hungary

By Canadean
"...... favorable conditions promoting childbirth, including generous maternity benefits and the right for mothers, or fathers, to take time off work up to the third birthday of their child. Hungary was hard hit by the recession in 2008/2009. A substantial ......"

Baby Nutrition Insights - Issue 28

By Canadean
"...... formula in China are increasingly dominated by mother and baby stores, which have seen further growth in their share to take 50% of sales. Online sales account for a further 30%, leaving just 20% for traditional bricks and mortar stores. I......"