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Wealth Management Market Research Reports


Wealth in the US: HNW Investors; Understanding HNW investors and wealth management strategies

By Verdict
"...... ment portfolios are allocated into bond investments, and with less demand expected in the future more pressure is placed on better returns from alternative investments. Key Findings Almost half of US HNW indivi......"

Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors

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"...... ng demand for all planning services, being able to offer a holistic service proposition is a must in the UAE. Emirati HNW individuals typically come from either an entrepreneurial background or have sourced their wealth through earned income. The lea......"

Nigeria Wealth Report 2016

By WealthInsight
"...... f HNWIs and ultra-HNWIs in Nigeria. It also includes an evaluation of the local wealth management market. Scope Independent market sizing of the Nigerian HNWIs for five wealth bands HNWI volume, wealt......"

Direct vs Fund Investments: HNW Preferences

By Verdict
"...... re likely to invest in funds than their peers in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Furthermore, while equity funds prevail across the globe, they are particularly prominent in the West. There are also strong differences a......"

Wealth in Australia: HNW Investors

By Verdict
"...... ts and high expectations when it comes to financial advice and other support services (such as pension and tax advice) are common characteristics. Key Findings The majority of HNW individuals in Australia have ......"

Wealth in Turkey: Sizing the Market Opportunity; Sizing the wealth market in Turkey and its growth potential.

By Verdict
"...... stronger growth is predicted for the smaller asset classes such as equities and mutual funds. The offshore market remains important, accounting for around 25% of HNW portfolios, with tax efficiency and client anonymity the primary drivers for holdin......"

Wealth in Malaysia: Sizing the Market Opportunity

By Verdict
"...... a proportion of the population, and although the heady growth rates of recent years are largely a thing of the past, wealth managers can still rely upon steady expansion within the country's investor class. Key Findings ......"

Wealth in Singapore: Sizing the Market Opportunity

By Verdict
"...... t individuals despite the city state's small population. As a regional trading hub Singapore's growth rates are closely tied to the health of regional powerhouses such as China, India, and Indonesia; however, even with growth slowing in some of these......"

Wealth in Australia: Sizing the Market Opportunity

By Verdict
"...... ibute to lower growth in 2016, before the market bounces back in the following years thanks to returning economic strength. Between 2015 and 2019 liquid assets held by affluent individuals are forecast to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) o......"

Wealth in Germany: Sizing the Market Opportunity ; Sizing the wealth market in Germany and its growth potential.

By Verdict
"...... o 2019, reflecting the maturity and strength of the sector in Germany. Indeed, compared to many of its European peers, the German economy is in relatively good shape. Domestic consumption is increasing, with record employment, rising wages, and falli......"