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Automotive Market Research Reports


Zambia Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... rts and stimulate private consumption. Although there are significant risks stemming from the global economy - particularly the slowdown and rebalancing in China - our macroeconomic team expects that Zambia will achieve 7.1% growth ......"

Zimbabwe Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... he country in 2017. The majority of new vehicle sales will likely be to business customers, with average Zimbabweans unable to afford new cars. Political risk will also be increasing over the coming months, ahead of parliamentary el......"

Research and Development Forecast of China's Electric Bicycle, 2013-2017

By Huidian Research
"...... scale, small number of industry employees and brand enterprises. The period of 2002-2007 was rapid development stage of the industry. Due to the low barriers to entry and the large market demand, a number of manufacturers appeared in the industry;......"

2013 Research Report on Global and China Automotive Seat Industry

By QYResearch Group
"...... ufacturers Automotive Seat product 2010-2016 Capacity production cost price production value Gross margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises Automotive Seat products, customers, raw materials, company background information, then ......"

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Autos Report 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... exports), supported by high levels of private consumption. Moving forward, BMI believes that the opening of the massive Kashagan oil field, scheduled for H113, should prove transformative for the key oil and gas sector, bolstering growth for several......"

Brazil Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... ak access to credit, and further weakness in the real. As the government winds down its stimulus measures to boost car sales this year, we expect to see sales moderate. We expect private consumption to pick up modestly in 2013 as fiscal and moneta......"

Ghana Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... to 2013. We believe that they may serve to weaken consumer sentiment, and therefore passenger car sales, over the year. We hold a reasonably positive outlook on private consumption growth, forecasting an annual increase of 5.0% in real terms in 20......"

Japan Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... r came in even weaker than expected, growing 27.5% to 5.37mn units. For 2013, we expect this trend of weak sales to continue as we do not expect the government to reinstate any subsidies for consumers. Given that these subsidies bolstered sales fo......"

Malawi Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... t constraint for the passenger car segment is affordability. Indeed, much of the market for new vehicles caters to the wealthy elite and foreign nationals, and also to government contracts to a certain extent. As in many emerging markets, second-hand......"

Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report Q2 2013

By Business Monitor International
"...... however, both on the political and economic side. Sudan has still not been able to forge a durable bilateral agreement with South Sudan, following the latter's secession in July 2011. Indeed, there are still key politico-military issues left almost ......"

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