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BIPV Technologies and Markets 2017-2024

By n-tech Research

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is being re-booted.  Originally a strategy to hide ugly solar panels, then a way to create spectacular architectural effects, BIPV is now being repositioned as a multi-functional building product with ...

09-Feb-2017 $3995

Markets for Self Healing Materials: 2017–2024

By n-tech Research

This new report from n-tech revisits the market potential for self-healing materials from our last full market report that was issued in May of 2015. Self-healing is an area of smart coatings and materials with significant market potential.  ...

09-Jan-2017 $3995

Smart Windows Markets: 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

n-tech has been providing coverage of the smart windows market for almost a decade and has produced detailed studies of this market and related businesses including the smart windows materials markets, smart mirrors and smart auto glass. I ...

27-Oct-2016 $3955

Opportunities for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings: 2016 to 2025

By n-tech Research

This is the latest in n-tech’s series of industry analysis reports on functional silver inks pastes and coatings.  In this report we identify the latest opportunities for these materials and the product/marketing strategies that are bei ...

07-Oct-2016 $3995

Dye Sensitized Cell Markets: 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

This report identifies the current and future commercial potential for DSC and pinpoints the opportunities that n-tech sees emerging over the next decade.  n-tech believes that the use of perovskites for DSC cells and DSC’s cost/perform ...

27-Jul-2016 $3495

Smart Coatings Markets 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

n-tech Research has published a compendium report on the smart coatings business since 2011. And while we have issued more focused studies on more specific coatings and applications this study provides a unique collection of market analysis and fo ...

16-May-2016 $5495

New and Future Markets for Thin-Film Batteries - 2016 to 2025

By n-tech Research

In this report, n-tech evaluates the opportunities that are emerging for thin-film batteries as they move beyond their traditional applications into the era of wearables and IoT and eventually higher powered applications. The report includ ...

16-May-2016 $3995

Shape Memory Polymers 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

This report assesses the prospects for Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs).  SMPs can be deformed, retain this deformation, but then revert to the original shape/configuration upon triggering by an external stimulus.   The metallic equival ...

27-Apr-2016 $3995

Organic Photovoltaic Markets 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

This report pinpoints the opportunities that n-tech sees emerging in the OPV space over the next ten years. In this case, n-tech's assessment is based on its insider view of the area, since n-tech has been covering this market since inception. ...

12-Apr-2016 $3995

Worldwide Medical Ceramics Markets 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

This report analyzes the market for medical ceramics, a business that n-tech believes will major opportunity for both materials firms and medical device manufacturers in the coming decade. It examines the latest products, with a special focus on p ...

31-Mar-2016 $3995

Smart Structures in Aerospace: Market Opportunities: 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

Smart structures play a growing role in the aerospace industry in four different areas: monitoring of composites, suppression of structural vibration, noise suppression, and surface morphing. A related area is the use of photovoltaics in aircraft ...

31-Mar-2016 $3995

Worldwide Medical Polymer Markets: 2016-2025

By n-tech Research

n-tech believes that medical polymers continue to represent a major opportunity for the polymer industry at the present time, driven by the aging of the population in developed nations and the accelerating use of polymer implants. This rep ...

03-Mar-2016 $3995

Smart Structures in the Construction Industry: A Market and Technology Forecast - 2016 to 2025

By n-tech Research

n-tech believes that the market for smart structures in buildings, bridges and tunnels is about to take off as new business cases for deployment of smart structures begin to appear. Traditionally smart structures have been used to provide disaster ...

12-Feb-2016 $3995

Multifunctional Smart Coatings and Surfaces: 2016-2023

By n-tech Research

n-tech believes that the coming decade will see substantial new business revenues generated by smart coatings that exhibit multiple functionalities. In fact, we are already seeing multifunctional coatings and surfaces reach actual commercializatio ...

28-Jan-2016 $3995

Markets for Metamaterials 2016-2023

By n-tech Research

Metamaterials are a class of smart materials that are intrinsically able to control and manipulate light, sound, and other phenomena. Their prime design characteristic of metamaterials - the characteristic that enables their various functionalitie ...

04-Jan-2016 $3995

Electrochromic Glass and Film Markets 2016-2023

By n-tech Research

Electrochromic (EC) glass has built up an established niche market for automotive mirrors, but n-tech Research's latest analysis underscores the attractive revenue opportunities for EC glass in smart windows in both architecture and transportation ...

08-Dec-2015 $3495

Smart Textiles Markets 2016-2023

By n-tech Research

In this report we identify the opportunities emerging from commercialization of smart textiles. These include textiles that are (1) fabricated from smart materials or (2) utilize sensing devices that are seamlessly integrated into the textile. ...

01-Dec-2015 $3995

BIPV Glass Markets 2015-2022

By n-tech Research

This latest report from n-tech Research revisits our analysis and projections for BIPV glass, and evaluates both where the best prospects are to growth this sector, and the strategies needed to tap into those opportunities, from messaging to key p ...

24-Nov-2015 $3495

Markets for Sensors in the Internet of Things 2014-2021

By n-tech Research

The much-heralded arrival of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will lead to a remaking of the sensor industry, generating hundreds of new opportunities for Internet-connected sensors. This is the first time we are seeing a mass market emerge for novel ...

08-Nov-2015 $3295

Hydrophobic Coatings and Surfaces: 2016-2023

By n-tech Research

In this report we identify the opportunities that are emerging from the latest developments in hydrophobic materials and surfaces. These include important new materials based on carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanoparticulate calcium carbonate and var ...

05-Nov-2015 $3995