Electricity Market Research Reports


Global Nanogrid Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......ormally serve a single building or load. In most cases, the technology requirements for nanogrids are less complex than those for either microgrids or the utility-dominated smart grids, mainly because of their simplicity. TechNavio's analysts fore......"

Global HVDC Converter Station Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......om renewable energy sources located at remote areas to urban areas by converting alternate current (AC) to DC or vice versa. Along with the converter, the HVDC converter station usually contains: Three-phase AC switch gear Transformers Capaci......"

2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) Industry

By QYResearch Group
"......on classification application industry chain structure industry overview; international market analysis, China domestic market analysis, Macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis, Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) in......"

SeeNews Research on Demand Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, Bulgaria – Company Names, Contacts, Key Managers and Financial Figures

By SeeNews
"......nformation of 1935 companies, operating on the Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, Bulgaria. The information you can find about the companies: - Company Name - Identification Number - Headquarters - Address - Postcode - Legal......"

Global Power Generation Output Forecasts Databook 2014

By Power Generation Research
"......uth Korea, Australia/New Zealand, Russia, Non-OECD Europe and Eurasia other than Russia, China, India, Non-OECD Asia except China and India, Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Central and South America except Brazil. Data on generation output for each o......"

Synchrophasors in Smart Grid in Key Countries, Update 2014 – Market Volume, Average Price and Market Size Forecasts to 2020

By GlobalData
"...... The global market section provides the technology overview, global market drivers and restraints. Nine countries, namely, Canada, China, India, the US, Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia and the UK are covered. Each country section discuss......"

Smart Grid Market in the Americas 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......power grid by registering and reducing the frequency and duration of disturbances, faults, and outages. This is achieved with the help of advanced metering infrastructure, data management software, and communication networks. TechNavio's analysts ......"

T&D Infrastructure Market in China 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......sion and distribution infrastructure in China. SGCC and CSG are the two state-owned companies that operate and maintain six regional grids and are responsible for the transmission and distribution infrastructure in China. TechNavio's analysts fore......"

Global Off-Grid Remote Sensing Power System Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"......tems, and various remote-monitoring systems using telemetry, are increasingly using off-grid power. The end-users of this market include the Oil and Gas industry, Wind industry, weather stations, and monitoring sites. Off-grid power helps in providin......"

Global Transmission Tower Market 2014-2018

By Infiniti Research Limited
"...... in high voltage AC and DC systems to carry a heavy transmission conductor and keep it at a safe height above the ground. Transmission towers need to be able to withstand natural calamities so they require a high standard of civil, mechanical, and el......"
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