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Wealth Management Market Research Reports


Super League In-Depth Analysis: HSBC Private Bank 2017 - Tracking the world's major competitors in wealth management

By GlobalData
"...... company's strategy, financial results, marketing activities, customer targeting, and product innovation. Headquartered in London, HSBC Holdings is a global universal bank. HSBC Private Bank is a brand used by its Global Private Banking d......"

Wealth in Canada: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... and gas, agriculture, and manufacturing. Expats represent an important part of the Canadian resident HNW population, and the majority of expats have lived in the country for more than three years. HNW market in Canada is dominated by fa......"

Wealth in Singapore: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... and is particularly pronounced for equities and corporate bonds; however, the latter are forecast to fall out of favor as investors are looking for new means of diversification in the alternative investment universe. Led by pension and financial plan......"

Wealth in Hong Kong: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... wealth through a mixture of entrepreneurship and earned income. Convenience is an important factor driving uptake of professional advice, but investors are reluctant to relinquish control completely, preferring advisory mandates. However, this is sl......"

Wealth in Indonesia: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... roportion of wealth remains unmanaged. Defensive investments dominate the average portfolio, and while this is not expected to change we do forecast a decrease in demand for cash, while demand for fixed income is expected to rise. Tax planning is mos......"

Wealth in China: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... anking industry is difficult to penetrate, but wealth managers that are aware of the local makeup of the HNW market will find it to be highly profitable. Chinese HNW investors have mainly sourced their wealth through a mixture of first-generation ent......"

Wealth in Australia: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... is known for its multicultural landscape, which is reflected in the country's HNW market. HNW investors in Australia stem from a range of different backgrounds and have distinctive demand patterns. The bulk of HNW individuals have accumulated their w......"

Wealth in Russia: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... nvestors are men over the age of 40 who have sourced their wealth through the mining and oil or construction sectors. Recent political and economic instability has driven more investors to ask for professional advice; however, they are still reluctan......"

Wealth in the UK: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... ith males accounting for the majority. Equity and bond investments constitute the greatest proportions of UK HNW portfolios, mirroring the regional average. UK wealth managers experience strong demand for financial products and services, with pension......"

Wealth in South Africa: HNW Investors 2017

By GlobalData
"...... -direct their investments do so mainly to avoid management fees and to retain exclusive control over some of their portfolio. Equities are the preferred asset class, but property, alternatives, and cash are forecast to experience notable increases ov......"

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