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Wealth Management Market Research Reports


Wealth in Switzerland: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... NW population, who along with the rest of the country's HNW population are keen to invest a proportion of their wealth locally. Looking ahead, greater demand for wealth management services such as inheritance and financial planning is expected......."

Wealth in France: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... heir wealth through being a first-generation entrepreneur. Inheritance ranks second as a source of wealth, and 46% of French investors attribute their fortune to the property and financial services sectors, reflective of market demand and stability. ......"

Wealth in Singapore: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2017

By GlobalData
"...... datasets. Singapore is Asia's pre-eminent offshore investment center, with 80% of the wealth invested in funds sourced from non-residents in 2015. However, the onshore market is a major source of assets under management (AUM) in its own......"

Wealth in China: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2017

By GlobalData
"...... r /> Thanks to lower economic productivity, the remarkable wealth growth rates of the past few years will not be repeated in China over the forecast period. Nevertheless, strong predicted retail investments growth - led by strong mutual fund......"

HNW Asset Allocation Trends 2017

By GlobalData
"...... ect further portfolio reallocation to benefit risk assets, as HNW investors globally are looking for cheap buying opportunities amid turbulent market conditions. However, there continue to be significant regional differences. The typical HNW portfoli......"

Wealth in Germany: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... industrial nation with a commercial landscape dominated by SMEs. This is reflected in the background of German HNW individuals - most are either family business owners or first-generation entrepreneurs, and are more likely to have generated their we......"

Wealth in the US: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2017

By GlobalData
"...... /> The US is home to the largest affluent population in the world and hosts a very advanced financial services sector, including the most sophisticated mutual fund and equity markets globally. The large affluent population is financially lite......"

Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... ct and service demand. With strong demand for all planning services, being able to offer a holistic service proposition is a must in the UAE. Emirati HNW individuals have typically sourced their wealth predominantly through earned income, but family ......"

Wealth in the UK: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2017

By GlobalData
"...... Despite the surprising result of the Brexit referendum and a slowing economy, the UK's liquid assets grew by over 8% in 2016, the highest growth rate since the end of the financial crisis. Growth continues to be driven mainly by mutual funds, ......"

Wealth in Belgium: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... ce offers an interesting mix between the international and the traditional. Because of Belgium's central location and its position as a hub for international organizations, there is a large expat segment comprised of professionals. At the same time, ......"